3 Perfect Ways To Look After Your Brain as You Get Older

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    As we age, the brain seems to be working at a slow pace as many people think. Many aged people will be expected to forget things easily. What we may not be able to realize is that we can also expect our IQ to decline. Fluid intelligence (the ability to struggle with an abstract concept and provide a useful answer) is negatively correlated with age, which means that the older we grow, the slower we get.

    Moreover, that age is at risk for numerous neurological disorders of Alzheimer’s, to Parkinson’s, towards dementia.

    However, the question is simple. Is this inevitable? Or is there a way to slow down and prevent age-related cognitive decline? Read on and let us discover some of the best things you can do for your brain.

    Use The Brain or Lose it

    Simply, the best way to prevent your brain from worsening is to use the lake. The more you challenge your brain, the more you produce the necessary neurotransmitters that promote plasticity and that you learn to learn and keep you handsome.

    One of the major issues, when we grow older, is that we tend to stop learning new things or subject them to new experiences. This can cause the brain to become less malleable and adaptable. The connections you no longer use will be pruned, and those you will use will be strengthened, making it difficult to learn new tricks. Like an old dog!

    This also reduces the number of neurochemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine that you produce. As a result, you are less interested in new things, less motivated and less cognitive.

    Nutrition For The Brain

    You knew that this came true – food is also essential if you want to increase your brain power and keep it optimal when you live. The role of proper nutrition is to burn your brain with all micronutrients that should be optimized. That is, amino acids to repair damage, saturated fats to help brain and vitamin communication and minerals to synthesize neurochemicals and the signals through to improve the brain.

    If you are going to get longer periods without getting nutrients in your youth. This can lead to cumulative damage that will affect you if you are older. For these reasons, it is necessary to feed your brains with the best nutrients. It is important in order to prevent things like alcohol that you know is bad. It is also important to find antioxidants that help protect the brain from harmful free radicals that can form tumors.

    Move more Physically

    What is also very important is to move your body more. The brains are designed for moving the body, and this is the primary way it teaches about its environment. The more you move, and the more you challenge yourself to learn more movements, the more your brain will grow and strengthen.

    This has been demonstrated in many studies. Where it has been found that people who move less when they grow older become more likely to see a decrease in fluid intelligence.

    Keep your brain in your youth, and it takes care of you when you are older.

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