5 Low-To-No Tech Ways To Make Money From Facebook In 2018

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    5 Low-To-No Tech Ways To Make Money From Facebook In 2018


    With over 2 billion monthly active users and counting, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is the undisputed social network heavyweight. Statistics also indicate that Facebook has the highest engagement rate among all social networks.

    “In the UK for instance, the average Facebooker spends roughly 800 minutes a month on Facebook, that’s 13+ solid hours updating status, posting selfies, comments, watching videos etc.

    At 2018 minimum wage of £7.83 per hour (for workers 25 years plus) that’s roughly £125 a month (20 working days) of unproductivity per individual or £125m per 1 million such workers! Not to mention the monies spent on Internet subscription to sustain such social habits.”

    What if I showed you five ways you have left Facebook money on the table for so long, five ways to motivate you to actually earn, make money on Facebook and hopefully turn your social addiction to an additional source of income plus finally be able to spend more time on Facebook without guilt?

    If this sounds like fun then hop along as I show you five simple low-to-no tech ways of earning extra bucks on Facebook. #1, 3, 4 and 5 are so simple, you’ll be shocked. Simple ways to make money on facebook.

    But before we start selling, here are four pre-sales activities to set the stage for you to showcase your merchandise or skills.


    1. Increase your Facebook friend base. Connect with all your offline friends you can find on Facebook, e.g friends in your Contacts, Church or neighbourhood. Send them friend requests.

    2. Join relevant groups and be active with useful contributions to solve people’s challenges and they’d be more open to buying from you.

    3. Post useful content on your wall from time to time and build the organic following. The number of likes and comments you get could be a useful indicator.

    4. Like and follow relevant Facebook Pages, their updates will show up on your timeline. Comment if you must.

    So here we go, 5 ways to get paid via Facebook.

    1. Upload, Tag, Sell

    If you can make handbags for instance and you own an active Facebook account then you should be making money on Facebook as well.

    Simply photograph your product under bright light from different angles and upload to Facebook.

    Don’t just post immediately. Facebook will ask you to “say something about this photo.”

    That’s your chance to make a sale. Write a compelling short copy highlighting product benefits and a strong call to action e.g “message me to order.”

    Tag as many friends you can to increase reach.

    Here’s an example below:

    Joy Bliss makes handmade knitted stuff and uploads to her wall with a simple copy and call to action.

    2. Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads is a little but not so techy. It allows you market your business to a highly targeted and likely interested worldwide audience. You can target ads based on certain criteria like the audience, age, gender, location etc.

    These ads are presented to Facebookers based on their browsing history. Ads from sites they’ve visited start showing up in their timeline.

    For any amount, you can pick and customize the package that best suits your budget and advert goals and start maximizing Facebook Ads.

    3. Facebook Videos

    Another great way to make money on Facebook is video marketing. Reports indicate that 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos and that over 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily.

    You don’t need fancy cameras to shoot a Facebook Video, your smartphone can do the trick.

    Write down and rehearse what you want to say and how you want it said. You can write your copy on a board or recite from memory.

    With a smiling face and some soft background music explain the product benefits and tell your audience how to place orders. It shouldn’t be too long.

    Even if you’re a comedian, uploading Facebook Videos of your comedy skits can earn you more followers and boost your subscription list to which you can announce upcoming shows and events.

    Here’s a good example of an effective Facebook Video by Blossom.

    4. Facebook Groups

    There are diverse groups on Facebook; professional, religious, hobbies etc, all of which can be a source of income if properly harnessed.

    Simply type a niche into Facebook Search e.g. Freelance Writing, options will pop up. Look out for ones with the large or targeted following, scan their posts and updates and join if a fit.

    Make sure to make positive contributions over time and build clout plus study group rules regarding things like sales or adverts.

    Bamidele Onibalusi started a Facebook challenge “Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer.” You can join the challenge via this link. It’s just one year old but already has many testimonies.

    5. What’s On Your Mind?

    That’s the ubiquitous question Facebook always asks whenever you log in. If your answer is money, then honey you’re in the right spot.

    How do you ask?

    Assuming you’re a Poet or Lyricist, you can gain some fans and exposure by updating your wall with posts like poems or 8-16 bar verses.

    It lets your friends and friends of your friends know what you do and who you are, which is great for word of mouth marketing.

    Be consistent and follow a set schedule so they can anticipate your next post. If you belong to relevant groups you could also post to groups.

    Ensure typos are totally eliminated or kept to the barest minimum.

    You can also take it a step further and make Facebook Videos of your spoken word or rap/singing session. Also, you can get valuable feedback and build a fan base if you know what you’re doing. However, you can link all your social accounts so you can get the most from your posts.

    Respond to comments politely and seek ways to maximize interactions with your fan base. Dike Chukwumerije is a Poet with a solid Facebook following. See his timeline.

    Conversion is the goal, so bring your sales and marketing skills along to Facebook when next you log in.


    Facebook is literally a marketplace with billions of potential buyers. Whatever industry or vertical you’re in, you can make money abundantly on Facebook if you follow these tips.

    I have personally used some of them to make money and still do. You too can, if you take action today. Get motivation and get moving.

    Author Bio:

    Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained eCommerce B2B/B2C Copywriter featured in eCommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Floship, Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man among others.

    He is available for hire