Is Drinking Raw Egg Safe and Suitable For Your Health?

    drinking raw egg
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    Is drinking raw egg dangerous to our healthy lifestyle? Our forefather used to give a raw egg to girls during their puberty. This is due to the belief that raw egg is nutritious. Even nowadays, people are giving the raw egg to growing children.

    The egg is considered as the best food for people of all age group. Egg contains 60 % egg white and 30 % yolk. When we add an egg in our food its white contains 90 % of water and 10 % of protein.Also, it contains 0 % cholesterol and less carbohydrate. But egg yolk contains 100 % cholesterol. However, there are a number of benefits of drinking eggs for the sake of our health.

    Let us now discuss what the other benefits in the egg are and whether drinking raw egg is healthy.

    100 grams of the egg contains 1.12-gram carbohydrate, 10.6 grams fat, 373-milligram cholesterol, 12.6-gram protein. Moreover, it contains 10 types of vitamins, calcium, and Iron. When we eat an egg we get 155 calories. If you take two eggs at a time you get the nutrition of taking breakfast. Some people take egg food only in fast foods. However, in some fast food shops, they cook food by adding old eggs, masalas, and oil.

    In addition to the danger due to the cholesterol we get from the egg, the masalas added in the food may cause intestine cancer. It is best to avoid taking egg added foods in fast food shops. There is still a belief among people that taking raw egg is healthy. Especially Athletes, weight lifters and Sportsmen mostly take a raw egg and it is dangerous.

    When we take a raw egg, the protein “Avidin” present in egg white mixes with biotin, it hinders the absorption of biotin by the small intestine. Also, when we boil the egg, the avidin is destroyed and the small intestine absorbs the biotin vitamin. Biotin is vital to us than Avidin. It is essential for hair growth. So it is best to take the boiled egg.

    There are possibilities for the presence of Salmonella bacteria in eggs. When we boil the egg it dies and so we can prevent typhoid, malaria etc. Many hens are grown with hormone injections and the medicines side effects may reflect in the egg also. So it is always best to eat a boiled egg and buy eggs of country eggs and use.