11 Pros and Cons of Dating Mature Women

    mature women

    Most men want an adult, self-confident, independent and mature women. Most likely, it is the characteristics of adult women. However, there are many things men look for in women before any relationships. Women, in other hands, round have their techniques of choosing men they love. However, are the relationships with them so good? Let’s look at pros and cons of dating mature ladies.

    At first, let’s discuss pros of these mature women:

    1. They are independent:

    Adult women are able to solve their own problems independently and they don’t throw a tantrum because of any little things. Independence attracts men. Moreover, men will more likely listen to the advice of adult women.

    2. They are interesting:

    Men are interested in spending time with such women. Mature women are able to keep a conversation on any topic or turn it into something more interesting. And most importantly, they know what and when it is necessary to talk, and when it is better to keep silent.

    3. They are materially self-sufficient:

    This plus allows a man to make gifts to a woman he loves, without thinking that he can be used because of money.

    4. They are not the subjects of the influence of society:

    Mature women have already formed personalities who focus on their own interests. They pay little attention to what friends, relatives, or mothers say. In turn, young girls extremely depend on the opinion of society.

    5. They are good in Sex:

    No doubt, adult women are much better in the intimate sphere. They have experience and can easily give pleasure to men. Another plus is that they are open to experiments and new sensations while young girls are more constrained.

    6. They are patient:

    Moreover, they have life experience. Therefore, they appreciate the time they spend with their men when they have serious relationships. These women rarely allow quarrel to grow in scandal and they are prone to compromise.

    7. They are self-confident:

    Moreover, self-confidence is good at any age. Nevertheless, most young women don’t have this quality. This is due to the fact that girls are afraid of competition with each other and always compare themselves with idols and celebrities which they see on the Internet and in magazines. Yes, young women are not easy. Mature women went through many difficulties – marriages, life difficulties, betrayals, etc. and already don’t pay attention to little things.

    8. They have fewer expectations from men:

    Usually, men are expected that they will take the initiative, earn a lot of money, be romantic, say compliments and buy gifts. Young people don’t meet these expectations and it annoys and irritates girls. Thus, it makes sense to date with a mature woman because she doesn’t attach such importance to the initiative of a man and can provide for herself.

    Here are some cons of relations with such mature women:

    1. A man will not get new feelings:

    Men lose their sexual attraction with years. This can lead to a prolonged depression. A relationship with a young girl may become a “rescue” for a man. In addition, it will make him feel a new taste of life and cause interest in the events taking place around him. A man will feel loved again, he will enjoy every day he has lived, appreciate the moments given to him by happiness, begin to work more and maintain communication with the surrounding people.

    2. A man will forget about romance:

    Romance is very important for relations. However, women need much more serious things with age. But flowers, gifts, courtship – all this becomes important for men. Also, it allows them to become gallant cavaliers and feel the feelings that only young girls can give.

    3. A man will not feel young:

    When a girl is young, she can be stupid, defenseless, weak, have no car, works, experience, and knowledge, but she will still look attractive because she is young. Also, a man also feels young with such a girl and it may distract him from problems.

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