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Working for yourself is the best form of self-employment. Are you really tired of taking instructions and orders from some persons called boss at your work place? Do you wish that you could change jobs and find one where you are in control of most things?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you can still make your wish come true. All you need to do is find the right business, and start working for yourself. If you are someone who is used to being employed, then you are probably asking yourself what the benefits of being your own boss are. Do not be afraid of working for yourself, there are tips to overcome the fear to start a new business.

These are 7 amazing reasons why working for yourself is awesome will perhaps nudge you in the direction of self-employment:

  1. You Are The Boss of Yourself 

Doesn’t it look great? You are the boss of yourself. Nobody sends you an errand unless you wish to a place. Nobody controls your movement or shout at you. There is no any form of pressure on you to do this or to report to work at an hour. No top management to access your submitted documents and no fear of being sacked by your boss. When you are working for yourself which means you are the boss of yourself, you create your own plans. Your schedules will be put at your convenient time. You will be doing things at your will and at the non-pressure time.

  1. You Are In Charge of The Business and Control Of Your Earnings 

Be in control of anything gives you freedom and peace of mind to succeed. Let’s imagine you are the one who decides and controls how the business is run. You decide how much to pull into an investment and controls all the earnings made from such investment. As an individual with the key to set the target to achieve at a time. You can only get all these controls only if you are working for yourself. As the concept says; the one-man business enjoys all the profits and endure all the risks.

  1. Nobody Gives You A Sack Letter

Sack letter is never the portion of you because you work for yourself. Working for an employer has no guarantee for your job. A sack letter can be presented to you at a company without notice. There might even massive retrenchment at the company which could affect you too. However, working for yourself guarantee your job. Nobody gives you a sack letter. No scare of fear getting sacked when you make a mistake.

  1. Maximum Freedom

Another huge and maximum reason why working for yourself is amazing is the freedom. You have the freedom to move and do anything. Freedom at work is very essential, this can only be gotten only if you are working for yourself. You can enjoy the freedom of dressing, eating, movement or management of the business. Nobody forces you on a particular dressing code or food schedules. You also get the freedom to choose any partner you want to work with. Unlike the company where you are paired with people who can make your efforts unproductive.

  1. Your Retirement Is At Your Own Hands

One of the big advantages of working for yourself is the will to retire whenever you want. Nobody chooses when to retire for you since it is your business. Nobody dictates when to stop or you’re your business. In short, nobody will question your decision to retire at any time because you own and run the business.

  1. You Will Have An Enjoyable Social Life

A life without a leisure time seems boring. You can’t be spending all days working from Monday until Friday without enjoying your Saturdays and Sundays. Some employments are so frustrating that you can’t even enjoy your weekends. When an employment contract doesn’t give room for your social life then you should change such a job. Of course, your friends and family should be given their own time. However, if you work for yourself nobody tells you when to enjoy your social life. You have the freedom to enjoy your social life at your will. Then, you will even have enough time to spend with friends, children and family members.

  1. You Enjoy All Your Profits

The main objective of investing or doing a business to make a profit. Working for yourself fetch the opportunity to enjoy all the profits you made. Nobody shares the profits made with you. You took all the risks, therefore, you should enjoy all the benefits derived from the business.

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Saminu Abass Ola who is popularly called ‘Mr. Possible‘ is a young motivational and inspirational speaker and writer, who is also the brain behind this wonderful blog. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.

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Love Working Alone? 4 Great Careers for Introverted Personalities



introverted personalities
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Career opportunities for introverted personalities will be discussed extensively in this post. For self-proclaimed introverts, the thought of spending eight hours a day interacting with other people can be quite daunting. Sadly, hiding away from the outside world is not always a viable (or healthy) option. Also, chances are, you’ve been asked this tried-and-true question before: “Do you prefer working in teams or on your own?”

If you always seem to choose the latter, here are a few jobs that may be right up your alley.

