Why is Student Life Hailed as The Golden Life?

    student life is golden life

    There is a common phrase which we all have become accustomed to, student life is golden life. But why is that so? It is because from childhood to old age, the most memorable time we live through is our student life. Oh, and the college days stand out the most! There are many reasons why students’ life is golden.

    People who grow up then cherish the memories from this time as it was a carefree phase. All we had to do was worry about exams and homework which weren’t that regular either. However, some more than other but that was all the worry we had as compared to what we face as adults.

    Let’s dive into some reason why student life is considered the golden life:

    It redefined the meaning of fun

    As part of our childhood, we were more concerned with having unlimited fun than anything. We all enjoyed playing games with our friends and were on occasions involved in mischievous activities. But this all gave us happiness rather than a contributor to stress.

    These things cannot be easily forgotten. Nobody used to stop us as kids from playing. Our holidays were dedicated to playing. However, when we look back those were the only times we felt really free. Therefore, student life used to be priceless.

    There were no heavy deadlines

    Heavy deadlines cause mental pressure. As adults, we all can relate but remember the time we were kids? Did we have any worry? Were we ever tensed? And the school homework does not count. Adults have deadlines to meet both in their personal and professional lives.

    Consequently, they develop frustrations and anxiety. In student life, we didn’t know the spelling of anxiety, let alone experience it. However, that is why student life stands out as it was easy going.

    Had no responsibilities

    This is perhaps the biggest reason why we cherish student life so much. Back in the day, we had no worldly concerns. Only responsibilities that I can think of were scoring good grades and performing better at academics.

    We never had to deal with the financial responsibilities back in the day as we routinely had our pockets full of pocket money. We could do whatever we wanted to with that money. Also, purchase items from the canteen or bought some clothes we thought would look good on us.

    It was never the case in student life where we gave a second thought about spending our pocket money. In adult life, however, we are constantly engaged in a battle. For example, what if I could save money by not spending on this on the new phone today, that way I could have ample funds to pay the rent next month.

    Lots of Vacations

    Student life brought with itself summer and winter vacations. Adults don’t have this facility they work all year round and even on weekends. Yes, adults can too enjoy vacations but for that, they have to ask their bosses to allow them to go on a leave with their family or to just travel.

    There is this constant worry what if the boss says “no” or what if that other person is not available to look after my affairs in my absence. Upon return, I will have a truckload of work on my desk. Taking into account all these factors, adults altogether quit the thought of ever having to go on vacations.

    As students, we didn’t ask for vacations. Vacations were provided to us. And we would plan trips with friends or would stay at our far away relative’s house near the lake. Those days.

    Slept like babies

    Enough said!