Back Exercise : 5 Amazing Lower Pain Relief Techniques

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    If you have a backache, lower pain relief is the key to painless living. A good exercise can help people relieve their back pain. The type of activity that you should do for your back is not typical for regular exercise. They are more like stretching because they stretch your back muscles. These types of exercises promote back and backbone health.

    Lower pain relief can be found when exercising or stretching. If you have severe back problems, consult your doctor to see if these exercises are appropriate for you. Each rack must be carried out slowly without bouncing. However, if you stretch, hold it for about 8-10 seconds. Also, if you stretch, do not go beyond the point of severe inconvenience. If you feel pain, you have gone too far and have to stop.


    Try the following lower pain relief movements for your back:

    Knee to chest, pelvic slope, hamstring stretch, bridge and lower torso rotation, help stretch your muscles.

    1. The Pelvic Slope

    The first of the back exercises lower pain reduction is called the pelvic slope. This exercise will help strengthen your lumbar, abs and back ridge. Start by laying on the floor with the printed side. Bend your legs at the knees, so your feet are flat on the floor. Imagine that your stomach is pushed to the floor and then flattens the lower part of your back. As you stretch the lumbar and lower back each time, it is considered a rack.

    2. Knee To The Chest

    Your second lower back is the knee to the chest. Start if you want to tilt the pelvis and slowly pull a knee to your chest. As you do, your hip and lower back will extend. This is beneficial to the nerves leaving your spinal column. Bring one knee to your chest and hold for 8 seconds and then do your other knee.

    3. Lower Torso Rotation

    Lower torso rotation is the third reversal for back pain relief. Start in the previous exercise position, but hold your knees together and turn your knees to one side so that they rotate in the hip. Hold this position while locking the stomach. Return your knees to the starting position and then go to the other side. This will help with flexibility in the back.

    4. Hamstring Stretch

    The fourth exercise is the hamstring stretch. This exercise will help reduce stress on your lower back by reducing it. First of all, you must be in the same position as the other exercises, except that your legs must be straight. Then put one of your legs straight up. You could have a towel under your leg to pull your leg up if necessary. Hold this 8 seconds and then do your other leg.

    5. The Bridge Technique

    Last but not least the bridge is the last retreat, a lower analgesic technique. Just as it sounds, you will form a bridge with your body. Start in the same position as the first three stretching exercises, the arms on your side begin to lay your back and hips off the floor. This exercise helps stabilize and strengthen your back muscles and spine. When doing back surgery, reduce pain relief techniques, do every five times. Almost immediately you feel the pain relief.

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