Cruise Along as a Truck Driver

If the open road is calling your name, becoming a truck driver may be the perfect occupation for you. Truck drivers spend multiple hours a day in total solitude. Only having to interact with the gas station attendants throughout their journeys. As a bonus, this profession pays well, and it’s easy to get started. No matter what your level of experience, a truck driver training program. Like Makene’s Driving School, can get you started on the right foot. They offer lessons taught by professional instructors who have the patience and knowledge to help you get to where you want to be.

Free Yourself as a Freelancer

For those born with the entrepreneurial genes, becoming your own boss has never been more appealing. With tons of work-from-home resources available, there’s no reason why you can’t stay in your pajamas while earning a paycheck. No matter what you’re good at, stick the title of “freelance” before it, and you’ve opened the door to a whole world of opportunity. Whether it’s accounting, graphic design, writing, or IT support, the demand is definitely there. When your passion and your profession align, it won’t be long before you’re making the big bucks as introverted personalities.

Cuddle up as a Pet-Sitter

People may not be your thing, but maybe you’re a bonafide animal whisperer, even if you don’t know it yet. If you love being surrounded by four-legged critters, try your hand in the pet services industry. However, there’s a huge market for pet-sitters, dog-walkers, and mobile or in-home groomers in any city. These jobs require very little human interaction, most of which can be done via text or email. Also, introverted personalities often feel most comfortable around animals, so this could be a great option for you.

Crunch Numbers as a Data Analyst

Those who are mathematically minded may feel more content surrounded by spreadsheets. Data analysis is a profession that’s always in high demand, and it tends to pay well, too. As the number cruncher, most of your time will be spent looking at figures and writing reports. The internal interaction with coworkers is limited, which can make the job less overwhelming. Also, by spending your day in a cubicle, you’ll have more control over who you need to interact with at work.

No matter your interests or experience, there’s an employer out there looking for you. All it takes is a little research and a lot of perseverance. In conclusion, being introverted personalities don’t stop to get your desired job.

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How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter for the Right Job?



cover letter
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There are a number of contradicting opinions when it comes to writing cover letters. How much time should ideally be spent on writing one? Does the hiring personnel even bother reading them? Or is it just okay to simply send the resume to get the job done?

As stated above, the answer to all the above questions doesn’t come as a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Simply speaking, there are times when a cover letter may be required, while at other times your resume will be just enough.

On the other hand what a cover letter really does is to provide you with a competitive edge that may not come along with a resume. The cover letter will boost your writing potential and details not usually contained in the resume. It will showcase your passion and a clear indication that you have put considerable time and effort in applying for the job.

However, do note that a poorly written cover letter does more harm than good. Besides the grammatical discrepancies, using a standard cover letter for all the jobs. Even worse using without changing the name of the company is simply going to lead your application in the bin. The point is if you are inclined to include a cover letter in your job application, it better to complete the job in the best manner possible.

  1. Header

The extent of formality the header will represent will depend on the company you’ve applied for. If you’re applying in a formal company, it is vital to use a formal header to initiate the cover letter. Add the date, your address and the business’s address. However, if the place you’re applying it is not formal, then it’s not important to include your and company’s address, while the date could be added.

  1. Greeting

Writing “To Whom It May Concern” is acceptable. However, it’s always better to inquire the details of the applied company or hiring personnel beforehand. If you have conducted a thorough research but still not sure regarding the authenticity of the hiring manager’s name. Then, it makes sense to use a general greeting. But if you’re sure regarding the information found, then try to incorporate the name reasonably in order to catch the eye of the recruiter.

If the hiring personnel’s name is there, is it wise to greet them by their full name or by a courtesy title, for instance, Mr., Ms., Mrs., etc.? Just like the header element, this also depends on the formality element of the company. Consider applying in a corporate sector, here it is advised to use ‘Mr.’ rather than addressing on the full-name basis. On the other hand, if you have a comparatively new business or startup in mind operating with a more casual style, then go for the full name in the greeting.

