Facts, Effects and Dosage You Should Know About Methandienone


    Methandienone is considered as an anabolic steroid which is normally taken orally. It is also known as other names like DBOL, Dianabol, avaerbol and Dianabol. However, it is mostly used by the bodybuilders as a supplement. In addition, it includes a powerful grouping of protein and strengthens the muscle mass. It is extremely effective in creating the desired result within a very short period. The effectiveness increases when it is taken orally. After consumption, it is processed in the liver and breaks down into small compounds.

    Methandienone has the ability to decrease the globulin bonding thus it allows the steroid to stay in the body without any harmful chemical reaction. Here we will discuss the methandienon side effects for men.

    • Methandienone is extremely effective for those men who are bodybuilders and want to achieve the preferred result within a very short time. They can have their desired build soon. Thus it is very popular among the bodybuilders.
    • It is a great nitrogen retainer and balances this mineral in your body. Nitrogen is helpful for protein metabolism.
    • It increases the protein metabolism rate of your body. Thus it helps in the synthesis of protein. Basically, bodybuilders take more protein containing food than others. So protein synthesis is required for them. Methandienone helps your body for protein consumption. In this way, it promotes the building of the muscles.
    • Methandienone improves the general health of men by strengthening body mass and good building of muscles.
    • Methandienone is a 17-alkylated drug. It may be deactivated by the liver because it may be some toxic effect on the liver. Users can take linolenic acid containing oils like cod liver oil or other kinds of stuff like this to support liver function.
    • In rare cases, a prolonged period of consumption may be damageable for the liver. But the small quantity of consumption with a proper dose such as 10 mg/day or similar is effective for health. For extra precaution, it is advised that visit your physician for regular check up. You can monitor the liver function strictly.
    • In some rare cases, bodybuilders can experience a sudden enlargement of breasts while taking methandienone.
    • Sometimes a few of them may experience some behavioral changes like depression, agitation or anxiety. Because every individual has different capacity. It is better to take methandienone after consulting a specialist doctor. Changing of dosages may be the causes of these.
    • If you use with proper instruction and suggested dose significant changes can be seen within a short period.

    What are the dosages of methandienone for men?

                For men who are willing to enhancing body muscles and mass, strength is recommended to consume 25-50mg/day. It the best to separate the total dose into 4-5 doses throughout the day. This is an optimal dose. But some bodybuilders take 250mg/day. You can make your cycles as 6-8 weeks long. Best way to consume Methandienone is oral. You can change this according to your need and to build your body up.

    In conclusion, you don’t need to worry about methandienone side effects for men. Accurate dose and cycles are not harmful at all rather effective to enhance body strength. You just need to know what dosage of methandienone your body can accept.

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