The Dilemma of Youths in Nigeria By Miss Iwoland, Akande Bukky

    Miss Iwoland

    One topical issue which has dominated (and which is still dominating) discussions over the radio, on television, pages of newspapers, formal and informal talks, lectures and seminars is the dilemma of the Nigerian Youths.

    Many people have expressed their views and complain about this all-important issue. It appears that no single other issues in the history of this country have so much publicity as this. I also want to seize this opportunity to express my views on this issue.
    No doubt! Nigeria, our country is no more smiling.

    One could begin with the causes of the dilemma of youths as a cankerworm that is eating deeply our dear nation. Our youths who are supposed to be a flag bearer or vanguard of change are all patriotic in reverse with their kleptomaniac’s fingers. The truth is an average Nigerian youth is not comfortable with the situation of our country ranging from the economic recession, unemployment etc.

    However, it is pertinent to know the root of all our plight. Ignorance is the root cause of all the challenges we are facing; being ignorant makes us practice POLITICAL APATHY. Whereby someone that doesn’t worth it (such as mediocre) will be elected as a senator, a governor, a president…….. This has led to the bad government we are having recently which has led also many youths to agony.

    Illiteracy also have its own contributions in these difficulties of ours. One being illiterate may make him exposed not to his rights as an individual thus, generates ignorance. (even if he know his rights, fights for it, get elected to any post he wants, he will definitely fight for his selfish interesting while destroying Nigeria’s economy). However, if care is not taken to the high level of illiteracy, Nigeria as a nation will collapse soon.

    We have indeed relied so much on our government, and it has worsened the economy of Nigeria. Youths are to choose either to be successful and stay alive. That is, by not fighting the government that have dejected their rights. It is so saddening that our youths have turned to an instrument used by the politicians. Politicians whose sons and daughters have fled to abroad to distort elections, some have turned to hoodlums, cultism, thugs etc.

    It is better for our youths to wake up from their slumber and stop being political thugs for any politician.

    However, I suggest that youths should rise and fight for their rights. Also, they should not be based on education only but acquire skills and pay close attention to agriculture so that we can empower ourselves without relying on government again.


    Akande Bukky writes from Iwo, Osun State and she is the current Miss Iwoland, also a member of Institute of Readers and Writer Atanda & Friends Initiative.

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