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The Perfect Way To Listen To Your Body



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The perfect way to listen to your body is straightforward. Oh, we all know the common logical symptoms…………………like eating when you’re hungry, drinking water when you’re thirsty, resting when you’re tired or popping a pill when you have a headache! But even here we don’t necessarily stop and listen to our body. We are always too busy and in a hurry to go somewhere that we don’t take the time to listen to what our body is trying to tell us!

I remember years ago while raising my family, teaching school and trying to run the household I was at the “burn-out” stage. My sister said to me, “Muriel, you have to listen to your body! It is trying to tell you something!” I’ve never forgotten those words!

So now do I always listen to my body? Of course not! We are human creatures and sometimes slow learners! So you suffer from a hangover because you drank too much the night before. You swear you will not drink like that again! Of course, by the next weekend, you’ve forgotten about the hangover and you’re partying again!

Most of our problems stem back to some bad habits we developed along the way. And bad habits are really hard to break! You know like biting or chewing your fingernails. Or maybe it’s an addiction to coke, sweets, cigarettes, drugs or alcohol You don’t quit until your body says ‘that’s enough’! It seems we sometimes just need a little more than a little discomfort to make us listen to our body. What we need is a real ’wake up call’! Or maybe we need to hit the bottom of the barrel and get a really good scare before we will stop and listen to the body! It is more suitable for mom to carry her baby diaper in a backpack.

Well, I had a wakeup call this past week. Now from a small girl on my bad habit was picking at my sores, scratches or whatever there was to pick! I would pick at it! Of course, sometimes these sores took a long time to heal because I was always scratching away the scab so of course, they would leave lasting scars and unsightly looking arms and legs!  So I slowly broke myself of that habit. It took a lot of years and conscious effort on my part. So I thought I had that bad habit licked!

But just last week I had this big white head thingy on the top of my foot, just in the crease where you feel it when you walk. So I thought I would just squeeze it and get rid of that thing! Well, it was tougher than I thought so after much squeezing and digging I thought I had killed the thing for good! But lo and behold it didn’t look so good the next day! In fact, I now had a big sore on the top of my foot! After several days the sore was now an open wound and it looked awful! OH NO, I thought! Now I went and done it! I’ve got a severe infection in place of the things I was trying to get rid of.

So I worked several days bathing my foot, dousing it with peroxide to kill any germs, treating it with Tea tree oil and putting an antibiotic cream on it. Well, the swelling started and the redness around the sore grew larger. Brother Ray suggested treating it with polysporin and of course he said you could always go see your doctor!  Of course, that had crossed my mind and I was almost tempted to do that because now this foot doesn’t look so good! But what will he do I thought? Sure he’ll probably give me some antibiotics which will, yes, destroy the bad bacteria but it will also destroy the good bacteria along with the bad and more antibiotic cream to apply. And I need those good bacteria right now to help fight the bad!!

No, I thought, I’ll do it MY WAY! I had to think now why my body wasn’t healing this wound?   Maybe my immune system for some reason wasn’t doing its job. Because the body can heal itself. Right? So now I’m listening to my body and what I hear isn’t that good!  Maybe my liver is overloaded with the toxins we put into our bodies every day and so it just can’t do its job properly. So I thought I will just have to treat this more aggressively. I need to get rid of the infection, yes, but it also needs to heal from the inside out! The body can only do its job if we are feeding it properly! It is essential for a diaper bag for twins.

So the first thing is to change my diet. No sugar or any glucose of any sort! Not that I indulge in sugary foods much. So that should be easy.  But that means no carbohydrates either! Now that’s a little tougher! But hey, I can do this for the next week or two! I suppose that means I have to give up my glass of wine and my favourite summer beverage too! So I start the day with lemon water. A little later I take my greens drink (Greens First) (sweetened with Stevia) and it’s one of the best tasting greens drink I’ve tasted! Later I have my breakfast which will likely be eggs.

