5 Engaging Things To Increase Productivity and Earn More


    Many small entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs feel frustrated when things are not the way they want. When the level of productivity is not achieved as planned. The passion for becoming a reputable businessman or successful entrepreneur can be killed earlier as a result of burnout. Burning can destroy your mind to reach your dream. Also, frustration from this can also do things that are not expected in other ways.

    Also, many passionate people in business or entrepreneurs have lost the hunger they had in the first phase. Ask yourself what’s wrong? You are at the crossroads, disapproving of what you love and passion for. Well, I’ve experienced this before. Let me give you five great tips that strengthen your morale and increase your productivity for better merit.

    You must recognize the word ‘No.’

    The first step you must take is to say no what is meant to be no. I could remember the popular poem that we sing as a student, so it goes: “Wherever you are, you do not say where you want to say no.” This is a famous poem, we all know, but the implementation of wisdom has been the problem.

    What many people in business or entrepreneurs think is that if they say no they lose the golden opportunity. The fear of losing that short-term opportunity can have a long-term negative impact on your business. That fear is a devil, kill it now for a better you and your brand.

    Under promise and Satisfactory delivery.

    Many times we tend to say what’s better at the moment. Instead, switch your approach to pre-set the tone and wow them with a better result than they expect. That is what they called increasing at the level of productivity.

    Think of it as follows: If you meet a friend for lunch and them text, you say they are almost there, but they arrive 20 minutes later, you get frustrated. You will continue to blink at the door when it opens.

    However, if they tell you to leave for 30 minutes, you will open a book, get a drink, get your phone and respond to e-mails, you’re ready to go for a moment. Then, if they show 20 minutes, it’s a pleasant surprise that they arrive earlier than expected.

    If you think you’ve edited these photos in 2 weeks, then prepare your client for three months. That way, when life happens, or you get sick, or you get more swamp than expected and get those photos only until a month later, you’re late, she’s still early! You are more relaxed, and they are impressed!

    Over-communicate with your customers

    The best service you can deliver to your customers is to keep them updated and updated.

    I know it sounds too intuitive to add something to your list. However, what you want in this time is peace of mind. What your customer wants is as if they are informed and supported. If your client feels and is supported, you give yourself a gift of peace of mind.

    If you have an inbox filled with requests and you have too much on your board, it’s bad to ignore these emails and let them hang out for days to come.

    This will make sure that your client has the feeling that you have left them and remain emails for days or weeks or months to be ready to complete those tasks.

    The blame will bleed in every area of your life. You are going to have lunch, and the e-mails will tap you on the shoulder and make a mistake.

    Instead, at the end of each day, if you can not get an email, they’ll post a message to let them know when you’re up and plan on your calendar.

    Get enough money.

    The fastest way to burn out is full-time hours with part-time payloads. We find it useful to book as many customers as possible. For example, we charge ourselves at a place that guarantees that we will sell our products or services.

    I want to encourage you to shift your thinking. Determine what your hourly rate should be and do what you can to get your rates there.

    If you just begin, you may need to start lower and gradually increase your rate. But do not be comfortable overworking for minimal wages. This will kill the joy you have for the work you do.

    Streamline your systems and increase your productivity.

    I know you feel guilty if you do not work. I understand. But I want to encourage you to stop thinking regarding hours worked and started thinking about tasks that are fulfilled.

    Set your focus as efficiently as possible. Automate as much as possible and use habits that support your productivity.

    No doubt, we can all work less than we all think. The fact is that we just need to be creative, navigate our fears and learn a few necessary tools to make it happen. That’s the best way for entrepreneurs to increase your productivity and earn more.

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    Saminu Abass Ola who is popularly called ‘Mr. Possible‘ is a young motivational and inspirational speaker and writer, who is also the brain behind this wonderful blog. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.