5 Importance of Great Design at Exhibition Stands in Dubai

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    Every single company or brand shows with the intent to make new connections with prospective clients. However, an exhibition is not a fairly easy play, also to be successful you need an Event Stand Designer to help you attract those clients. Although the goal may be similar to everyone taking part in industry events and such situations, it’s not a fairly easy catch since there will be several others, of the same industry as yours, displaying their businesses.

    Consequently, you need to be at the top of your game and also take the business leads from every competition in the room. This can just be possible by making use of an exhibition stand contractor who has the necessary set of skills, experience and knowledge.

    The most unfortunate thing is that businesses are let down by way of displays at the event. Though they spend thousands, yet they are unable to make their occurrence count. And it may all be because of incompetent exhibition presentation area contractors who do not have the experience and skills you need to beat the lot.

    Displays are a great way to get your name out there and catch the attention of potential customers. You’ll be hard pushed to entice these customers with no attractive stand.

    Perhaps the main thing when designing for exhibitions is to be completely clear with your message. If visitors are walking past and cannot instantly see what you are or what you offer, they are likely to sail on by. So what should you be considering?

    –              Theme

    A themed stand is a great way to inject some fun and make your stand memorable and also helps encourage people to come and check you out. Try adding stage sets or games to communicate people, once you’ve acquired their attention you can then commence having one in conversation.

    –              Graphics

    Using screens with graphics, videos and participating content is great for catching people’s attention. If perhaps you’re feeling really exciting you could try discharge mapping graphics onto the material of your stand to essentially intrigue people.

    –              Fabric

    Typically overlooked at exhibition sticks, a fabric can be used to create beautiful results and bring a sprinkle of colour. Whether you use fabric to adorn, wrap around or as partitions for your stand, it can make a really great addition.

    –              Sound

    Test out sounds and music to provide visitors something different. Help to make sure this is an agent of your brand and demographics though. If done effectively it can be hugely effective.

    –              Lighting

    Good lighting frames the whole design and researchers even suggest that it can increase awareness of your stand. Many stands come with their own light but this might not exactly be enough to make you shine, try angled light boxes or coloured lamps but keep in mind sensory excess.

    The quicker you realise the value of design stand companies in Dubai in the exhibiting industry, the better it will be you, your business and the complete venture.

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