Beautiful Wedding Updo Hairstyle for Long and Medium Hair


    When it is about hair updo for women then the choice is almost limitless. This is what makes finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding an intricate and daunting task. But discover the joy of adorning the best hairstyle for your wedding, as we have shortlisted some beautiful hairstyles just for you.

    These hairstyles are perfect for medium and long hair. They will make you look more elegant and at the same time innovative. If your tresses are too short then you can always use hair extensions to get for yourself the perfect length and then try out these amazing hairstyles. With much ado, let us tell you about the best hand-picked hairstyles for your wedding if you have medium or long hair.

    1. Coiled Low Bun



    This graceful hairstyle belongs to the chignon family. The elegant coiled bun is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. It is very light on the head, and hence, easy to carry. Be it your wedding or any special event, this hairdo is just perfect to go with!

    You can begin with taking out face-framing strands from each side and securing the remaining hair in place above ears with bobby pins. Curl the bottom half of your hair and then turn the curled sections upwards to form loops. Secure the loops with bobby pins. From the side section, twist and wrap the low bun and secure the ends with bobby pins. Use a strong-hold hairspray to complete the look.


    1. Low Bun with Chain Braid

    hairstyleIf you want to adorn a trendy hairstyle, which at the same time is graceful, then this low bun is just awesome. Simple and chic, this hairdo is definitely unique and will bring you lots of appreciations. While the chain braid gives it an edgy zing, the low bun maintains the subtleness of the hairstyle. Prepare your hair and then centre part them.

    Separate the side sections and prepare chain braids. For this, you need to take two equal sections of hair and tie them into simple knots. To the braid strand, add a thin strand from the side knot, which is almost similar to the French braid. Once you reach the bottom secure the braid with bobby pins. Make a ponytail of your remaining hair and create a casual low bun. You are all done!

    1. High Bun with French Braid


    This is a charismatic and charming hairstyle standing perfectly with your medium hair. Besides enhancing your look, this updo will set you apart and make you look stunning on your wedding day. It is easy to prepare and pull off. Make a neat and deep side partition.

    From the side with more hair start preparing a swirling French braid. Once you have braided till the bottom secure the braid with a small hair-tie. Collect the remaining hair along with the braid and create a high ponytail. Wrap the ponytail well to create a neat bun. Secure it with bobby pins. Complete the look with a hair holding spray.

    1. High Bun with Inverted Braid

    hairstyleAnother exquisite hairdo for your wedding is the high bun with inverted braid, which is perfect for a trending and stylish personality. It is very easy to prepare hairdo that will give your appearance and edge. When accessorized well it can overshadow most of the other party hairstyles. Just begin with an inverted French braid starting from the neck’s nape.

    Braid till you reach to the head’s crown and secure the braid with a hair elastic. Wrap the braid around to create a bun. Secure the bun with U-pins and tuck the ends carefully. Now fan out the pun for a casual appearance. Accessorize with floral add-ons to get a perfect, beautiful hairstyle for your wedding.

    1. Faux Hairstyle

    hairstyleIf you have hair length just next to your shoulders then this is a perfect hairdo for you. It will transform your look from cute to elegant and graceful. This uber-stylish, manageable hairstyle is great to be adorned on your wedding day. Side parts your hair and lets few bangs frame your face to create a gentle look. Place an elastic headband around the head’s crown.

    Take small sections of hair around the headband and begin looping them through the headband. Tuck the sections in place when you loop them with use of bobby pins. Keep tucking till you are done with all your hair. Complete the look by spritzing some hairspray. You can accessorize it with an accessory of your choice.

    1. Sock Bun


    Ballerinas are recognized with this hairstyle and why not, it is so elegant and feminine! It is not just easy to carry but is perfect when you are looking for a mainstream styling owing great appeal and appearance. Collect your entire hair at the back of the head and prepare a tight ponytail. Take one sock and link it to the edge of the ponytail with a bobby pin.

    Begin rolling the sock upwards, involving the ponytail. The roll must be smooth and gentle. Once the entire sock is rolled till the base of the ponytail, create a bun like a shape and pin it in place with a bobby pin. Conceal the sock and secure the bun with U-shaped pins. Your sock bun is all set to go!

    1. Twisted Side Bun

    hairstyleThis is a classy hairdo for medium length hair. With this unconventional hairstyle, your style quotient will definitely reach the top. If you have thin hair then this voluminous hairstyle is just perfect to be adorned. Brush your hair will a paddle brush and make an off-centre partition from the front using a rat tail comb.

    From the bigger side, make sweeping a section of hair and pin it above the level of the ear using bobby pins. On the smaller side, separate two sections of the hair and hold them in place with sectioning clips. Collect all your hair and tease them from the crown to add volume. Twist well to create a loosely held bun and secure it with U-pins. Release the sections from the sectioning clip, twist them and wrap around the bun. Secure the ends with U-pins. Your hair bun is ready.

    The wedding is a special event of a lifetime and every woman desires to look its best. So, if you have medium length hair then no need to worry, as all these hairdos hairstyles are just perfect to glam up your look during your special day.

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