5 Do’s and Don’ts When Throwing an Office Holiday Party

    Holiday Party

    Chances are you’ll be attending or organizing a holiday party in your workplace this year. If done right, these events improve relationships with your coworkers at the workplace and give employees a sense of pride and community.

    Making for an all-around more comfortable work environment for the remainder of the year. In order to make sure your company reaps the many benefits office holiday parties have to offer, we’ve broken down five do’s and don’ts for the occasion.


    Choose a Venue to Remember

    You want your cohorts to not only bond over the holiday spirit but over a shared positive experience. The more unique and breathtaking your venue, the more valued your employees will feel and the more likely they’ll be to look back on the event with fondness.

    Hosting your holiday party on a yacht venue like Seafair will be the just the thing to leave your team in shock and awe. Because there isn’t anything quite as exciting as pulling up to an address to realize it’s actually a dock, and surprise – a 228 ft. a luxury mega yacht is going to whisk you away for the evening.

    Chances are, the bulk of your employees haven’t had a high end yacht all to themselves for the night. When you choose a yacht venue like Seafair, you’re choosing to give your company a once in a lifetime experience on a yacht that is truly unparalleled in class, prestige, and design.


    Host it in the Conference Room

    Celebrating the holidays with your officemates should be an opportunity for group bonding and better team building. We all know it’s difficult to really get to know your co-workers as more than their titles or proximity to your desk when you only ever see them in the office.

    Changing up the setting will help you see new sides of your desk mates and show employees that they’re worth the effort of scouting a venue – because office parties are meant to be treats after all, and how special are they really if they’re in a conference room with streamers?

    Relegating your holiday festivities to the office conference room is more likely to be seen as a distraction than a reward. With your desks and to-do list merely feet away, it’ll be close to impossible to unplug and all the more likely that your employees will be there begrudgingly when they’d rather be tending to their workload.


    Order Pizza

    When it comes to food and drinks, you can achieve a lot by keeping it simple. But don’t make the mistake of going too simple by just ordering a couple of XL pizzas. Ordering a pizza can make it seem like the dining choices for the occasion were a cheap afterthought, and your cohorts will thank you for not cashing in on that 2 for 1 special.

    While you don’t want to underachieve, you’ll want to avoid choosing an overly complicated menu as it will give you a lot of trouble. Also, it leads to more leftovers than you’ll know what do with and coworkers awkwardly whispering about the food while pushing it around their plates. Don’t opt for a table setting, either which could add to the count of awkward silences.


    Have a Delicious and Accessible Menu

    Make sure the food is accessible by setting up a buffet style dining experience. By choosing a menu that isn’t overly complex, you increase your chances of everyone finding a bite they’ll enjoy.

    While we suggest always having seating options available. Try to curate a menu that could be easily handheld to set the stage for mingling and conversation while your attendees dine. If you choose to host your event on a mega yacht venue like Seafair, the venue’s team will provide a one of a kind dining experience.

    The yacht venue’s experienced Le Cordon Bleu-trained catering team will work with you to curate the perfect menu for your event that your employees will be sure to enjoy.


    Make it Fun

    This will really throw your colleagues for a loop. Since most employees have minimal expectations for the fun level of the holiday party, liven up your event with unexpected twists.

    Make space for a dance floor and put together a danceable yet festive playlist to drown out any uncomfortable silences. Games, gift exchanges, and award ceremonies are a great way to break the ice while also recognizing the hard work team members put in throughout the year.

    Fun holiday photo opportunities are another great way to get attendees involved. Therefore, ensure that everyone has something to remember the event by. If you opt for a yacht venue like Seafair for this season’s festivities, Seafair’s hospitality and audio-visual specialists will work tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of your holiday event goes off without a hitch.

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