Interesting that today I should come across an interview on with Lori Johnson about the Ketogenic Diet. This Youtube video is worth the watch! I will try this diet for a few weeks as I see so much benefit in this diet for cancer prevention and for sure if you have cancer! It also has shown amazing results for children with epilepsy. The only side effect is weight loss!

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Saminu Abass Ola who is popularly called ‘Mr. Possible‘ is a young motivational and inspirational speaker and writer, who is also the brain behind this wonderful blog. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.


Self Improvement

7 Incredible Secrets To Help You Make 2018 Super Successful



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There are many ways to be successful in life. As we go to the new year, you start thinking about how you can make this your most successful year. To be successful, you need to sacrifice many things to achieve it.

Well, you’ve come to the right place here. You will learn seven practical tips to achieve your goals and improve your life in 2018. Each of these tips will focus on the following aspects of your life:





Business and career

Personal finances

Personal limits

One of the essential keys to setting goals and achieving goals is to adopt a holistic approach. You are not merely composed of a body and a brain. You are a complete person, with spirit, body and soul.

When you concentrate only on one aspect of your life, it becomes too easy to bring it out of balance. Achieving success in a part of life at the expense of the other areas causes frustration and ultimately makes you miserable and unhealthy.

Therefore learn from these seven tips and discipline to build a balanced life. Choose goals that are in harmony with each other. When your goals are aligned, your progress will change quickly, and your life will improve faster than you can imagine.


  1. Feed your mind

It all starts with your thoughts and your mental health. Successful people think positively. They bring a correct attitude to everything they do. They are optimistic and practical and have hope for the future.

How is your future? When you project five or ten years ahead, do you like what you see? How do you wish your life to be evaluated in a few years and how do you let it happen?

Your future life will be determined by the actions you are taking at the moment. If your current course does not bring you where you want to be, you have to change direction.

You have to learn new things. Also, you have to develop new skills. You must expand your training to create new opportunities for yourself. The internet has revolutionized self-study, and you have to take advantage of that.

Did you realize that you can get a free Harvard training? We are not only talking about scholarships here. But every average person can check college courses online for free. Just think about the possibilities and view the free courses available today. See which of them match your goals.

If you do not see the classes you want to follow, you can expand your knowledge in other ways. When last did you visit your local public library? All topics that you would like to learn about can be studied extensively in the library.

It is said that leading people in business read a new book every week on average. If you want to gain new knowledge in your field, you should not stop feeding your head.


  1. Enter your body

To achieve a higher level of success in 2018, you also want to nurture and care for your body. Did you know that your physical condition may affect your mental health, your work performance and your relationships?

Think about it. Your brain needs a variety of nutrients and sufficient blood supply to perform optimally. The mental inertia goes hand in hand with physical inactivity. Allow your physical condition to support your mental, financial and spiritual goals.

Start by only putting quality food in your body. Processed food made in human form cannot provide all the nutrients you need for optimal health and maximum performance. Instead, you spend more time shopping in the aisle of the supermarket.

Purge your kitchen and pantry with junk food and store fresh fruit and vegetables. Whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds have to get the most out of your shopping list.

If you have a busy lifestyle and have little time, prepare your meals in large quantities. You can easily divide them into separate storage containers so that you can take one out of the fridge while you go to the door to go to work.

Throw a little body exercise every day. If you do not have money for a gym membership or if you have trouble booking time to go there every day, you can merely leave more of the entrance when you go to work or go to the store. The extra walking distance can be collected throughout the week.

You can also decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator or try half of your lunch through the office building instead of resting in the lounge and watching TV.


  1. Feed your soul

There are different ways to feed your soul. Here are just a few ideas:

Religious practice




Nature walks



All these activities are good for the soul and can bring great benefits in your life with just a few minutes each day. The secret is to make them part of your daily routine. Forming new habits may seem complicated at first, but by practising regularly, you will find that your soul longs for it.


  1. Feed your relationships

You are not an island Your life is obstructed or enriched by the relationships you build. But even though you are surrounded by hundreds and even thousands of people every day, you will find that it can be advantageous to limit your interactions to a few influential people.

