5 Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Shaving Down There


    Shaving down there or the public area is a personal choice of a person. There is no wrong or right way. If you choose to shave or trim it, then you must be very careful because you can repeat the same mistake yourself, unconsciously.

    Shaving, washing, laser hair removal and depilatory creams are the most common methods of hair removal. Most people choose to go to this salon to this salon; although other brave soles take the job at home. Unless you are very skilled in this procedure, I would highly recommend you to visit a trained professional for removing pubic hair. Here are some common mistakes that can hurt you when it comes to removing hair in this delicate area.

    Here are five mistakes you could make while shaving down there that you have to avoid.

    1. Shake the second in the shower.

    We know you’re in a rush, but this is a surefire way to earn yourself a raging case of razor burn. Make the shaving off the last thing you do in the shower or the bath instead. It gives your hair follicles the chance to soften, which significantly reduces your risk of irritation. Carefully exfoliate the area for an even closer shave and wipe off in farmed hair.

    2. Using shower gel and an old AF razor.

    You do not see boys with an old razor and a soap tube to shave their faces, right? It is because the right tools make the difference. Use a shaving foam without heavy odors and leave it in the area for one or two minutes to soften the hair. Then pick up a fresh razor blade and finish the work. The use of an old and worn out will be at best ineffective and in the worst case you burn a rash or razor.

     3. Do not trim in addition to removing hair.

    Owning a few nourishing scissors will help you not only cut off the hair, but you will also get ready for a big shave if it has been a while, as you are taken care of below. If your hair is longer than a quarter inch, cut it back before stopping in the shower. However, it does not only save you time but also irritates.

    4. Dry shave around your underwear in a rush.

    You get an impromptu invitation to the beach or rushing to get ready for a date, and you realized that you have to shave (shaving down therea0. This way you push your leg on the sink and take care of you soon. Take a warm cloth for at least a few minutes to the area you want to shave to soften the hair and set up your skin for a razor blade. Nobody needs visible red bumps in those situations. Wrong number

    1. Use your regular lotion to calm the net shaved skin.

    Unless you are a natural beauty girl, the chances are that your favorite body lotion is loaded with odors that can irritate a freshly shaved skin. Buy a product that is specifically aimed at calming the area or using a mild natural moisturizing cream. Examples of such is aloe vera or coconut oil to hydrate and protect your skin. Be careful with men’s hub shafts, which are not the same.

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