5 Reasons Why Exercise Can Supercharge Your Productivity

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    There is nothing new about the fact that exercising indeed benefits you by improving your productivity. When you work out, your internal organs remain fit. In addition when you exercise it gives a boost to your brain power enabling you to take up more challenges.

    So those who think signing up for a gym membership is all about building muscles and looking like the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or impressing the ladies. You are wrong! Because there is more to exercise than meets the eye. The article will look to provide you with reasons on how it leads to heightened productivity:

    1.  Helps You Handle Stress Better

    The corporate world can be blood sucker and those of you have worked there can easily relate. The pressures are numerous and it usually is a stressful situation to find oneself in. For those of you can combat stress can function better and their performance doesn’t get hampered by the workload.

    It is not uncommon for individuals to leave a perfectly fine job and which is also playing well for the inability of handling corporate pressure. Not many people can deal with the anxiety and stress it entails, for them, the cure lies in exercising.

    Exercising tends to reorganize our brains. It is because when we exercise it gives birth to more neurons in the ventral hippocampus, the area that keeps anxiety in check. The new neurons are usually excitable than its older versions and dictate your fight-or-flight instinct. So the more charged your brain is, the more likely you are to handle stress.

    2.  Gives You More Brain Cells

    As per neurogenesis findings, it is stated that the rate at which your brain cells grow is going to diminish as you age in life. However, startling it may be but this can actually be prevented from occurring. The answer lies in exercising.

    It was revealed as part of a study that those who exercise have the tendency to improve their growth of the brain on a daily basis. It simply means that those individuals who think the gym is a waste time must know that their brain growth is stagnant as opposed to those who hit the gym. This gives the latter an upper hand in their career as they are quick learners and are able to further fast.

    3. Exercise will kick up your energy level

    The last thing any of us want to do in our routine lives is set to time aside for exercise. Exercise suits best in the early hours of the morning or at the close of your day. Again, who has the time? To some, this may be an absurd thought but if you observe closely, you will realize that exercising during these instances can really kick up your energy.

    When you exercise the body becomes better at transferring glucose and oxygen through your entire body. And as a result, you will experience enhanced energy levels. However, in order to avail these benefits, it is not compulsory that you have to hit the gym, walking, and strength training counts as well.

    If you are low on energy it will be difficult for you to complete one task and by the time you switch to another project, you will be totally drained. The worst position to find oneself in, no?

    4. Exercise can spark a breakthrough idea

    Are you stuck? No fresh idea is popping in your head? Step out and take a stroll. There is a study which tells that by taking a walk outdoors people have experienced a sudden surge of creative thinking and the average output totaling somewhere close to 60%. That is a remarkable percentage rise!

    The idea is not alien, many authors bear testament to this phenomenon. During their writing, they all hit a wall on one or more occasions. What they did was take a walk around the neighbourhood, took trips up and down their stairs or moving around their workplaces. As soon as they got in motion, the idea came to them just as someone had turned the lights on.

    Thus, moving appeals your creative juices.

    5. Exercise can help you find your optimal work-life balance (Productivity)

    Working out is not just another one of your items to cross off your to-do list. In a paper published in Harvard Business Review, it was stated that people who were regularly engaged in exercise found it easy to maintain a work-life balance as opposed to their counterparts.

    Why? It is perhaps because they are disciplined, they have learned to manage time and are confident in pulling off demands both at their workplace and home. Thus it is advisable to never compromise on exercise, no matter what mess life becomes. This might be the only thing standing between you losing your mind and safeguarding your sanity.


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