Facts About Snail Farming in Nigeria and Secrets of Making Money

    Snail farming
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    Is snail farming lucrative in Nigeria? I would like to imagine some of the questions you might be asking in your mind for you to have come to this post in the first place. So, I would like to be interactive with this and hopefully I will answer some of your very important questions now from my experience I think the most common question most people want to ask is how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria now. Why this is a straightforward question, it is not having a straightforward answer.

    Some people will call to ask you know is snail farming profitable what this guy is expecting is yes or no and this is my very simple and straightforward explanation now in the business world you hardly can say authoritatively any business is profitable or not and I will tell you the reason. The reason is that business is not about what you are doing, it is about how you are doing what you are doing now. If you look at any business you know about starting from oil to gold to selling cars to making phones and you know airline or whatever business you think of you will see people in the same industry who have done that business and make millions and you see people -in the same industry who done the same business and run to lost.

    I’m going to give you some examples when you think about mobile phone right you think about  Samsung that has made some wonderful phones and sell it at a great profit right now. You think about Apple that has made some great iPhones and some others you know great phones and sell it at great profit but what about Nokia you know these guys too were selling phone I’m talking about Nokia but today if you are not old enough you might not even know that name anymore and they were once the market giant now what about several others that you never know about their names they go to the same business that the likes of Apple likes of Samsung went into but they run into lost.

    Now, let me give you another example, of course, most people reading this post are going to be from Nigeria. Now, think about telecommunication industry in Nigeria we have MTN, we having Glo but you remember there are some others. MTN is making millions, Glo making millions too but think about others who have gone into the same industry and run to lose.

    If you don’t remember I will tell you about Econet, then I will tell you about how they move to Zain due to inability to cope with the trend of competition then think about Etisalat, think about the crash how they move to 9-Mobile and such of things like that. Why am I giving you all these examples when it comes to business as some people may want to know it is snail farming profitable now? There are many things you should know about snail business in Nigeria.

    When it comes to business you hardly can answer that authoritatively no matter who you are. You cannot tell anyone it is or it is not now. I know the fact and the truth that some of these things I am telling You is very strange to you because it doesn’t align with many of things you might have read on the Internet. Because many people writing on the Internet may not even know what they are writing now but take my word for it I’m telling you blunt truth.

    However, I will try to make very clear to you here it’s not about the business you do, is not about snail farming in Nigeria or all sort of things like that, is about how you do it. I am moving on to concentrate on what really determines success or failure in a venture like this. This is what I’m about to tell you how you go about your snail business is going to be what determines whether it leads to profit.

    This is how I’m about to discuss with you, as you are planning your snail farming business now I would like to challenge you to concentrate on the market first before you think about the product you want to make which is snail farming. Market force because no matter what you produce no matter how great it is no matter how plenty they are market determines your success. So, if I were you now I will consider my environment then consider the market situation.

    Consider the demand and sort of things like that. Also, prices of snail could go as high as some moderate size about five of them going for around two thousand or even more in the market but you still have to familiarize yourself with. You know market women understand how they are getting their snails how much they are getting it. This will also influence your decision.

    After we have talked about that, then you think about your size. Think about this for a moment, the snail is a creature that loves a very cool environment. If you have been to a farm, if you were born on the farm and you go to the farm with your father then you usually see a snail in certain places. Think for a moment, where were those places you were seeing a snail? You hardly see a snail in an open dry hot place. Most times, you see a snail in cool places that is the nature of snail. That is the nature they can cope with.

    When you are trying to make your snail pen, you have to consider this factor snail would not like the sun. They wouldn’t like dry environment, they wouldn’t like anything to become dry land. When some people are making their pen, that is a new pen, they plant vegetables like ugwu and vegetables that could be a shed and feed at the same time for the snail. You have to consider that in constructing your pen.

    Let’s talk more about sourcing your snail. This is very important because the source of your snail will determine the productivity at the end of the day. When sourcing your snail you wouldn’t go to the market women who are bringing those snails and selling them. The reason why you won’t do that is that you don’t really know when and how long they have gotten those snails. The best environment to get your snail are maybe naturally from the bush or from the farmer who is reselling it.

    One other thing you have to take note of is in your snail farming venture, the most difficult time are going to be the dry season. You ask me why? I’ve told you before snail really does not like dryness they really do not like environment that is not cool. In the dry season, you tend to have a lot of suns and all of the environment tend to be dry then what is the way out?

    Farmers who know what they are doing tend to wet their farm sometimes two times in a day. Morning and evening sometimes three times in a day morning, afternoon and evening. This is to make the environment to still be natural as much as possible.

    Now let’s talk about species, we have a whole lot of species just as you can think about in other animals. Though there are all sorts of species the common one or the one that could grow so fast in this place is the one they call the Ghanaian giant. That is, a simpler name for it is known as a Ghanaian giant, there’s this botanical name for it which I really may not catch up with right now.

    There are sorts of things to take note of while considering going to snail farming business. Consider their feeding, management, diseases, the pest control and so many other things. The last piece of advice I can give you is if truly you are going to the snail farming after you might be made your research on the internet. It will be very good for you to actually get trained by the certain person who has been in the business for a couple of years or employ somebody who has experienced. Maybe someone who has worked on a farm for certain years or he has been running a farm for certain years. This is important, the experienced farmer work with you, guide you on sorting the source of snail feeding, management training, and all other things so that you wouldn’t make mistake.

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