6 Amazing Tips For Testicular Varicocele Treatment Without Surgery

    Testicular Varicocele
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    What is the testicular varicocele?

    Testicular varicocele is a collection of blood in a complex of testicular veins in the most severe cases an operation is necessary. The testes are the male gonads responsible for the creation and ripening of sperm. Testicular semen and seminal fluid become part of the seminal vesicles (when the composition of sperm is supplemented with the addition of new substances) and from there to the urethra through the penis leaves.

    Like all living organs, the testes must consist of a vascular system of veins and arteries. This vascular system, particularly the venous system, forms a plexus or network called plexus pampiniform feeding nourishes and oxygen to the testes and rudimentary tubules.

    Varicocele is an extension of this pampiniform plexus into a mass or a lump in one or both testes of men. Also, similar to veins that occur on the legs of the women’s varicose veins. Health problems of patients with testicular varicocele. Especially, in moderate and severe stages, are those related to infertility and pain caused by increased mass within the scrotum.

    Statistics and fertility

    Statistically, it has been found that 15 to 20% of adolescents and young adults have a certain degree of testicular varicocele. Of all 40% of men with the testicular varicocele will have male infertility that can prevent them from reproducing.

    Substantially exposing theories about the origin of varicocele is that 90% of these are general varicoceles testis. Three theories are mainly supported by the scientific community:

    The former refers to the absence of venous valves in the left testicular vein allowing venous reflux formed varicose veins that exist what we call varicocele.

    A second theory refers to the length of the left testicular vein when opened up in the left renal vein, is longer and therefore higher, causing more difficulty passing through the blood venous, which can cause the varicocele.

    A third theory is the compression of the left testicular vein by superior mesenteric and abdominal aorta. This situation causes a more significant problem for the venous return of the remaining sperm. This is one of the possible causes of the increased frequency of varicocele in the left testicle.

    Home remedies to treat varicocele

    Natural treatment, in this case, based on natural remedies proposed as an addition to traditional medical treatment. Also, as a means of treatment of the testis varicocele without surgery. Many people try the following tips to relieve pain and discomfort:

    1- cod liver oil

    This oil is rich in essential fatty acids. Particularly, omega-3 or DHA, which promotes the health and viability of sperm by improving male fertility.

    When DHA is not sufficient, it is replacing cholesterol in the membrane of the sperm cells. Which also result in a deficit of adulthood and the poor quality of the sperm later on.

    2- An Antioxidant mixture

    Both antioxidants such as CoQ10 work protect sperm and DNA that the harmful effects of free radicals.

    3 – Cold water bath

    Using cold water is an excellent therapy in many cases of varicocele. So, it is advisable to take a cold bath every morning on waking and another in the evening before bedtime.

    4. A rose oil

    Rose oil, though has a high cost. It proves to be a perfect option to treat varicoceles hand. This is because it is anti-inflammatory properties.

    Apply this oil several times a day in the affected area. This quickly reduces inflammation and the resulting pain.

    5- Coconut oil

    Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial as a natural therapeutic alternative to varicocele.

    6 – Sea salt

    Salt and, more importantly, the port diluted in water acts as an anti-inflammatory effect medium. However, to supplement with other natural remedies will provide better results.

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