5 Amazing Reasons Why Crying is Good For Your Health Status

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    Crying is seen by almost everybody as a bad thing. The impression the act of crying has gotten has made us not realize that there are positive sides of crying. When someone cries, we assume to be as a result of negative things like grief, depression, loss, maltreatment, after being hurt and other negative perspectives we may look at a point. That is why when people are inflicted with sad happenings or emotionally depressed they feel better after releasing those tears of sorrow. Fortunately, there are benefits of tears we shed that we don’t know.

    Though there are some acts of crying that are called tears of joy. The fact remains that the act of crying is seen as a bad thing. However, in this article, positive aspects and several benefits of crying will be discussed.

    I have heard several times that crying is not good for your health. We only see positivity in laughing while negativity in crying, is that not so? I call it associating social stigma to the act of crying. Though, when crying, there are the side effects like a headache, eyesore and losing of control but the positive sides and benefits should not be overlooked. We are only judging the act of crying on what we see at the outside parts and the face of the individuals. Unknowingly, there are hidden benefits of crying.

    Furthermore, it is crystal clear that the benefits of laughing can’t be compared to that of crying. However, the better side of crying should not be ignored. I have read many books and stories on the web stating health benefits of crying. I was shocked reading some benefits. So, crying can even be as good as this to the body and our health. There are surprising numbers of benefits of shedding few tears.

    A great point from one of the articles says; “If you feel like crying even loud after a sad happening, feel free to flush away those tears of sorrow from your life. We should not let those tears of sorrow to be imprisoned in our body system. Leaving them in the body system can cause a harmful thing to our body system. Another great benefit of crying is that it allows the escaping of tensions and suppressed emotions. Allow them to will help the body to be relieved from depression and stress.

    Positive Aspects and Health Benefits of Crying

    It Releases Emotional Stress.

    One of the benefits of crying is that it helps in releasing emotional stress. This emotional stress is seen as one of the causes of developing problems to our health, problems like heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Flowing tears helps in flushing away those harmful substances that form distress, and negative feeling called stress. Therefore, it is important to let those tears come out to eliminate those substances from the body.

    It Helps To Release Negative Feeling

    The accumulation of negative feelings can cause trouble to your healthy lifestyle. Negative feelings accumulation can cause depression, chronic illness, diabetes and mental disorderliness. Therefore, crying helps in releasing those negative feelings out of the body. After that releasing those tears of negative emotion you feel better. They say health is wealth, therefore, it is important to let those tears go out for the better of health.

    It Helps To Rising and Improve Our Mood

    Aside from the fact that crying helps in relieving stress and distress, it also helps to improve our mood. As said earlier, there are some tears will call tears of joy. Such tears enhance our mood positively. It raises our mood and improves it as well. Tears of joy might not that be usual but excelling or achieving a milestone brings such tears.

    It Helps To Remove Toxins

    Crying can also be a useful tool to remove toxins from the body. It is learned that emotional tears emanate from sorrow are full of toxins. Therefore, the accumulation of such chemical can be release and remove while crying.

    It Helps To Lower Blood Pressure

    Blood pressure can be suppressed and reduce while flowing those tears according to a study. The flowing out of those of sorrow makes us have a better feeling. In another way round, it helps to lower the blood pressure and reducing pulse rate.

    In conclusion, crying as discussed above might have positive sides and health benefits. However, we should not take crying as a primary assignment to do on a daily basis. Though some situations may happen that you might not be able to hold the emotional pains, therefore, go ahead and have an unusual cry. Flush away those tears of sorrow as well as tears of joy.

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