Top 5 Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction

    drug abuse

    Drugs are such substances that affect every user with different ways on the basis of their chemical structures. It is considered that some drugs affect the user both mentally and physically, even if they quit the misuse of drugs, their effect still remains.

    As you know there are three main ways to take drugs, injection, ingestion, and inhalation through which it enters into the human body. For example, when people use drugs through injection, the drug goes directly into the blood cells so that they may get more immediate effects. By contrary, through ingestion, it has to go through the digestive system, which causes a delay in the effects. It means, no matter what method you use but it will affect you.

    There are some statistics that show the facts:

    ·         The number of drug offenders in state jail has increased by one-third and in the federal jail; their number has increased by 80%.

    ·         In 2015, the number of American people who died because of the drugs overdose was approximately 52500.

    ·         National health care is spending one dollar out of every $ 14 so that people may get help in the treatment of drug-related diseases.

    ·         Adults aged 50-65 death rate has increased by 17% from 1999 to 2015 due to the drugs overdose.

    ·         More than 60% of domestic violence reports have been found in which drug misuse is being considered as the main reason.

    Effects on the brain

    Although drug abuse can be started with your desire it is very difficult to quit. Many drugs have been found by which directly and indirectly the brain’s reward system is targeted. It disrupts the ability of an addict to make decisions and makes the brain its slave. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates every activity of the brain but when the drugs enter the brain it increases the amount of dopamine and the function of all the parts of the brain are changed. As a result, people experience a lot of happiness due to which our craving becomes much higher but later it takes the form of a bad addiction and increases the problems instead of being less. Such as:

    ·         Memory hijack

    ·         Depression

    ·         Hallucination

    ·         Insomnia

    ·         Mood swing

    ·         Dopamine signal decreases

    ·         Confusion

    ·         Restlessness

    ·         Coma

    Health problems

    It is believed that every drug has different effects on the body still there is no doubt that drug abuse and dependence extremely affect each organ of the addict’s body. According to the statistics, one out of 4 deaths is due to the drug overdose that is a matter of concern. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what health problems it creates for your loved one.

    ·         Loss of appetite

    ·         Abnormal heart rate

    ·         Cardiac arrhythmia

    ·         Heart attack

    ·         Vein damage

    ·         Liver damage

    ·         Breathe problem

    ·         Lung cancer

    ·         Emphysema

    ·         Nausea

    ·         Constipation

    ·         Diarrhea

    ·         Vomiting

    ·         Stomach swelling

    ·         Muscle pain

    ·         Weak immune system

    ·         The marks of stains and acne on face

    ·         High body temperature

    ·         Risk of HIV

    Behavioral Effects

    Long-term drug abuse also affects not only physically but also mentally. Behavioral problems are related to mental condition because the drug can change your mental tendency. There is some sign of your behavioral change:

    ·         Anxiety

    ·         Theft

    ·         Aggression

    ·         Constantly arguing

    ·         Hurting yourself or other

    ·         Irritation

    ·         Emotional instability

    ·         Sexual intercourse at an early age

    ·         Paranoia

    ·         Impaired Judgment


    As you know drugs abuse is a big problem the way it is spreading. According to Surgeon General, 27.1 million US people have been trapped in clutches of illegal drugs, in 2015. Moreover, it has been found that 43% of drivers are injured due to drug misuse because impulse control, reflexes, and motor function are also affected by illicit drugs; as a result, people have to face various risk including drug-related injuries, accidents, domestic violence, and death.

    Birth-related problems

    Drug abuse involves not only men but also women. In fact, 5% of pregnant women are suffering from drug addiction in the United States of America. Unfortunately, it certainly affects not only the pregnant women but also the child who is going to be born. One consequence of this has also been revealed that the babies born are smaller and less of weight and the baby can be born prematurely. As a result, increases the likelihood of birth defects, learning, and behavioral problems. In addition, most drugs are also harmful to the pregnancy.

    Apart from this, pregnant women, who have trapped in grip of drug addiction, may have to face other unhealthy behaviors such as having poor nutrition food or developing sexually transmitted infections are also included.

    You can withdraw from Oxycodone at home or you can join some good drug treatment center. So you can save yourself from this life. Finally, after reading this article, it ensures that drug addiction surrounds the human body with many severe problems; therefore, you should try to quit the drugs addiction if you want to get rid of them.