8 Powerful Things That Make Men More Attractive to Women

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    Despite the fact that an entire movie about being attractive to women was dedicated to What Women Want (starring Mel Gibson). Men today are still confused about what women actually are looking for in them. There are times when you do a lot to look attractive. Unfortunately, the results are negative and the feeling of ‘are you even doing it right?’ keeps on surfacing again and again. Though there are types of men women adore and look attractive to them.

    Looking attractive does not expect you to spend hours and hours getting yourself rubbed in the salon. However, it is about those little things that you do every day (or when you are supposed to do them) that make you look attractive on the outside and feel fabulous on the inside.

    So, what exactly can be the things that you should be indulging into to make yourself more attractive to a woman? We’ve compiled a list of practical tips that can help you and be the guiding source to win the hearts of women around you like a pro and that too, without investing a lot of effort. Furthermore, it is obvious, that are certain qualities women look for in men to go crazy for them. If you bring in these tips as your habits, you wouldn’t have to look back to sources that’ll help you.

    So, find the tips below and look more attractive to women.

    Dress Sharp

    “Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today.”
    Coco Chanel quoted this statement that suits both men and females on an everyday basis. Talking about men, women love men who dress sharply. It has been said, tried, tested and proved so many numbers of times. The way you carry yourself top to bottom is the mirror to your personality for everyone who has never communicated with you. You might be a wonderful person inside, but if your clothes don’t talk about it, you are not a good man on the outside. An appealing personality is what a woman looks at first and then she would go ahead and indulge in a conversation with you.

    Be Confident – No Matter What The Situations Bring

    No woman would like to commit to a man who is low on the confidence level. If you are confident and others can see it, you are in for some high-level attractiveness. Handling different situations with the same calm is not possible for everyone, but you need to have patience and confidence of handling them properly, and coming up with a possible solution that is beneficial for everyone will be appreciated by women. If you didn’t know, the lack of confidence comes from feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and general negativity.

    Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

    Life is short, and if you take everything that comes across seriously, you would not be able to find happiness anywhere. Life might throw a lot on your face, but by being a little humor can make the situations lighter. Women get attracted to men who have a good sense of humor and can handle jokes about themselves. A lot of sarcastic women out there look out for people who can take jokes on themselves and do not cringe about it. If you are someone who has the art of cracking jokes naturally, you are high on demand handsome. Just keep the jokes coming, and your laugh will certainly make you the Mr. Popular.

    Set Apart Personal and Professional Life

    Frankly speaking, nobody has the time and effort to listen to your family melodrama at work and vice versa. You might face a lot of stress at work, but when you meet your friends or women, it is the “happy you” which stays on the surface. Likewise, discussing family problems at work will do no good to you. Hence, keep your personal and professional lives separate to be focused on what you are doing and also be attractive to others.

    The Art of Cooking

    I love to cook, and my wife married me for this sole reason. Many women out there are foodies and love men who can cook good food. In fact, it is a trait that men can work for and master the same to attract a woman. It is rightly said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” which means that good food is served to man, the woman can reach to his heart. However, this does not only apply to men, but to women as well. If you are a good cook, your chances of being appealing are higher.

    Keep Yourself Hygienic

    Hygiene starts with regular bathing. Changing your underwear for men every day to shaving, trimming your beard, cleaning your body like you clean your face and much more. This is no talent or art that you need to master. However, it is a routine that you need to follow to keep yourself looking like a gentleman. Wear crisp clothes that are clean and ironed as well. Also, do not fail to trim your nails, get rid of the hair and more.

    Smell Beautiful – No Matter You Have Spent The Entire Day at The Gym

    Women tend to get attracted to men who smell good. This is a proven fact, and that’s exactly why deodorant advertisements don’t think of any other plot than a man spraying right perfume. While the others aren’t and he is the one who gets chosen out of the lot. Pick a perfume/deodorant that suits your body smell and enhances it in the better way. Do not go harsh by bathing in the same. All you need is the adequate amount, and you’re done for the day.

    Pay attention

    Last, but not the least would be that you pay attention to what’s happening around you. If someone comes up to you with a problem, it would be your duty to listen to the same and give a probable feedback rather than letting the other person blabber, and you continue to do something on your phone. That is not acceptable to any woman and hence, makes you less attractive and pushes your standards down.

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