7 Important Tips for A Medical Equipment Purchase

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    We know a lot of care is needed with medical equipment. They are for a profession that saves lives, so quality is the last thing on line. Similarly, prompt delivery of tools is also necessary since doctors need them for surgeries and other uses. Clinics or hospitals need to check well in advance whether they stock the required medical products or not. If not, they will then need to procure them from a reliable and dependable source. It is important to know these important tips to the procurement of laboratory equipment.

    More importantly, the purchase or procurement of medical products has to face a lot of variables before being materialized in the true sense. You have to decide whether to lease or buy, whether to trust old-ways of buying or leverage the technology and so on. The purchase decision may also involve economic choices in regard to pricing, costs and distribution expenditures. So, the team should take a collective decision and ensure value with the purchase.

     Conventional route or direct sales channel? 

    Well before actually purchasing medical equipment, it is important to weigh in whether to stick with the conventional route or switch to the direct sales channel. This decision holds particular value since online stores are gaining a lot of popularity the world over.

    Let’s look which route is more suitable –

    • Online stores or direct sales channels add a new dimension to buying medical supplies
    • They utilize the power of technology to simplify the entire purchasing process
    • Price and quality benefits are assured
    • Any reliance on suppliers is ruled out
    • Medical supplies are delivered at the doorstep without costing anything extra
    • The convenience of 24×7 buying is available
    • Healthcare providers can buy products from any part of India
    • It’s possible to engage directly with the brands and products of choice or with their manufacturers

    Here are 7 Important Tips For Purchasing Medical Equipment or Products


    Work Out Your Financing Option

    First and foremost, you need to work out the financing option with the purchase of the medical equipment or instrument. All the options at hand, when cash or loan, have to be weighed in with care to add value to the purchase. For example, if you want to pay cash, then it’s indeed the best idea but then it might nip away at the working capital. Similarly, a loan is another good option for the purchase but it carries interest rates and may make the overall costs go notches up. So, you got to come up with a viable strategy and ensure cost benefits with the purchase of medical capital equipment.

    Look for the warranty

    You would never want to buy a lot of medical products prone to sudden breakdowns. Nobody will like spending money on service cost. So, it makes sense to look for the warranty and economize the entire purchase process. There are vendors offering warranty contracts and maintenance service with their equipment. These warranties are generally included in the purchase prices but not in all cases. If they’re not part of the purchase price itself, you will then have to part ways with your money for the same. So read through the contracts and make sure you get the due warranty.

    Select vendors for their prompt delivery process

    It’s important to review the equipment delivery process before taking the purchase decision. You have to search and select the vendor based on the services and promptness they deliver. It’d be beneficial if you could select a vendor that offers direct-to-site services. Such kind of a player will know the value of delivering equipment on time. It will also be capable of installing the equipment at the appropriate place or room of choice. By selecting a right vendor, you can definitely add a lot of value with your delivery and purchase process for sure.

    Beware of malfunctioning issues

    Medical instrument or devices are prone to breakdowns. They might start malfunctioning and this could prove costly in many ways. So, you’re supposed to first inspect and test them thoroughly before getting the ownership transfer. No need to sign the papers until the medical equipment is found to be working as per the vendor’s specifications. You have to install the equipment only after they are checked in a proper and thorough manner. Although new equipment generally doesn’t face issues at the start, it’d be great if you checked them immediately before installation rather than waiting for a few days and then feeling repentant.

    Review processes and workflow

    New processes may come along with new equipment. They will try to impact the usual workflow followed at your clinic or hospital. So you have to consider the schedules in regard to the use of the equipment by patients. The workflow has to be revisited all over again and you need to consult the team regarding changes in the wake of new machines at the helm. You also have to ensure that the same level of smoothness is maintained when the new equipment makes their way in. This is how the purchase process proves valuable in a true sense.

    Give a thought to equipment space

    Hospitals or clinics need to plan well in advance for the medical equipments they like to purchase. The space where the equipment has to be fitted needs to be analyzed and renovated if needed.  The location has to be perfect else the device may fail to work to the optimum. Any changes to the space to accommodate the equipment have to be considered as it may involve costs. There may be costs associated with electricity or plumbing or refrigeration etc. and you can’t go ahead without factoring them in.

    Consider support and updates

    Chances are that your equipment might need some technical support at some stage later on. For that, you have to know well in advance who to turn to and when. There has to a clear-cut contract depicting the kind and nature of technical support provided to the equipment. Similarly, you would need those regular updates that add value to the equipment and keep them with the time. This is how you get to buy the best of medical products to simplify medical treatment to end users.

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