Build Your Own Sauna Now ! Spending Less Than $100

    Build Your Own Sauna

    As you know saunas have many benefits for the health, but some people have real problems with money, and cannot buy anything like the infrared sauna due to their limited income.

    Why do we advise you to build your own sauna?

    Don’t be sad, in this guide we will help you to create your own infrared sauna by yourself spending less money and saving more. As a result, you can enjoy the various sauna benefits at a lower cost.

    With us, you can build your sauna that cost less than 100 $, Yes! Less than 100 $

    Maybe, you will ask many questions like the required space to build it or the necessary supplies and prices and of course the way of setup …

    Don’t be confused, we will answer all these questions in this post, stay with us :

    The Required Space To Build Your Infrared Sauna

    First of all, let’s talk about the space needed to build your indoor sauna. In fact, you can use any small room to build your indoor sauna in your home. This will help to heat the space up quickly without waiting too much time, that’s why the room should also have the required space to turn the heaters into your sauna.

    ( An option: If you have enough money, you can buy a portable sauna that takes less space, It costs about 150 $)

    Now, we have finished talking about the space conditions of the sauna; let’s talk about another thing which is the necessary tools that you will need to them in your work to build it:

    The Required Tools To Build Your Infrared Sauna

    You will need only 5 tools to build your favorite sauna, these tools are:

    1) The thermometer

    As you know, the thermometer is a tool that helps you to measure temperature and you need it to check the temperature of your sauna

    2) Some Infrared heat bulbs

    There are many infrared heat bulbs that are available in Amazon store, we advise you to buy four bulbs and these are the most known:

    * TheraBulb

    * RubyLux

    * Philips

    3) Bayco clamp light

    We cannot talk about infrared heat bulbs without talking about Bayco clamp light (they are Correctly Rated Clamp Lamps that allow the bulbs to work safely without the fire)

    In fact, you will need a Correctly Rated Clamp Lamps for each infrared heat bulb

    We advise you to buy Bayco clamp light, which is the best one, and you can order it now from Amazon

    4) A Heater

    The infrared sauna is mainly dependent on sweating, that is why you should buy an additional heater to improve the sweating is a process, which is essential.

    5) The Shelf

    Maybe you will ask yourself what shall I do using the shelf? In fact, the utility of the shelf is to clamp the lamps.

    It is recommended to have a shelf but if you do not have it, we advise you to order a wire rack on Amazon store for your lamps.

    Finally, we will give you some safety tips that you should follow it to avoid any danger:

    * Check the doctor to allow you to use the infrared sauna before trying it.

    * Don’t look to the bulbs because they may affect your eyes.

    * Don’t make the electricity near the water