How To Improve Stamina After Quitting Smoking

    quitting smoking

    Making the decision to quit smoking is one step to a healthy life. You will reduce your risk of cardiac diseases and lung cancer by 75%. Quitting smoking does not automatically get you back to shape. In fact, you are likely to pile on some pounds after quitting.

    This does not mean that you should shy away from quitting smoking. This is just one small hurdle that can be taken care of within no time. Many long-term smokers can barely exercise because of the bad state of their lungs. This situation can be remedied, and your body can gain stamina in a few weeks. Let’s look at some of the ways to improve stamina.

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    Cardio Exercises

    The heart is usually one of the most affected organs by carbon monoxide. The blood vessels thin out with time, and less oxygen gets to the heart. Cardio exercises can remedy this after quitting smoking. You can talk to your trainer about being a former smoker to guide you on the right cardio exercises. You can also do it yourself.

    A daily walk, jog, run, swim, or jumping can exercise the heart and strengthen the muscles. Many former smokers have said that cycling works well for them and keeps the tobacco cravings at bay. You do not have to start strong; you can start with fifteen minutes of intense cardio and increase the time later. Make sure you engage in these exercises on a daily basis. The main idea is to elevate your heart rate.

    Strength Training

    The next step after building your heart strength is building muscle. More muscle mass means more lost calories. Your body needs strength in all organs. Try weight lifting, squatting, and cardio. Try as much as possible to spread out the exercises all over the body.

    When you have more muscle than fat, you will use many calories and keep the extra pounds away. Work on some push-up sets to tone your stomach, get to some press-ups to tone down the arms and thorax, and weights for the biceps and triceps. For your legs, do some leg crunches and raises.


    After quitting smoking, you will need a diet overhaul to clean out all the toxins. Make a habit of eating vegetables and fruits in plenty. Pineapples have bromelin that detoxes your lungs and the respiratory system. Other fruits like oranges, avocados, berry, and bananas are a great addition to your daily diet.

    Eliminate all the junk foods to avoid weight gain. Remember that fitness is not just about hitting the gym; nutrition is part of health and fitness. A healthy diet will improve your stamina as you go about your daily activities as well as working out.

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    Breathing Exercises

    One way to restore your lungs to their full capacity is by performing breathing exercises. The idea is to increase your lungs capacity. When the capacity is increased, the amount of oxygen that gets in the body increases. Breathing exercises are very simple. You will need to sit down and make yourself comfortable. Close your eye and take a deep breath.

    Inhale as much air as possible as you count to five. Hold your breath for five more seconds and exhale slowly. You can also try out some wind instruments such as flutes and saxophones as a way of exercising the lungs.


    After quitting smoking, your body needs to get rid of nicotine. The surest way is to detox. One of the most effective ways to detox is drinking lots of water. Water is known to flush out toxins from the body. Garlic is a natural detox, and it’s very effective in cleansing the body of harmful carcinogens and nicotine. If you don’t like the lingering smell of garlic, you can try ginger. This natural root is a great detox, and it does not linger in the mouth.

    The body gets affected negatively after years of smoking. The older a smoker becomes, the weaker the body gets. If you are having a hard time with withdrawal symptoms, you can switch to vaping. People use tobacco e-juice to continue enjoying the feeling of tobacco without the damage that s caused by cigarettes.

    E-cigarettes are known to be safe, and there is no tar and carbon monoxide build up.