How Diabetics Can Enjoy A Guilt-Free Dessert

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    There are many misconceptions about what a diabetes diet should be and if patients should follow their meal plans strictly. But in reality, you can nearly eat anything you want, if you set proper limitations. At some point, every person will crave for food. A diabetic patient is not an exception.

    If you are thinking about satisfying your taste buds, you should know that it is common for people with diabetes to cut out all sweets. But this only forces your body to negatively respond to the drastic change you have created. Depriving yourself of the foods you used to enjoy will only make you crave even more.

    The best way to prevent this from happening is to follow a healthy diet plan that occasionally allows for sweets to be included in your meals. If a sudden craving does occur, you are allowed to have a small serving of whatever it is that you love to consume. This will prevent you from binging later on.

    Suffering from diabetes does not mean you can never have anything sweet ever again. What you need to do is keep yourself aware of food swaps and dessert alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your diet and affecting your blood sugar level too much.

    Before you head to the kitchen and get your fix of ice cream or chocolates, you have to remember that diabetics should be more mindful of the total number of carbohydrates they eat in a meal rather than the total amount of sugar they ingest. If you make the necessary adjustments, you can, therefore, fit some dessert into your diet.

    Below are some diabetic-friendly dessert basics you can prepare and enjoy.


    Fruits As A Dessert Alternative

    Replacing your carbohydrate-based desserts with fruits will provide many benefits to your health, as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, not just sugar.

    As fiber helps stabilize your blood glucose level and lower down your cholesterol, you should always find ways to eat more fiber and aim for at least 25 to 30 grams per day. This will help you better control your blood sugar.

    You can eat berries, apples, pear and oranges, as these fruits have a low-glycemic index. You can also prepare a fruit parfait with plain yogurt.

    Gelatin-Based Desserts

    If you are looking for sugar-free and low-calorie desserts, serving yourself a sugar-free Jello is a good alternative. The only downside of eating gelatin-based desserts is they contain a very little nutritional value. They have some of the protein though.

    Although eating this does not entirely affect your blood sugar levels, it is still best to limit products that contain artificial sweeteners as they can enhance your cravings later on. Too much of it can alter your gut bacteria and possibly affect your insulin response.


    This is definitely good news for patients who are chocolate lovers. The flavanols contained in chocolate will provide a positive effect on your insulin response. The only problem here is that the usual chocolate we consume contains little flavanols (protective compounds found in cocoa) and is instead loaded with sugar.

    If you love chocolates, you can still enjoy some even if you are diabetic. You just need to find a quality dark chocolate that boasts its flavanol content. Try to stay away from milk or white chocolate as they contain too much sugar.

    The bottom line to eating desserts in moderation. It is important that diabetic patients keep an eye on what is in their meals to stay healthy and make the necessary tweaks in their diet so that they can make room for healthy desserts if this is what they love to it. If you are still unsure about this, you can also talk to your doctor about this.



    Oliver Alin is an online marketer who was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes a few years ago. Since that time he has decided to naturally reverse the illness by paying attention to what he eats and exercising every day. His blood sugar level is down without using any medication.

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