10 Tips for Maintaining Mental and Emotional Health

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    It is a general perception that mental, physical and emotional health is separable and distinct from each other. This is somehow true because these are separate but all three are interlinked with one another. All three of them affect each other in a positive way that means mental illness leads you towards physical illness and emotional weakness makes you mentally weak and vice versa.

    Mental health of a person refers to his psychological, behavioural and emotional. The mental and emotional health of a person plays a vital role in contributing overall health of a person. Doctors always advise their patients to control their thoughts and emotions for the improvement of their emotional health, which ultimately results in good emotional and physical health. We can say that both emotional and mental health is the pieces of a puzzle. There is another dimension of the mental and emotional health of a person.

    Mental and emotional state of a person depicts his inner feelings and thoughts that are not visible to others. But ultimately affect the physical health of a person that is visible to others. Good physical health is also beneficial for the mental and emotional health of a person. Whereas weak mental and emotional health make a person physically ill or unhealthy.

    People who are in control of their thoughts and emotions are dangerous for themselves and for others as well. While people who control their thoughts and emotions are considered emotionally and mentally strong. This is because they are able to cope up the emotional issues positively. The Emotional and mental health of person strongly effects on his personal life, relationships and career. It is a general perception that emotionally healthy persons are free from problems, stress, anxiety and sadness, which is not true at all.

    Emotionally healthy persons also feel stress, anxiety and sadness but they are capable of handling their emotions positively and effectively. An emotionally and mentally healthy person knows how to use his negative thoughts and feeling for his benefits. Mentally and emotionally healthy person are able to make good choices, have good relations and handle the ups and downs of the life.

    As balance in every phase of life is essential, likewise, balance in the mental and emotional health along with physical health must be maintained. A person can maintain his mental and emotional health in numerous ways mentioned below:

    1. Sleep well

    Sleep is a gift of nature to all of us and is a key pointer to overall health. Medical science directs a normal adult person to sleep 6 to 8 hours in 24 hours. Most of the persons are unconcerned about their sleep cycles, which is a primary step towards mental and emotional illness. This is because a person’s mind and body cannot function properly without enough sleep.

    Quality sleep cures mental illness in two ways i.e. it allows a person to release his stress and it allows the brain to rest. Balance in mental and emotional health can be achieved by quality sleeping in every 24 hours.

    1. Make yourself physically healthy

    Physical well-being of a person is equally important for him to survive. Physical health can be affected by the food we eat, the environment in which we breathe, work we do and many other factors. A person must concentrate on his food and environment to stay physically healthy which ultimately strengthens his mental and emotional health. Food that is rich in nutrients, Vitamin –B and calcium is good for a human body to cope up with the stress. The Physical health of a person is also maintained by getting enough exercises daily.

    1. Enhance your social network

    It has been observed that the people having large social network and connections are emotionally and mentally stronger than those who are not social. A person should surround himself with those people that do not contribute to the negative happenings. The Best approach to stay mentally and emotionally healthy is to stay away from people who always throw negative vibes.


    1. Meditation

    Meditation is another good source of attaining balance in your emotional and mental well-being. Research depicts that meditation, prayers and relaxing exercises play a major role in the development of human mood. They allow you to feel calm and light because it naturally improves your state of mind and they have the spiritual effect on a person’s mind and heart.


    1. Stay away from Drugs

    It is witnessed that the persons who are emotionally or mentally weak. They involve themselves in using drugs as a cure and get addictive to those drugs, which are very much harmful. Such kind of persons stays in total control of drugs and loses their senses. In a situation, where you feel mentally or emotionally ill, consult a doctor or psychiatrist for the treatment and keep yourself away from drugs and alcohol.


    1. Cope up with your stress

    Stress is a part of life, which cannot be denied. A stress is considered as an accelerator towards mental illness. You should learn how to cope up with stress. This could be done by distracting yourself towards your important tasks, persons or interests. Some doctors refer laughter therapy for reducing stress. Research shows that laughter can boost your immune system, ease the pain, relax your body and reduce stress.


    1. Keep your personal and professional life balanced

    Balance is important in every phase of life. It is observed that many people are the victim of mental illness just because they are unable to make the distinction between their personal and professional life. Too much emphasis on work, career and office all the time enhances the stress levels of a person. When a person creates balance in his personal and professional life, he becomes mentally and emotionally stronger and the things go smoothly.


    1. Listen to music

    It is well said that music is the best healer. The best remedy for maintaining mental and emotional health is listening to music (of your choice). Soft and fascinating music allows your brain to reduce stress, emotional and mental pressures. It is also capable of relaxing the muscles and tissues of shoulders.


    1. Control your anger

    It is nearly impossible for a person to control his anger in some situation, which clearly shows his mental and emotional sickness. Such kind of situation put a person in a situation of regret or guilt, which is very harmful to the brain. Regret or guilt affects the tissues of brain internally. It leads towards mental sickness. A person should learn to control his anger. Also, he must know how to tackle the situation that triggers his anger.

    1. Do opposite things

    When you are not in a good mood or you are feeling sad, try to do opposite things. It helps you to take control of your emotions and strengthens your determination. This is a sign of recovery from mental and emotional sickness.

    In my conclusion, the best approach towards maintaining mental and emotional health is to focus on what can be fixed and when you need help and who could help you?


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