  1. Paragraph 1: Introduction

The opening paragraph of the cover letter should contain around 1-3 sentences. State the reasons as to why you’re so tempted to apply for the position and what makes you the best fit. Remember, you should stay strictly to the point. Don’t stress on the regarding where you heard about the job and if there is an acquaintance of yours at the company.

Remember, the first paragraph isn’t the area where you will go on detailing the reasons proving yourself to be a great candidate. Rather, a sentence or two will state some vital reasons as setting the tone for the rest of the letter. What most applicants fail to understand is that some HR personnel are quite a keen observing ability. They’ll happily cross-check the content of the letter with your resume. So, it’s better to synch the content as neatly as possible.

  1. Paragraph 2: The Reason Stating You’re the Best Fit for the Job

This is the content where you’ll be selling yourself. This with the help of a couple of strong examples clearly explaining why the HR personnel should consider you as the best fit for the job. What job responsibilities did you cater in the last workplace that will give you the needed experience and edge?

What are the projects you worked on that could be beneficial for the new organization? How will your past experience help this company excel from several aspects? Try to stay as humble as you can in expressing yourself along with using the best possible words showcasing your worth. The second paragraph is the chance for the candidate to express his or her enthusiasm and passion for the job applied.

  1. Paragraph 3: How the Company is the Right Fit for You?

As much as it is important to consider a job that is the right fit for you. It is equally vital to see if the company is also the right one for you. Normally, a cover letter explains why you’re the right person for the company. Though what will you gain when it comes to getting hired? What applicants should importantly understand is that HR personnel want to know the reason why their place appeals them. Also, how hiring the applicant would work for a mutually created professional relationship?

In the third company, it is essential you explain how much serious you are to nurture your career by working in this company. What appeals and excites you about this workplace? How effectively your goals align with those of the company? For example, you might be willing to explain your environmental concerns are perfectly aligning with the company’s CSR and green initiatives.

  1. Effective Closing Paragraph

Don’t take the final closing sentences of the cover letter lightly, try to finish as strongly as possible. Stay strictly to the point about your interests and passion taking the new position without signing off too powerfully. It is important to tell them regarding your availability to talk about the position and offer by mentioning your contact information and email address.

The reason being the recruiter will here decide on whether to throw a follow-up on you or not. Given the information is provided in the cover letter. Last but not the least, insert a ‘Thanks’ for their time and consideration.

  1. Formal Sign-Off

Use a formal signing off such as “Best”, “All the Best”, “Sincerely”, followed by adding your complete name. The cover letter doesn’t call to sign with a pen.

Author Bio

Lara Hawkins is a professional career planning and development trainer for students and professionals worldwide. Besides her regular job, Lara is also operating an accomplished assignment writing company. She has a plethora of academic disciplines with expertise for students across the globe.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Fishing Kayak of 2017




fishing kayak
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Are you planning to make an investment into affordable fishing kayaks? Are you familiar with the factors to consider while buying the best fishing kayak of 2017? If you are a beginner, you are probably confused with the thing. We have got you some useful advice on selecting the most suitable fishing kayak based on your requirements and budget.

Storage pace for equipment

This you know for sure. Every angler is acquainted with the fact of having sufficient space for your equipment and daily utilities. There must be rod holders tank wells for several essential tools you might need while fishing and also hatches to secure some items.

Weight capacity

This is related to the maximum weight your kayak can hold on the water. It suggests that you must keep the maximum within the limit which includes both your weight and weight of the equipment on the kayak. If you are planning to purchase a kayak for group fishing, better go for the highest weight capacity keeping in mind your co-anglers and their body weight.

Comfort level

Fishing takes time as it is a daily activity and not just confined to hurried hours. You should have a kayak that offers great comfort to sit for hours at the stretch. Look for good seating comfort – padded seat to support your back and buttocks. Make sure there is enough room to fit your legs despite them being long.

Basically, there are two common types of kayaks – sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks. The sit-in kayak will keep your lower body hidden from the wind. In a sit-on-top kayak, you will find better comfort as there is more room and it is easy-to-handle for a beginner.

