Dental Health Care Promises You Are Guilty of Breaking

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    A visit to the dentist is always followed by a promise to take care of your dental health. But as they say, promises are meant to be broken. However, as a human, we tend to not care about our teeth unless it starts to hurt.

    A toothache, tooth decay, plaque, gingivitis, and halitosis are just some bad effects of not taking care of your dental health. It can also affect a person’s confidence and productivity at work if he does not follow what the dentist’s instruct. Yet we always break that promise.

    If these bad habits continue, it can lead to permanently losing your teeth which could have a hard impact in your life. Dentures or tooth implant surgery could help, but nothing beats the real one.

    Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Teeth Properly

    There are is a reason why your dentists are always asking you to swear that you’ll take care of your teeth. Not doing so, could lead to a lot of health issues.

    You do not want to lose your teeth and spend a lot of money for tooth implant surgery. If you can save money why not prevent it, right?

    But if you do lose your teeth, you should go to an oral maxillofacial expert to do a tooth implant surgery. This is a permanent and better solution to fix your teeth. Tooth implant surgery in Singapore, Japan, USA and other first world country is very common, so you can easily find a clinic that could help you.

    Dental Care Promise You Break

    To help you avoid losing your teeth, let us identify the promises you always tell to your dentists but never follow:

    You Promise to Visit the Dentist Regularly

    A regular visit to the dentists is something most people are guilty of not doing. They only go when their teeth are hurting.

    Before dentists advise everyone to visit twice a year but new studies say that once a year is enough for adults. However, those who are prone to teeth and gum diseases should visit more often. Your dentist can provide you with a tailor-made preventive regimen.

    You Promise to Brush Properly

    You might think that brushing regularly is enough, but many people are actually not doing it right.

    Here are some few points on how you should brush your teeth properly:

    • Brush your teeth twice a day (too much could lead to teeth sensitivity) with a soft bristle brush.
    • Avoid placing too much pressure when brushing. This could damage the enamel of your teeth.
    • Brush your teeth thoroughly with a back and forth, and circular motion to cover all the nooks of your teeth.
    • Take your time. Do not brush in less than a minute.

    You can ask you dentists for more tips on how to brush properly.

    You Promise to Floss Your Teeth

    Oral health care does not stop once you’re done brushing. As you already know, brushing does not thoroughly clean your teeth. You have to floss as well.

    Some people are just lazy to floss but their dentists surely advised them to do it. Flossing helps remove about 40% of bacteria or plaque from the teeth, according to WebMD. It is the only way to reach the space between the teeth to clean it properly.

    If your teeth have a very thin space in between, you have to use a thin floss. While, teeth with larger spaces in between, should use wide flat dental tapes.

    You Promise to Gargle Mouthwash

    The last step to cleaning your teeth and gums is a rinse of mouthwash.

    The mouth consists of millions of bacteria and most of them are not on your teeth, so logically, you are not cleaning your mouth properly with just a brush. A mouthwash will kill these bacteria and prevent plaque, gingivitis, and freshen your breath. This will also cover a protective layer in your teeth to prevent food from staining your teeth and make them yellow.

    You Promise to Change Your Toothbrush every 3-4 months

    The American Doctors’ Association (ADA) recommends that you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. A brush accumulates germs and bacteria in time, it is counterintuitive to use it to clean if it holds thousands of bacteria. In addition, the bristles tore out in time and they won’t be as effective as new brushes.

    You Promise to Avoid Sweets and Sugary Drinks

    What you eat also affects the health of your teeth, so follow what your dentists have been telling you so many times: avoid eating sweat and sugary drinks.

    Tooth decay happens because the bacteria in your mouth use the sugar from the food you eat, which then produce acids that destroys your teeth. Since sugary drinks like sodas are high in sugar, they are a large factor in destroying your teeth.

    Keep Your Promise Before It Is Too Late

    True, people always break their promises but if it’s your teeth, gums and oral health are at stake, shouldn’t you be keeping your promise to your dentist before things get worse?

    Clean your teeth properly and avoid having dentures or dental implants in the future.


    About the Author:

    Kimpy Oliver is a dental health care advocate that works with Oral Maxillofacial experts in Singapore to promote dental health care around the world.

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