Automassage: Techniques To Massage Yourself You Should Know

    Techniques To Massage Yourself

    We all know the benefits of a good massage. Relieves tension, eliminates stress, promotes circulation, reduces pain and eliminates toxins and dead cells. However, many times we do not have at our side a person willing to give us the massage. We need and we cannot always pay a professional, and less in these times that run with the crisis squeezing our economy more and more.

    That is why it is convenient to know the techniques of auto-massage. Obviously, it will not be the same as if you go to a professional, nor can you reach all parts of the body, but if you prove it for sure you repeat.


    For the massage to have its relaxing, stimulating or even therapeutic effect, it is essential to prepare the environment. Try to do it in a comfortable place, sitting on a sofa or lying in bed, depending on the area to be massaged. Surround yourself with a relaxed and calm atmosphere, which is familiar and make sure you have no interruptions. So disconnect the phone because it’s time to dedicate time to yourself. You can put a relaxing background music and some scented candles, and above all, forget about the rush.

    You will achieve a greater effect in your auto massage if you use a moisturizer or massage oil; there are specifics to help you achieve the desired effect, relaxing, stimulating, circulation activators, to relieve contractures … Cosmetics is made available to your body.

    Automation Techniques

    Proper self-massage should be done with clean skin and relaxed muscles. Of a duration of about 25 minutes, it is not necessary to cause pain, but that must be executed with smooth movements and accompanied by breathing exercises.

    Once seated in bed you can start self-massage by feet. In this area, you should make friction movements from the fingers to the ankle. Also, sliding the hands between the toes and kneading them on both sides.

    You have to focus on the legs because it is a part of the body that needs to especially reactivate the circulation. Apply the oil and rub the leg upwards. Then it is recommended to practice a vigorous vibration with the hands on both sides of the leg. This type of foot massage can also be performed on buttocks, chest, arms, even in the hands. And you do not have to forget the face because it is an area that accumulates not only impurities but also stresses, tiredness, and pain.

    To relax the muscles of the face and relieve fatigue. A massage should be performed with gentle and slow movements upward from the neck to the forehead. Special emphasis should be placed on the temple area and the eye contour. Therefore, do not forget that facial massage requires a thorough cleaning beforehand.

    With a little practice in the technique of self-massage, you will soon discover the benefits of physiotherapy with your own hands. Then, you can relieve tension when you get home.

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