Performance of the kayak

When you plan to buy the best ocean fishing Kayak within $1000, the most important factor to look for is stability. Of course, you won’t want your kayak to tip over while you are on the fishing spree. The best ones are so stable that you can even stand on the kayak or sit at the corner without getting it tipped over.

Additionally when you are ready to invest beyond your budget, also look for better maneuverability and tracking features. When you are going towards tight fishing spots, ensure you can change directions easily. Good tracking feature helps maintain the right direction as the direction gets altered easily by the wind.


Comparing the types of watercrafts, kayaks are the most portable ones. All you need is to put them on the vehicle roof and take to the spot. You might face problems while dragging them in and out of the water. We would suggest you go for the lighter ones which are easy-to-move into waters.


As the price of your favourite kayak moves to a 4 digit number, it is not a trivial purchase anymore. When you invest a huge amount into something, you would definitely want it to last longer. You should go for fishing kayaks which can take the scorching sun whole day and fight the high rocks and rough waters with ease.

To ensure better durability, check the warranty period before making the purchase. Some of the anglers want newer models believing them to be better and long-lasting, however, this is not true in all cases. With kayaks released years ago, you have the benefit of having a look at the user reviews and owner reviews and finalize if it the best cheap fishing kayak for you.


We saved this for the last because it is not a crucial factor to consider. Nothing is more important than the performance, especially the appearance. You need to be safe on the kayak experiencing a smooth fishing on the waters with the modern features. Despite this fact, it is natural to care for the looks in an investment close to $1000. You can look for a kayak impressive and attractive in looks. There is a range of colors available with some good models in the market.

Do consider these factors when buying from the list of best cheap fishing Kayak. We guarantee you will have a great fishing experience.


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5 Do’s and Don’ts When Throwing an Office Holiday Party



Holiday Party
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Chances are you’ll be attending or organizing a holiday party in your workplace this year. If done right, these events improve relationships with your coworkers at the workplace and give employees a sense of pride and community.

Making for an all-around more comfortable work environment for the remainder of the year. In order to make sure your company reaps the many benefits office holiday parties have to offer, we’ve broken down five do’s and don’ts for the occasion.


Choose a Venue to Remember

You want your cohorts to not only bond over the holiday spirit but over a shared positive experience. The more unique and breathtaking your venue, the more valued your employees will feel and the more likely they’ll be to look back on the event with fondness.

Hosting your holiday party on a yacht venue like Seafair will be the just the thing to leave your team in shock and awe. Because there isn’t anything quite as exciting as pulling up to an address to realize it’s actually a dock, and surprise – a 228 ft. a luxury mega yacht is going to whisk you away for the evening.

Chances are, the bulk of your employees haven’t had a high end yacht all to themselves for the night. When you choose a yacht venue like Seafair, you’re choosing to give your company a once in a lifetime experience on a yacht that is truly unparalleled in class, prestige, and design.


Host it in the Conference Room

Celebrating the holidays with your officemates should be an opportunity for group bonding and better team building. We all know it’s difficult to really get to know your co-workers as more than their titles or proximity to your desk when you only ever see them in the office.

Changing up the setting will help you see new sides of your desk mates and show employees that they’re worth the effort of scouting a venue – because office parties are meant to be treats after all, and how special are they really if they’re in a conference room with streamers?

Relegating your holiday festivities to the office conference room is more likely to be seen as a distraction than a reward. With your desks and to-do list merely feet away, it’ll be close to impossible to unplug and all the more likely that your employees will be there begrudgingly when they’d rather be tending to their workload.


Order Pizza

When it comes to food and drinks, you can achieve a lot by keeping it simple. But don’t make the mistake of going too simple by just ordering a couple of XL pizzas. Ordering a pizza can make it seem like the dining choices for the occasion were a cheap afterthought, and your cohorts will thank you for not cashing in on that 2 for 1 special.

