What Has the Environment Done To Our Growths?


    It is fair to say that environment has been a major factor which has been contributing to the acts of savage in our society. According to the developmental psychologist; Bronfrenbrena, in his work ‘ecology system’ he said: “Different environmental levels, ranging from Micro to Macro, simultaneously affect the behavioural aspect of men”. This is, in fact, a perfect axiom to describe the impacts of a child’s immediate environment.

    A child who is born and grew up in a place where truancy is rampant. This child is most likely to become a truant. Although not all pick up the traits, statistically, 80% of children who grew up in places like ghetto and the likes are found participating in social chaos and social disorderliness today.

    How could the environment, which should be a perfect bedrock of socialization be the inculcator building children to become social problems? We can not totally agree that this fault absolutely is environments. Of course, we can not because an environment can not exist without its greatest entities which are the individuals.
    The question remained unanswered as to between the environment and the individuals which one influence the other?

    It is of interest to say that vividly, the environment has influenced men.
    Ask me how; a child who is born today into a particular environment where the only faces he could see are that of elites, the non-working classes etc.  It would be an understatement to say such child won’t look up to his environment for inspiration and once he is inspired, the circle continues. However, this submission can not be totally accepted. This is because the world has seen children from rich homes become even more problematic to the society. What could the problem possibly be? Should we say they couldn’t get inspired?

    Or they had none to look up to? It’s obvious they had, but the impacts of the peers through the lens of the environment has made them realized there is more joy in truancy than being norms-oriented.

    Peers are known to be a good as well as a bad agent of socialization in our society. These peers are created nowhere other than in the environment.

    We can assume its instincts; innate for a child to be sexually inclined, but is it the same instinct that pushed a child into raping? No! This is the pure influence of the peers. How many are the cases of rapings reported involved a person? it’s either four or five people which are known as ‘Gang rape’.

    It is of interest to note that truly Prostitution is functional in the society, but do you really think ladies just wake up one day and began sleeping around with men? This is pure peer-made.

    The old ones, most times have been a cause of fall for the young ones. If not, why would a man severally sleeps with his 7yr old friend’s daughter? This was a case reported in 2016 at Ijede General Hospital, IKORODU, Lagos state. After several tests to confirm how damaged the innocent girl’s private part has become, the tests shown she was perfectly ok. It was a surprised because it’s expected of her to bleed after the incidence. Though she didn’t and after interrogations with the girl. It was made known that the young innocent girl no longer feel the pain of sex due to the expansion the man had caused.

    Furthermore, it was reported that the girl had been initiating romance with other kids. It’s sweet to say a particular environmental level had affected her behaviour. What a cruel lesson she had been taught. What can we say her case was? Influenced by the environment or the other way round?

    If the environment itself refuses to influence its entities positively, it would be a big loss to her. This is because the environment would know no peace and Chaos will be the order of the day.


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