A Light That Can Instantly Increase Your Productivity by 50%


    Distractions at work by coworkers is one of the biggest culprits for loss of productivity for many businesses. This is especially true when it comes to a business that has work areas that put a large number of employees in an open area.

    While most people do not intentionally look to interfere with a coworkers ability to get their job done. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what everyone is doing all the time. Unscheduled meetings with coworkers can be annoying and especially if they just pop up at your desk. A company called Luxafor has come up with a simple solution, the Luxafor Flag.

    Notify Your Co-workers Your Working Status

    The Luxafor Flag is a unique signalling system. It can easily alert someone who could be looking to approach a coworker for small talk. Also, it might be an unscheduled meeting that the person is potentially busy. The system includes a lighted indicator that is attached to each computer monitor in the room and a control application that changes the colour of the indicator light on the flag. Each person in the room is trained on how the system works and each of the colours of the light is explained.

    Allows You To Stay Focus On Your Work Without Being Distracted 


    Selectable Timers

    For Windows users, only you can use a timer that is included in the application to set a timer for when you will be working. Also, it will automatically change the colour of the flags LED to indicate that you are busy and cannot be disturbed.

    Easy installation

    The Luxafor Flag is an extremely easy to install an operating system. Operating system that consists of downloadable software and a tiny monitor mountable LED indicator light. It is powered by plugging in the micro USB cable to any open USB port on your computer.

    Application with Windows and Mac OS

    The Luxafor Flag control application is fully compatible with all of the current versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Let Yourself Stay On Top Of Your Schedule 

    The Luxafor Flag is a passive interoffice notification system. It is designed to reduce or eliminate the loss of productivity in a busy business environment. By using a simple lighted LED to let others know that you work status so that everyone knows whether you can be approached or not. Here is what one user has said about using the Luxafor Flag:

    “A few of my office mates tested out the Luxafor devices and found them so helpful that we ordered more. Our productivity has increased because we feel more comfortable approaching one another and can quickly tell when others are free to chat.

    When working on a writing project with a tight deadline, the red indicator light is a lifesaver. Though I found the green light to be even more helpful. Now I can interrupt my colleagues free of guilt!”

    If you are looking for a way to make an improvement to the productivity of your business you really need to look into Luxafor Flag, it will help your employees figure out when their coworkers are too busy to be interrupted. To find out more about and where to get them, just click here.

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