Read To Grow: How Reading Improves Your Body And Spirit


    Read to grow as a person and as a professional

    Did you know that reading can increase your intelligence, develop your thinking flexibility, improve your memory and ability to focus and make you a healthier person?

    No doubt, you have to read quite a bit as a student, analyzing and processing sources that help you complete yet another piece of custom essay writing. But reading all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction alike is a great way to spend your free time. Also, a great tool for improving your mental and physical health. Read on to learn just how useful reading can be.

    1. Reading boosts your tolerance and empathy

    Fiction, both prose, and verse help people be more humane. It increases your empathy for others and makes you more sensitive and perceptive to all people around you.

    How does it do it? The thing is fiction creates stories that can happen with any person in real life – and that is why it gets so much response from readers. When we read a book, we unwittingly try to relate to everything that happens to protagonists and starts thinking what we would do in their place.

    Fiction helps to enhance your social baggage and to better understand people whose experience is different from your own.

    But aside from that, fiction affects your brain in the most positive way and develops imagination. Because good books always offer some innuendo that makes you learn to read between the lines, think and come to your own conclusions.

    1. Development of thinking flexibility

    Poetry helps you to become a deeper thinker. It increases your thinking flexibility by offering readers a challenge. The poetical language contains writing techniques like metaphors and allegories. This makes readers be attentive to the smallest details and to the special meaning authors put in certain words and phrases.

    People who read poetry adopt a habit of rethinking words and sayings, notice unobvious references and pay attention to details and nuances. By reading poetry, we can learn to express ourselves better and to seek for solutions for issues we face with more efficiency. This will definitely come in useful during your paper writing – as well as in your everyday life in general.

    1. Boosting creativity

    There is a reason why reading is often connected with increasing creativity. People who read on a regular basis are generally less conservative and are not easily taken back by any double talk. They are more open-minded, free-spirited and creative.

    Ambiguous nature of fiction often stimulates people to make unconventional decisions. Also, to look at different situations from a different perspective. This is where the key to creativity lies: when we consider various options, we can see new possibilities and ways to solve the issues at hand.

    1. Improvement of brain function

    No matter what kinds of books you like, reading improves your intelligence a little bit each time you read.

    Reading leaves its trace both on psychological and neurological levels. When you read, areas of brain cortex responsible for perception and memory development get stimulated. So basically, reading doesn’t just make you smarter; it serves as some sort of workout for your brain. You learn to digest and systematize information, enhance your outlook and your vocabulary. So there is just no better way to improve writing skills and prepare for dealing with your writing assignments.

    1. Fighting prejudices

    Quality reading can help you fight all kinds of prejudices and narrow-mindedness. When you read some professional writing pieces. You learn to understand all kinds of people better. Regardless of their race, culture, religion or other factors. Reading will tell you more about other counties, places and times. Reading helps you to empathize with different people, regardless of skin color or sexual orientation.

    1. Preventing senility

    As it has been noted earlier, reading stimulates brain functioning and helps it stay in shape for many years to come, until advanced age. If you read regularly for all of your life. You will significantly decrease the chance your memory and attention concentration will deteriorate with age.

    According to research, elderly people who spend time reading are 32% less prone to senility. At the same time, statistics data for those elderly people who don’t have any hobbies. Don’t read and are not involved in any intellectual activity is far less optimistic. So it’s easy to conclude that the more we read the longer we remain smart and mentally healthy.

    1. Lifespan increase

    Reading makes your life longer. According to recent research, the lifespan of people who love reading is a few years longer than that of those who don’t read. It seems like all you have to do to live longer is spend at least half an hour a day on reading.

    You don’t have to do anything particularly hard or complex to improve your life quality and length. You only need to enjoy your reading.

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