Telomere Shortening and Anti-Aging Process Explored

    telomere shortening

    The absence of telomerase activity in most human somatic cells results in telomere shortening during aging. Telomerase activity can be restored to human cells by hTERT gene transduction or possibly via drug therapy.

    Despite the long search for the key for human beings to stay healthy and young forever for many centuries till now, it is very important to maintain healthy living, so as to avoid a faster rate of telomere shortening. The human telomere is significantly affected when we age, through the manner of our lifestyle, and our day to day activities. Most significantly, the inability to maintain a proper healthy living leads to a faster rate of telomere shortening, which is so critical to the rate of aging.

    What Are Telomeres?

    Telomeres are genetic materials situated at a particular spot on the tip of the chromosomes in our body in the form of tiny pieces. These tiny pieces aid in the efficiency of keeping our body’s DNA system functionality accurate.

    Generally, people are born with about 15,000 telomeres paired units. Telomeres get reduced whenever the body cells replicate or get divided, therefore, as one grows to the age of 25, the telomeres now become shortened to only 10,000 paired units. However, when cells are replicating healthily, it takes a longer period of time, and then it promotes lesser signs of aging. So, it is advisable to delay the division by living positively.

    What Shortens the Telomeres?

    The human lifestyle is one strong thing to hold on to that has a negative effect on telomeres. Let’s consider some of the causes of telomeres shortenings.


    This is a thing we can’t help because it’s natural, the rate at which an individual personage determines the length of telomere they would have.

    Environmental pollution:

    The contamination of our environment with harmful substances has some negative on us; this in the long run, also determines the length of telomeres that would be present in your body.

    Improper dieting:

    Taking in an unhealthy diet is detrimental as they also result in the shortening of the telomeres. Be careful what you feed on!


    Stress is linked up with the release of glucocorticoid hormones through the adrenal glands. This causes an increase in the oxidative damage to the DNA and then finally increases the pace of telomere shortening.

    Not exercising:

    Adequate and regular exercising reduces the pace of aging. This is because the period of time you spend exercising is inversely related to the damage to telomeres. Therefore, lack of exercise will shorten the telomere in your body at a faster pace.


    Without criticizing, telomeres are excessively lost on the obese. This procedure is linked up with DNA damage and oxidative stress which is detrimental to their telomere and later on, the speed at which they age get increased.


    Habitual smoking is an act unhealthy lifestyle; this causes oxidative stress which is responsible for the telomeres attrition and then the telomere shortening.

    Telomeres are very vital to our health as they protect the fusion of chromosomes with the chromosomal ends and also protect the DNA from degradation. In which in the long run, enhances our longevity and lifespan. Inculcate a healthy lifestyle to reduce the pace at which your telomere get shortened.