5 Life-Changing Lessons You Should Learn From Previous Break Up

    break up

    There is no way to a break up in a relationship. Even if the relationship was not the best, daily life changes dramatically and emotional effects can be sent to you in a tailspin.

    While many boys may not be so fast to recognize it, I have been dumped by many women over the years. Maybe you too; perhaps not. However, I’m a solid believer in learning the mistakes of others. With that in mind, I would like to share some things I learned from the women who have dumped me, hoping that it will facilitate your relationship.

    There are healthy ways to treat your sadness, that is real and valid, but there are also things that can stand up and delay cure. Do not lose heart: you will continue on time, find a love that suits you better, and all this will be a memory.

    1. Share and share the same.

    What this means is that every person is likely to accuse the other of the breach. But the truth is that you both have contributed to the break up in one way or another. By honestly looking at what went wrong, and your role in it, you can be aware to avoid making mistakes in the future.

    1. Women still need their space.

    Like a guy, it may seem that women always want to hug and hug and always be around. But they need some time. To make things worse, many boys can be possessive and try to know what their partner is at all times. And if you have had a woman who was unreliable in the past, then this trend is even stronger.

    While this is the case, you will see distrust, and there can not be a relationship in that kind of atmosphere. So, while it may be difficult, do your best to make your girlfriend do what she likes, and do not feel that you should always give her the third degree of what she does.

    1. Heal time.

    The first few days after a break up are the absolute worst. Then you start with what has happened. Indeed, there will be emotional ups and downs, but it will be easier as time passes. If that is not the case, then it may be a good idea to see a qualified counselor to help you. You can also use this pain in the future by reminding you that it’s easier to work on the problematic issues while in the relationship than suffering from a fracture.

    1. Accept the facts.

    When you start a relationship, you feel you have found your soulmate. You have even suggested a beautiful future and maybe also talked about it. But over time, things start to go down. You start wondering what you have ever seen in her. However, she probably feels the same way about you. Then you break up. Now you are not only feeling bad about bragging, but you’re also feeling bad about missing the future you have suggested. Remember, however, that it’s better to end things now if it was not meant to be.

    1. Happiness is not an accident.

    To say otherwise: Relationships take work. You can not only make things happen with you; you have to take responsibility for making what you want. Also, it can be the most important lesson of all.



    Learn what you can from the relationship that just ended (break up) and moving forward. Do not give up to meet your perfect match. Be grateful that the wrong or abusive relationship ended to deliver you for the right.

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