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Today, I bring to you another and exclusive interesting interview with an awesome Doctor, Mr. Kingsley popularly known called Dr. Kingscheta the brain behind Medbike health and fitness blog. This time around, it is not about technology blogger or social marketer or entrepreneurship but it is all about a health because your health is our sole responsibility.

DR. KINGSCHETA is a public health professional with 5 years of experience in both research and practice-focused roles. He has a special interest in health communication and uses it to inspire my blog Medbike Health and fitness blog.  This blog Medbike health and fitness blog is a unique health blog, that dishes out health information with passion and concern for your health. The blog also examines the intersection of people culture and public health.

1. Good day ma, please kindly introduce yourself to our community. (Education, State of origin, family background, business, project or whatever you would like us to know about you)

Ans- I’m Kingsley also known as Dr. Kingscheta, the title started when I was a kid because I was in love with health criteria, my nationality is Nigeria and I’m the last of all in our family I’m still single will soon be married lol.

2. Tell us about your startup.

Ans- I started when i was still small can’t remember the age, in particular, I started by joining the Red Cross and having more insight concerning medical field.

3. How long have you been into it?

Ans- Currently 5-7 years now

4. How did you get the idea for the Platform? What inspired it?

Ans- My mom is a Medical profession,  I learned basic things from her and what inspired me is when I save the life of fellow kid Performing CPR on him that’s what inspired me.

  1. How did you choose the niche(s) that you have chosen to blog in?

Ans- I choose my niche because it’s what I love doing all health.

6. Why did you start this blog? Money? Passion? Hobby?

Ans- I’ll say it’s my passion because if it’s for money I would have quit since I wasn’t getting any income through it, I made it my hobby. The money part of it is just to support the organization to keep growing.

7.  What were your challenges starting your blog?

Ans- My main challenge is getting people to read and understand my ideas and also getting it in a way everyone will understand, currently I’m learning some other languages so I can reach many people.

8. What can you really say as being unique about your blog?

Ans- It’s all about ideas that promote people cultural and social value also keeping everyone fit.

  1. Did you receive any professional assistance or did you created your blog yourself?

Ans- It all started with me, I built it on my own. Though I was assisted by some of my friends.

10. Do you have people working for you or you do it alone?

Ans- Like I said earlier, it all started with me, but now I have few people working within some countries of the world like the USA. We’ll be making it better for everyone.

11. What sacrifices have you had to make to be where you are right now?

Ans-  My time, my knowledge and with some little cash.

  1. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Ans-  I do that whenever I’m free and I check the security of my blog because my readers’ security is my priority.

  1. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?

Ans- mayo clinic, health digest, men’s health and Sabtrends these are few of my favorite because I see some information there I know my readers will like to see.

14.  What company, individual, or business do you look up to?

Ans- I’m not looking up to anyone just want to be me and build my audience and blog to a company level.

15. Who has been your greatest inspiration and also key role players in your life?

Ans- My mom inspired me a lot,  just had few with my foreign friends like Jan Jasen and Dr. Mark etc I all want to be myself.

16. Do you consider yourself successful right now? What’s your view of success as a person and as a blogger?

Ans- I’m not successful now because i have lot more to achieve but all i know I’ll not quit till i attain my aim.

17.  What do you enjoy so much about blogging?

Ans-  It exposes you to tell the world what you know and what you learned and your point of view in anything it just makes you feel free to express yourself.

18. What are your plans to take your blog career to the next level?

Ans- Consistency and keep everything in a good strategy.

  1. What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Aside from blogging, do you have other things you do like selling products, having a business or brand etc?

Ans- I work with some health companies like Alliance Global and Kedi Healthcare. I sell their products because it has great health benefits.

  1. What do you think are the major challenges as an entrepreneur in Nigeria?

Ans- I think the economy is the main challenge for the entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

  1. What three pieces of advice would you give to university graduates/undergraduates who want to become entrepreneurs?

Ans- I think it’s very important to be self-reliant.  I advise everyone to get him or herself engaged to entrepreneurship.

22. When will you say, “yes, your Blog is successful”?

Ans- I can only say my blog is successful is when it changes one-third of the world lives and make them living healthy.

  1. Do you have any specific goals to be achieved for the rest of this year?

Ans- Yeah I do.

  1. Do you normally set goals you want to achieve each year for your blog?

Ans- Everything one does has its purpose. Yes, I do have my goals set.

  1. What are the inspired words you have for our readers?

Ans- I’m telling everyone to keep on reading and getting knowledge because knowledge is power, channel your way in own part.

  1. Lastly, we believe success is not a straight line. What do you think can motivate persons to achieve success in life?

Ans-  I think it’s only challenging can make one successful, poverty, discrimination etc and all other challenges can inspire one to be successful because Albert Einstein once said everyone is a genius.

The SABTrends team uses this medium to appreciate and thank Dr. Kingchesta for taking our interview.

We urge all our readers and visitors to kindly visit Medbike health and fitness blog, is a blog that dishes out health information with passion and concern for your health. A wealthy person without health it is just like a car without an engine.

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