7 Perfect Ways of Measuring Your Personal Fitness Level

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    Find the best way to measure your personal fitness level and see how much work you require to get to an elite level fitness.

    Do you know how fit you actually are? Many people, even the fitness freaks, don’t know exactly how fit they are. They work out regularly, usually the same old routine, and they believe that they are in good shape because they are able to perform that regimen with ease but that is no indication of their exact personal fitness level.

    That is no way to measure fitness level, your body builds up endurance when you perform the same type of exercises every day. However, measuring fitness level in this way is not very accurate.

    There are more telling ways of measuring your personal fitness level:

    1.      The CrossFit Test

    This test is designed to gauge your fitness level from elite to beginner. Here is what you need to do:

    • Do 500 meters on the row machine
    • Perform 40 regular squats
    • Perform 30 sit-ups, don’t let your shoulders hit the ground
    • Perform 20 push ups, touch your chest to the ground every time
    • Perform 10 chin-ups, keep your body extended and pull your head above the bar with every pull-up

    The standard is that if you can perform this whole routine in 4-6 minutes that you are at an elite level. If you can complete it within 6-9 minutes, you are a novice. 9-10 minutes is for beginners. Also, people who go beyond that should seriously start thinking about a new workout routine.

    2.      Running a Mile

    The easiest test of your overall fitness is the mile run.

    For men, the limit is 8 minutes. The younger you are the less time it should take you to finish the run. For women, the mark is 9 minutes or less as well. However, people who can match those marks for their 1-mile run have less risk of cardiovascular disorders.

    3.      Calorie Burning

    In fact, running or sprinting is not ideal for everyone. An alternate is performing cycle sprints on a stationary bike. There is a low risk of injury and the stress on your joints is much lower as well. Also, this is ideal for people who are 50+ years old.

    You have to aim to burn about 25 to 35 calories per minute. Therefore, you have to keep the pace of the cycling up for 25 to 30 minutes. Achieving the calorie burning goal means you are in fine shape.

    4.      Tread Water

    Moreover, get inside a pool, the deep end, keep your head above the water and start treading.

    Don’t float or swim, properly tread water for 15 minutes. You shouldn’t take breaks and the movement should continue for the whole 15 minutes. This activity is very exhausting and if you can complete the whole amount of time without stopping you can know that you are at a good fitness level.

    5.      Sports Activity

    Any sport you are into, Basketball, Boxing, Football, etc., start the activity and continue for 25-30 minutes. For example, if you are a boxer, you should spar or punch a bag for that time period.

    The key is to not rest while you are in the middle of the activity. Stay in constant motion.

    Observe how your body is reacting. Is it hard for you to breathe after a while? Are you tired the next day?

    The answers of your observation will reveal your personal fitness level.

    6.      Walk

    In addition, your feet are made for walking, so do it for 2 hours straight.

    While you walk nonstop for 2 hours you should be able to carry out a conversation. However, at the end of your walk, you should still have the energy to exercise.

    You should not get winded because this shouldn’t be like an exercise, if it is, then you need to reset your fitness priorities.

    7.      Sit Down and Stand Up

    The easiest and most basic way to check your fitness level is the sit-down and stand up the challenge. Also, the premise is this; sit down using only your feet and stand back up also using only your feet. If you use the side of your legs, your hands, elbows or knees to help you stand up, you are cheating.

    Give it a try and see how you do, you may not be at a fitness level you think when you perform this simple fitness test.

    These are the best ways one can gauge their fitness level. You can try the method that seems easiest to you and when you have your results, do change your workout routines to get to a better fitness level.

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