13 Things Insanely Successful People Do That Most Ignore

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    We watch TV, reality shows, or read blogs on the internet. Somehow some profiles do find us from whatever the channel. You might find a number of high profile celebrities, business owners, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, athletes, etc., and wonder how they got so successful (successful people) in their respective fields.

    Being able to study such names closely will tell you a lot about them. Also, it provides answers to much of your most glaring questions. You may ponder over the fact: what is the secret recipe for success. However, the hard truth is, there is no shortcut to success except hard work and self-management blended in the right way to get the best potential out of you.

    So what exactly are the elements that highly successful people possess that have made them so successful and productive over the rest?

    1. Emphasis on minutes, rather than hours

    Most of us take a day as a 24-hour box in which you have to conduct all your personal and professional commitments. However, another perspective can occur that successful people apply are to take a day equal to 1,440 minutes, in which each minute is valuable. Remember, you can gain and lose money over repeated cycles, but time is irrecoverable. The point is to master each minute of your day at its best. You will be surprised at the number of things you’re able to do over the course of the whole day, without compromising the quality and effort invested.

    1. Center of attention on only one thing

    Successful people are well-aware with the most important task of the day and know they have to invest about a couple of hours in it at the start of each day without any distractions. Which task in hand will throw the greatest impact on your goals? Which achievement is required to grab a promotion at your workplace? Recognizing the most highly prioritized things on daily basis is what calls for intensely focusing on your primary goals.

    1. It’s enough with the to-do list

    You won’t see any highly productive or successful professional carrying a long to-do list in his/her pocket every day. Rather it’s time you mark everything on your calendar. It has been noted that only 41% items stated on the to-do list ever get done. All the leftover items give rise to Zeigarnik Effect, the condition in which the individual tends to focus more on the incomplete things and not the completed ones.

    Hence, leading to stress and anxiety. On the other hand, the use of calendar will tell you everything that needs to be done within the day by acting as a constant visual on your workstation or home.

    1. Countering procrastination with time travel

    Any future plan cannot be trusted, especially for people who are inconsistent with their time. We excitingly get admission in a gym with the aim to carve a killer body as a 6-month goal. While at the same time we can’t live without loads of junk food and other unhealthy eatables, or somehow find lame excuses to extend the goal timeline. Successful people have a lot to say in this regard. They know what needs to be done and ensure that their future self also aligns with their current plans. It’s all about staying consistent with the current time as well as the future.

    1. Not trying, but ‘making’ it home for dinner

    Everyone always wonders what more they have to do in their life. What more could be done, and what should be done. In short, successful people know what values in their life. No, we’re talking about anything apart from your professional commitments. There is no definite answer as each one of us have things in life that carry varying importance based on our personality, character, personal interest, and other deciding factors. But for most of us, spending quality time with family over the dinner table.

    You may also think burning calories in a gym could be the things that provide real happiness and comfort. No matter how much busy you are, but our priorities define where we head at the end of the day. You can always take out time for things that value above all.

    1. Less and fewer emails throughout the day

    Let’s accept the fact: ultra-successful people don’t spend half of their day writing and reading endless emails in their workday. Neither would they reach out for their phone after every vibration in the pocket. Instead, they are intelligent enough to process all the relevant email correspondences as quick as possible. Email management depends on the nature of your business or job, either way, you need to be efficient and straightforward.

    1. Say ‘no’ to almost everything

    Once Warren Buffet, the American business magnate said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.”. The point is if something is not considered as ‘of course’ or a ‘yes’, then it’s most likely a ‘no’. As stated above, you have a precious 1,440 minutes a day. Make the most of it and avoid investing them in everything that comes across your desk.

    1. Avoid irrelevant meetings

    As it is often joked by highly influential names in the corporate sector, “Avoid meetings no matter what, well unless someone is writing you a check”. What is the takeaway? Workplace meetings are highly-popular time and productivity killers. It will be a mere 20-minute gathering, but the time will only be consumed with inappropriate attendees discussing matters other than the core agenda, let alone devising the required outcomes. However, it doesn’t mean that all the meetings are useless, and this is where successful people step in. They are well-informed as to which meetings genuinely require their presence and what to do to stay on track.

    1. Go for the 80/20 rule

    According to Pareto Principle, about 80% of the outcomes are generated from the 20% of activities completed. Simply speaking, highly productive people rightfully identifies the activities that drive the healthiest revenues or other business outcomes. Heavily invest your efforts and time in such activities and avoid the ones that require less or none of your attention at all.

    1. Delegating most of the tasks

    Asking, “How can I do this work?”, and “How this work can be done” are not only two separate statements, but also two different approaches. Here the focus of intelligent and successful people is to take off the element ‘I’ and delegate the work as much as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that such personnel tends to lose control. The fact is, they never experience any control issues, neither practice micro-management.

    1. Accessing things only once

    Let’s face it: there are things that we go over again and again throughout our workday, for example, some high priority emails, announcements, etc. This is what successful people ask us to refrain from. For most of the daily things, they tend to touch them once and never again. Doesn’t matter if it’s taking you 5 or 10 minutes or above. You need to access any type of correspondence and go through it patiently without needing to go for it again. Checking things repeatedly only increases your stress as you are constantly left with the feeling of leaving things incomplete or misunderstood.

    1. A consistent morning routine

    You may interview a number of people for their typical morning routines and rituals. It will unsurprisingly get different answers from all. But when we talk about intensely successful individuals, you’ll find some morning habits that are mutual among all. The foremost of all, you need to be up at the time you have set your alarm the night before, take a nice bath, consume a healthy breakfast and perform some meditation. In short, get going for the day with a clear head.

    1. It’s all about energy

    Yes, we cannot create time by adding few more minutes in a 24-hour day. However, we can sharpen our focus, attentiveness, and productivity. Normally people take successful people as workaholics, but the reality is, they work the best use of time through powerful self-management techniques, rather than skipping meals and compromising their sleep, health, and personal lives. In fact, having an appropriate diet and rest is viewed as a fuel to recharge your batteries for the next day full of untapped potential and opportunities.


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    1. I think being successful has to do with a whole lot of thing. Successful people are also known as passionate individuals, they can’t attain success if they don’t love what they do and that is the number 1 rule of success is having a passion for whatever you are doing in life.

      Thanks for this mood changing post, I gained a lot from it. Cheers!

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