7 Perfect Ways To Engage Your Partner in A Relationship


    Romance and relationships are all about how you are engaging with your partner, whether you two get along well or not, and so on. Communication being THE most important aspect of every relationship, it is NOT the only thing that would keep you going. If you really want to see how engaging you are in comparison to the times when you went out partying, trekking, playing games, building that relationship into a strong bond where living with each was more of a habit rather than a necessity.

    Now, when you’re married and settled with each other. All you know is that you have to come, have supper, watch Netflix till your eyes start to hurt and go off to bed just to wake up again and be the person you’ve become. Did you find any difference right there? Yes, you lost that bond which you have built together when you weren’t married. You took out time for each other and made sure that you engaged yourself right there, but things have changed now.

    What are you going to do now? How will you bring back the old you when life has given you lemons? Will you squeeze them and make lemonade or let it rot? I’m sure you would want to pep up your love life again and want your partner also to engage in the same.

    So if you are feeling that you fit into this picture where you’ve gone a few steps back from your partner. Why not try something which will bring back the intimacy and engagement back in your life with these activities?

    1. Cook Together

    Cooking might not be your forte but your partner might love to do so. Couple therapists suggest that when couples cook food together, they bring back the intimacy. With your (both of you) favorite music playing in the background, you can work as a team in preparing good food. Nobody is asking you to cook something extravagant, but small delicacies that are easy to make can also be implemented. This would give you an opportunity to converse with each other.

    After all, who doesn’t like to eat good food and when you share the responsibility, you’ll love it all the more.

    1. Indulge in a New Bedroom Fantasy

    Why not try a new style like bikinis for men or a costume underwear for roleplaying in the bedroom? You should bring back your love life on track by experimenting something new in the bedroom. A new position, a new way to start the foreplay, whispering naughty yet cute messages while making out and the list goes on. At the end of the day, what matters is that you indulge in an activity which will bring you closer to each other. That’s exactly what our intention is.

    1. Workout Together – Regularly

    With all the hectic schedules and stress that keeps on accumulating on your shoulder whereas; the love and happiness factors don’t seem to be quite a thing that you focus on. The workout is one way where you can let go of all the stress and exertion. And, when you do it together, you connect with each other on a whole new level. The meditation and the exercising will help you release the stress while making you healthier and would also affect your mood in a positive way. With glowing skin, fit body, you get to have some quality time together.

    1. Plan Dinner Dates – At Home

    This is probably a continuation to what the above suggestions say, but it is not always important that you cook together and have a date. Set up the environment with candles all over the room. Let the ambiance express your deepest desires, put on soothing music, dance holding each other, sit down and eat food. Now is the time when you can take the action to the bedroom with the second option.

    You can sit in front of the television while having supper on the regular days, but everyone deserves date night where you can look into each other’s eyes, talk about love & life, come close and take turns to plan something that the other would love to have.

    1. Take a Trip into the Memory Lane

    As we were talking about the comparison between the earlier days and how life is treating now. You should visit the memory lane to cherish how things were back then. This would give you small but meaningful moments of happiness which will last longer in our minds. This would even bring back the feelings and excitement that you had back then and will let you know how you can still be the peppy and crazy people together.

    1. Play Games

    We’re not asking you to go and be a part of the soccer team, but you can always be the who plans the games with each other. Whether you play hide & seek or dumb charades, what matters most is you have fun together. Play, laugh, engage with each other. Moreover, you can play a game with your best friend and the partner and compete as a team. It would be a time of cheers, fun, and sportsmanship (on the lighter side). It would help you be on one team and play side by side bringing you closer to each other.

    1. Travel Together

    Do you want a deeper connection with your partner? Go on a trip somewhere. Someone rightly said, “if you want to know someone, travel together”. You would not only come close to your partner when you travel together. You’d have ample of time to explore newer places and destinations which you had planned long ago. Whether it is a short trip of about 4 days to an exotic location or a full-fledgedd week to your dream destination. Traveling brings you closer getting that bond of love stronger and stronger.

    Which of these would you want to do? Do let us know in the comments below.

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