10 Things Women Hate About Men in Relationships


    Are you wondering that couples in relationships do hate themselves? No doubt, as love grows on a daily basis of any marriage there are some certain things women don’t like in relationships. Males and females are not only poles but separate planets! And therefore it is said that “men are from Mars and women is of Venus.” Well, the men-women battle is infinite. Though not a battle like the World War 1 or 2 but a fight that would last in some relationships. Also, some relationships enjoy every bit of action.

    However, the fact of the matter is that they need each other, despite big differences. Both men and women “love” and “love each other.” I have heard someone saying it is jealousy. I don’t think so as someone has stated that it is nature of women. Women have different things that attract them to men and vice versa. Playing with the emotions of your partner is not that cool.

    Well, the fact remains that, women don’t play with relationships, unlike men. Women take relationships very seriously and give it the best they can. Though as a man there some of these things I don’t think women should bother themselves about.

    In this post we have listed some of the most annoying things that are being done to wipe women on the wrong side:

    Careless About Health and Hygiene

    Health is not just wealth but also the entire life we live. Without a healthy lifestyle, we might not enjoy the life we live. Therefore, it is necessary to keep our health and hygiene the priority. Many men don’t care about hygiene and health. Women are more aware when it comes to keeping clean and hygienic. Women hate men who are dirty in the house. Such people don’t bother it at all, leaving dirty jeans in the room, their pants, and shirts on the ground, etc.

    Come late and let women wait

    One of the things women hate about men is to keep to then waiting unnecessarily. Most men are always out of the schedule. A woman hates when a man leaves a lot of time and waits for her indefinitely. This out scheduled will even be as a result of unnecessary things which make women most frustrated. Therefore, it is important to keep to time and never let your wife waiting without a cogent reason.

    Compare their partner with ex

    Nobody likes being compared to anyone else. Women hate it as their husband or lover to match them with their ex-girlfriends. Sometimes, the comparison might go other ways to look like a joke. A joke by telling his wife, my ex- does this better than you do it. We are humans, you will see signs of jealousy in such woman. Women hate being compared and lowered to any other woman. Therefore, as the husband, you need to take note of such comparison.

    Men Forget Most Important Things

    Women love when men are smart, bold and caring. Women hate it when men are foolish, after forgetting important things or days. How can a caring man forget the birthday of his wife? So, it is important to take note of important and delicate things or days. A man can’t be forgetful, or he will end up with the consequences!

    Going outside without informing the woman but challenge her

    It has become the act of some men to bully their partner in such way. This male partner will go out without telling his wife his whereabouts. However, he will ask the women about her plans for the day. Women hate when men keep monitoring and keep spying on them without also informing them about their schedules.

    Looking at other women

    A man loves to check other women in public places, even if in the presence of his wife. Women at this instance, their level of jealousy rises to 100%. Some men will even joke about it. Though some men would pretend not to look at her, but watch a sneak peek at girls walking past her. Men women see this as intimidation and public harassment. Never try to intimidate her with such public insult, it shows you care less don’t love her.

    Making stories to apologize

    A woman does not like the art that men have managed over the centuries. Also, many men think women are the soft being which can easily be manipulated. They give unnecessary excuses or cook some stories for any wrongdoing. They offer bizarre justifications for what they should have accepted a wrongdoing. Most women hate such act because they feel embarrassed, cheated and judged wrongly.

    Men try to own

    No doubt, some men don’t appreciate women if they become too clingy. Learn to understand whatever she does for you. Doing this might cause your relationships because you are not giving her the space she deserves. Let her feel she is worthy of being your partner in the relationships.

    Men Are Not attentive

    One of the leading causes divorce these days is lack of communication and attention. Lack of attention can cause men in a relationship. There are times when a man is lost in his world and would not realize that the woman he claims to be in love has expressed himself.

    Thinking of sex 24/7

    Many men think the only enjoyment in relationships is going to bed. There is more to intimacy than sex. Some people don’t even take care of their wife except requesting for bedtime. A woman hates it as a man who is most likely to make sex. Try to adjust and learn to take care and treat her like a baby. Trust me; she will give you whatever you deserve and request from her with ease.

    In conclusion, it is important for men in relationships to take note of the following nine points. It is necessary to avoid conflicts that lead to divorce. Women might be soft in dealings but should not be cheated, embarrassed or maltreated. Never give room for anybody to ruin your relationships with worthless pieces of advice. Solve all problems within your relationships amicably with your partner.

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