What are the Benefits of Using Pregnancy Pillow

    pregnancy pillow

    As a woman, I can understand the feelings of becoming a mother. I was happy and scared in the meantime. I can’t express my feeling. My husband was serving the nation somewhere in Afghanistan. So, I don’t have enough people to discuss my pregnancy problems. After 3 months of pregnancy news, i used to face some sleep and pain issue. There is the pain in my back, knees, and shoulder, i could not sleep properly and started getting scared. My doctor prescribed me some pregnancy pillows. After using them i can sleep properly and my pain got relief for the first time. It was feeling like a current cure of the pain i was suffering from.

    Here I want to talk about why you should use a pregnancy pillow! 

    Easy blood circulation:

    During pregnancy, we carry extra body weight, the extra part of body feeds from the mother body. As a result, we need to keep our blood flow real elegant. A pregnancy pillow helps us just to do that. In sleep time it helps the limbs to circulate the blood in every area perfectly by shaping the body. As a result, the body remains calm and relax.

    Body support

    A good body pillow supports the relative pain area of the body like back, knee, shoulder, stomach etc. It prevents those areas from pain and helps if you have existing pain. You can go for a U shape pillow or C shape depending on the problems you are facing. Both types of pillow allow you long flexibility and reliable features. I will strongly recommend using a U shape pillow if you are suffering from back pain more than a lower stomach pain.

    Help to relieve back pain

    6 out of 10 women are suffering from back pain during pregnancy time. I myself was having a bad back pain when I was first pregnant. I have used some braces and topical pain cream for that, but boy o boy! Every time it comes back. The pain area of my pain was in my middle and lower backbone. When I starting to use a pregnancy pillow with back support, I discovered the body healing. My sleep problem was gone as a result my body feels relax and calm. The pillow was giving me a support in my back area and prevent those kinds of pains. If you are suffering from some kind of problem you should make a right choice and choose the best-rated pregnancy pillows for you.

    Longer sleeping time

    OK! Now let’s go straight to the point. Every human body needs at least 7-8 hour of perfect sleep, and during pregnancy time you need a good amount of sleep. Any distribution on sleep cause physical and mental sickness. In pregnancy time our body needs to relax, During the pregnancy time, our body gain extra weight / we feel nervous and it directly hampers the sleep. By using a pregnancy pillow your body can relax a much longer time, it’s comfortable and you can also get rid of the pain you are feeling. As a result, you get a much deeper sleep for this period.

    Useful after delivery

    An ideal pregnancy pillow can be useful after delivery. Research says that your body pain going to stay after 3 weeks of delivery. In that time a pregnancy pillow can be so helpful because it does it jobs by holding your body surface tight and comfortable in pain areas. A good U shape pillow helps to prevent the after birth back pain. The c shape pillows help to relief from pain in lower stomach.

    The new baby also can be cared in pregnancy pillow as well, all pregnancy pillows have a very thick side back or border. Baby’s can easily be holed by those shape.

    Lowers heart rate

    During pregnancy time it’s important to keep your body temperature clam and comfy. Sometimes our body got cold or we suffer from extreme sneezing. You always have to keep in mind that cold during pregnancy is not a good thing! It directly affects the baby and the mother. A good pregnancy pillow can keep your body temperature relaxing and comfy.

    Research shows that our heart rate got increased 18% during pregnancy. When you hugging a pregnancy pillow it can lower your heart rate as a result mother feels calm and relax. She have an extra grip over her emotion and enjoys a deep relaxation.

    Gets rid of body aches

    Our body carries a large number of extra body weight in pregnancy time, and it’s not just the womb. Total body weight can be 15 to 25% got increased in pregnancy time.

    Sounds scary?

    Weight there is a solution for it. If are planning to use a pregnancy pillow you I am sure you will be pretty relaxed about that. Extra body weight means stress and extra pain, all types of pregnancy pillow are designed to illuminate those pains. Depending on the fills you are using the pregnancy pillow is softer than all traditional pillow. If you have any historical pain it can also help for that.

    Lower risk of snoring

    Pregnancy pillows give a shape during sleeping time. It’s always correct you in sleeping position. It eliminates the chance of sleeping in harmful position, as a result, you are always sleeping in a right form. Women’s who have previous problems in snoring with a help of a pregnancy pillow it can be automatically eliminated forever.

    I just want to say there is nothing important that your health. And you are only the right person to take care of it. In pregnancy time your baby is for your protection, and we have to do what needs to be done for our baby. If you are suffering from any kind of those pregnancy problems you should use in pregnancy pillow for that. It’s extremely cheap and easily assessable. There is a lot of benefits i even can explain in words.