Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Fishing Kayak of 2017

    fishing kayak

    Are you planning to make an investment into affordable fishing kayaks? Are you familiar with the factors to consider while buying the best fishing kayak of 2017? If you are a beginner, you are probably confused with the thing. We have got you some useful advice on selecting the most suitable fishing kayak based on your requirements and budget.

    Storage pace for equipment

    This you know for sure. Every angler is acquainted with the fact of having sufficient space for your equipment and daily utilities. There must be rod holders tank wells for several essential tools you might need while fishing and also hatches to secure some items.

    Weight capacity

    This is related to the maximum weight your kayak can hold on the water. It suggests that you must keep the maximum within the limit which includes both your weight and weight of the equipment on the kayak. If you are planning to purchase a kayak for group fishing, better go for the highest weight capacity keeping in mind your co-anglers and their body weight.

    Comfort level

    Fishing takes time as it is a daily activity and not just confined to hurried hours. You should have a kayak that offers great comfort to sit for hours at the stretch. Look for good seating comfort – padded seat to support your back and buttocks. Make sure there is enough room to fit your legs despite them being long.

    Basically, there are two common types of kayaks – sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks. The sit-in kayak will keep your lower body hidden from the wind. In a sit-on-top kayak, you will find better comfort as there is more room and it is easy-to-handle for a beginner.

    Performance of the kayak

    When you plan to buy the best ocean fishing Kayak within $1000, the most important factor to look for is stability. Of course, you won’t want your kayak to tip over while you are on the fishing spree. The best ones are so stable that you can even stand on the kayak or sit at the corner without getting it tipped over.

    Additionally when you are ready to invest beyond your budget, also look for better maneuverability and tracking features. When you are going towards tight fishing spots, ensure you can change directions easily. Good tracking feature helps maintain the right direction as the direction gets altered easily by the wind.


    Comparing the types of watercrafts, kayaks are the most portable ones. All you need is to put them on the vehicle roof and take to the spot. You might face problems while dragging them in and out of the water. We would suggest you go for the lighter ones which are easy-to-move into waters.


    As the price of your favourite kayak moves to a 4 digit number, it is not a trivial purchase anymore. When you invest a huge amount into something, you would definitely want it to last longer. You should go for fishing kayaks which can take the scorching sun whole day and fight the high rocks and rough waters with ease.

    To ensure better durability, check the warranty period before making the purchase. Some of the anglers want newer models believing them to be better and long-lasting, however, this is not true in all cases. With kayaks released years ago, you have the benefit of having a look at the user reviews and owner reviews and finalize if it the best cheap fishing kayak for you.


    We saved this for the last because it is not a crucial factor to consider. Nothing is more important than the performance, especially the appearance. You need to be safe on the kayak experiencing a smooth fishing on the waters with the modern features. Despite this fact, it is natural to care for the looks in an investment close to $1000. You can look for a kayak impressive and attractive in looks. There is a range of colors available with some good models in the market.

    Do consider these factors when buying from the list of best cheap fishing Kayak. We guarantee you will have a great fishing experience.