While you don’t want to underachieve, you’ll want to avoid choosing an overly complicated menu as it will give you a lot of trouble. Also, it leads to more leftovers than you’ll know what do with and coworkers awkwardly whispering about the food while pushing it around their plates. Don’t opt for a table setting, either which could add to the count of awkward silences.


Have a Delicious and Accessible Menu

Make sure the food is accessible by setting up a buffet style dining experience. By choosing a menu that isn’t overly complex, you increase your chances of everyone finding a bite they’ll enjoy.

While we suggest always having seating options available. Try to curate a menu that could be easily handheld to set the stage for mingling and conversation while your attendees dine. If you choose to host your event on a mega yacht venue like Seafair, the venue’s team will provide a one of a kind dining experience.

The yacht venue’s experienced Le Cordon Bleu-trained catering team will work with you to curate the perfect menu for your event that your employees will be sure to enjoy.


Make it Fun

This will really throw your colleagues for a loop. Since most employees have minimal expectations for the fun level of the holiday party, liven up your event with unexpected twists.

Make space for a dance floor and put together a danceable yet festive playlist to drown out any uncomfortable silences. Games, gift exchanges, and award ceremonies are a great way to break the ice while also recognizing the hard work team members put in throughout the year.

Fun holiday photo opportunities are another great way to get attendees involved. Therefore, ensure that everyone has something to remember the event by. If you opt for a yacht venue like Seafair for this season’s festivities, Seafair’s hospitality and audio-visual specialists will work tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of your holiday event goes off without a hitch.

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Cracking the Business School Study Code



business school
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Cracking the Business School Study Code

The growing numbers of students who are taking some management courses are increasing because they are always high in demand. It is true given the growth rate of business school in Asia where students apply in millions to different management course to land good jobs for themselves. Currently, about 12.5 million students and professors are part of this growing business education market.

Going for Management:

RankBusiness School
1NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
2Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) – University of Sri Jayewardenepura
3INSEAD – Asia Campus
4Universiti Malaya – University of Malaya Graduate School of Business (UMGSB)
5HKUST Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School6University of Colombo7Nanyang Technological University (NTU) – Nanyang Business School8Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM)
9University of Kelaniya – Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies
10Fudan University – School of Management

If it is your wish to pursue a management course, doing an MBA will open a sea of opportunities for you in major disciplines. Disciplines like HR, marketing, finance, IT and operations. If you don’t want to leave your current job and still want to pursue this degree without fixed hours for study. Then the best option is doing it online or part-time.

As it gives you your own time for studying and attending classes, study materials are available online that can help pass most courses in management studies. You can pursue a regular/full-time/part-time/distance or executive programs if you can’t opt for fixed hours. It is certain that you would not have a dearth of institutes offering these courses. Before you gain entry into a good college, you would have to sit for an entrance examination (GMAT) and prepare well.

The reputed institutes would conduct their tests in a strict system associated with the lesser famous universities. International students from countries where English is a non-native language would also need to take the TOEFL exam. Nevertheless, you can well understand that if you want to gain admission to a good college, you would have to prepare well.

Find The Best College To Study:

If you want to find out the best institutes to study, you can obviously refer to Financial Times ranking or the Forbes Ranking of B-Schools. However, at the same time, you would also have to prepare for the challenge. In India, some institutes conduct their examinations while others follow the procedure of admissions by CAT, MAT, GMAT etc. In addition to these exams, a candidate is also supposed to clear the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds too. The final merit list of admissions is prepared on the basis of the weighted average of all the three rounds of the selection process.

Just getting an admission into a reputed college isn’t going to be enough. The curriculum of a good B-School is quite demanding. To able to get a good job at the end would require you to excel not just in studies but also in your submissions (thesis, reports, presentations, dissertations). You’ll need to build a good profile and practice hard for the placement season on campus.

Currently, there’s just one portal that provides study material for an overall preparation of placements in B-Schools worldwide – Dongrila. Though it is a startup it has managed to garner sufficient student following in the Asian region.

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