FAQs Related to Termite Control and Inspection

    Termite Control

    Should I spray termites with fly-spray?

    No! It is never suggested by a company which offers pest control in Central Coast to disturb termites before a close inspection is performed. If you do so, it might affect the access to the root of infestation obstructing the determination of the species.

    Are termites and white ants the same?

    Yes. Worker termites are white but they are not exactly ants. The Europeans gave it the second name.

    My home has a concrete foundation. Is my property safe from termites?

    It is the sheer misconception that having a concrete slab floor can save your home from termites. Termites have the tendency to find gaps in walls and floors to enter your house, even it is concrete floors they invade through.  The most common entry points are pipes, electrics drains, etc.

    If I have a brick home, do I still need to worry about termites?

    Yes. In a full brick home, the roof structure consists of a timber framing which is a favourable access for termites to enter through the cavity walls. Moreover, if your home has a timber floor, termites can damage your flooring severely along with the joists and bearers.

    In what time would I see the complete elimination of termites from my house?

    A reliable pest control company in Central Coast generally takes a few days or more to ensure no trace of termites is left in the inspected property. It depends upon the control solution carried out for termite control treatment. When you hire a good pest controller, the problem is checked and solved in the first treatment itself.

    How long will the treatment last?

    When you have suggested soil barrier applications, you will likely have safety and protection from termites for years. If the treatment solution was chosen is termite baiting, you would never be bothered by the harmful species and suitable preventive measures will minimise any risks of future infestation. However, you should avail the service of regular termite control inspections to ensure things are good in your home.

    I have Asthma. Can I have termite control treatment in my home?

    Yes, of course.   Reputed companies like Flatline Pest Control in Central Coast deal with such sensitive cases daily. Such companies use odourless chemical agents for the process and while the chemicals do the job, you will be asked to vacate the property for the time being, if the problem is severe.

    Will the process of termite control affect my children or pets?

    No. The safest, tested and most modern methods are used to eliminate the harmful white ants from your house premises. If there’s a pregnant women or children below 4 years of age in your house, they will be absent while the treatment process is carried out. Your pets won’t be harmed unless and until you keep them away from the treatment area at least for 30 minutes.

    Are the chemicals used dangerous?

    As already mentioned, reliable pest control companies in Central Coast use safe and tested products for the treatment process. The chemical solutions are approved based on the Australian standards. They do not have any negative effect on humans or animals.

    Moreover, there are treatments that avoid the use of any poisonous chemicals such as termite baiting for termite control.