5 Disney OSTs You Should Listen To When Everything Looks Bleak


    Disney is one of the most popular media and Entertainment Company in the world. Producing one of the best movies and songs for people all over the world, it creates a great impact on their lives. But, how does Disney Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) affect you, you ask?

    Music, in general, is one of the factors that affect our behaviors the most without us knowing it. Also, it has the ability to make us perceive things in a whole new way. For example, a study shows that a happy or sad music can alter how people see neutral faces. Though another study reveals that people listening to uplifting music tend to affect their helping behavior.

    Unlike other genres, Disney music can give you the uplifting encouragement that you need when life looks bleak. Here are some of the songs that you might want to listen to:

    1. Lion King- Hakuna Matata: Sing Along For A Problem-Free Life

    “Hakuna Matata

    What a wonderful phrase

    Hakuna Matata

    Ain’t no passing craze

    It means no worries

    For the rest of your days

    It’s our problem-free philosophy

    Hakuna Matata”

    In the movie, Timon and Pumba sing it for Simba to cheer him up and encourage him to stop worrying about the past and live in the present instead. Nonetheless, the song can be applied to any problems that need some positivity.

    Hakuna Matata is derived from a Swahili phrase from Kenya. It is formed by the words Hakuna that mean “there is not here” and Matata, which means the plural form of problem. The song promotes a positive outlook. And life is too short for you to be wallowing in worries and this song teaches you that.

    2. The Princess And The Frog- Almost There: Never Give Up And Keep Going

    “There’s been trials and tribulations

    You know I’ve had my share

    But I’ve climbed the mountain, I’ve crossed the river

    And I’m almost there, I’m almost there

    I’m almost there!”

    There is always a time when you think you’ve come so near yet so far. May it be your efforts to reach the top at work, a progressing relationship with your family or with your partner. There are times when you think you’re not progressing at all and the thought of giving up is so tempting.

    However, with this song, you can see that everyone experiences different trials and challenges in their paths towards their goals. Furthermore, you’re not alone in facing them. Whatever you may think, know that you are almost there and don’t let your past efforts go in vain by giving up.

    3. The Road To El Dorado- The Trail We Blaze: Be Brave To Set Your Own Path

    “Look out new world here we come

    Brave, intrepid and then some

    Pioneers of maximum

    Audacity whose resumes

    Show that we are just the team

    To live where others merely dream

    Building up a head of steam

    On the trail we blaze”

    Life is an adventure and each one of us has a blank map. Would you rather follow the worn out path that many people have traveled on or  go and take a chance of discovering new land by yourself?

    The Trail We Blaze encourages you to be brave and go on a path that is unique and makes you happy, not the path others took just so you can fit in. Harness your strength and set off on your journey in life. Be yourself, be true and be unique. Also, let the song give you strength to make your own trail to blaze.

    4. Hercules- Go The Distance: Believe In Yourself To Reach Your Goals

    “I am on my way

    I can go the distance

    And, I don’t care how far

    Somehow I’ll be strong

    I know every mile will be worth my while

    I would go most anywhere to find where I belong”

    Go The Distance tells you that no matter how far and how difficult it is to achieve your goals, as long as you want it with all your heart, you can reach it. You just have to believe in yourself. The hardships and the long wait won’t be a bother to you as long as you have your eyes on the prize.

    When you feel discouraged or be sad because of failure, let this song pump up some motivational power in you. You don’t care how far you will have to go because you know, deep down, that you are strong and you can go the distance. You just have to believe.

    5. Jungle Book- Bare Necessities: Simple Life Is Stress-Free Life

    “Look for the bare necessities

    The simple bare necessities

    Forget about your worries and your strife

    I mean the bare necessities

    Old Mother Nature’s recipes

    That bring the bare necessities of life”

    Bare necessities promote thoughts of a simple life and the happiness that comes with it. Without work, relationships, money, and responsibilities that make it complicated, life is really simple. Take a breath and relax for a moment and lose yourself in life even for just a moment.

    “And don’t spend your time lookin’ around

    For something you want that can’t be found

    When you find out you can live without it

    And go along not thinkin’ about it

    I’ll tell you something true

    The bare necessities of life will come to you”

    Sometimes, what makes your life more complicated is your “wants”. With it, you tend to indulge yourself with things that you want but you don’t need. This results to regret and problems—especially with money—in the long run. This part of the song encourages you to be content with what you have.

    Don’t trouble yourself with things that you want but you can’t have. When you even get to live alright without it, then you don’t really need it. And let the happiness of having the bare necessities come to you.


    “When you’re happy. You enjoy the music, but when you’re sad. You understand the lyrics.”

    Disney is more than just an American film production that produces animated and live-action movies for kids and adults to enjoy.

    Disney movies and songs promote positivity in a simple yet enjoyable way. This way, it is easier for the message to reach you and helping you attain a positive mental attitude. This attitude will aid you in your time of despair and need.

    Moreover, not only does Disney contribute heartwarming and inspirational movies for both old and young, the music that Disney produces for their movies are also making a big difference in how people think and feel. This differences can make them take one day at a time with a smile on their faces.

    Author’s Bio:

    Kristine Ramos is an editor and a health and wellness enthusiast. She loves reading and writing is her passion. Also, she is a blogger by day and a gamer by night. She adores animals and if she isn’t reading or writing, she draws or plays video games. She mostly spends her time lounging around and reading a good book.

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