You can not feed 100 relationships at once. Therefore, take the time to identify the people who are most important to you. Connect yourself to commit something more every week.

To spend more time with these key people, you may have to spend less time with others. Think of the other people in your life and identify every toxic relationship.

Do some people seem to empty your energy and happiness? Do you feel more stressed after dating certain friends, colleagues or family members?

If so, recognize that your happiness matters. Start weaning from those people to free up more time for those who enrich your life. Enriching your life could lead you to be a successful being.


  1. Build up your business

Your business or career takes a large part of your life, so it is only logical that you set goals to achieve a higher level of success. Your career can also influence other parts of your life. Before you step on the company ladder for another decade, you must first ensure that this ladder leans against the right building.

If you are not satisfied with your work, change it. If you can not stand your boss, dismiss him. This is not the BCE of 2018. You have freedom, and you have options. Use your freedom to choose the life you want, and that starts with your work.

And if you seem to hate every job you’ve had, then it might be time to do your work by starting a business. With the internet, it is now easier and cheaper to start a business all over again. To be successful in any business you have to be steadfast as well.


  1. Protect your finances

You work hard for your money, but does your money give you more freedom? It can and should.

The problem many people face is that they are stuck in the work-spending work cycle. They work more to earn more money. Then they spend all the money they earn and more, thanks to credit cards. Once they have spent all their money, they work even harder to keep track of credit card accounts.

It is an endless cycle. You do not have to live like this year. Start reserving a little money every week on a savings account and do not touch it. If you need to reduce your expenses, do it. Do not forget that nobody stops you.

If you can not discipline yourself to save money on any salary, you can never reach your financial goals.


  1. Boost your limits

This is the year in which everything will change for you, but changes can not be made if you continue to lead your life as you have lived in recent years. To get different results, you have to do things differently.

If you want to achieve more, you have to become a new person. The old one is stuck in a comfort zone, and that is what stops you. To reach the desired life, you must leave your comfort zone.

This will not be easy, but it is worth it. As you try to make changes in your work life, your body, your relationships and your spiritual life, you will feel uncomfortable. Pay attention when this happens!  This is your chance!

To achieve the progress in life that you want, you have to learn to love the inconvenience. You have to embrace the insecurity that comes with trying new things. Anything you want is on the other side of that pain, so do not give up and do not give up.

Press your limitations to create the new life that you imagine. These are the best ways to be successful.


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Self Improvement

How To Take Care Of Your Mind In 2018 With This Lifestyle Change



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This is a post to discuss the perfect way to take care of your mind in a new year with this simple lifestyle change. It is a new year with new lifestyle change. It is important to make a change in your mind with this simple lifestyle change for a better year ahead.

It’s not always easy to find time to spend with yourself and really check in with you. I know that even when I’m doing something that’s just for me, like going to a museum or even getting a haircut. It can still feel like just another thing on my to-do list, and not particularly emotionally, mentally, or spiritually centering. It’s all too easy to go through a whole day without doing anything that even remotely resembles self-care.

So if you, like me, plan to focus on figuring out how to take care of your mind in 2018, I can say with certainty that taking 20 minutes every day to devote to you and only you, is a great place to begin. Trust me, you’ll start feeling the difference after only a few days of practicing this.

And what exactly is daily “you time,” you may ask? Well, it’s just that: 20 minutes a day (at least) that you spend with yourself, with the intention of clearing your mind, getting centered, feeling internally in-tune, and checking in with your emotional well-being.

Meditation is a great way to begin thinking about this solo daily activity since the benefits of a meditation practice are plentiful: It’s been shown to lower stress levels, improve focus, self-confidence, and even boost your immunity, to name a few.

But honestly, you don’t have to try out meditation. You can get as creative as you’d like with these solo, “you time” activities.

If you are not into it, your 20 minutes of solo time doesn’t have to involve sitting on a pillow and listening to a guided breathing meditation. When you get down to it, this time is really about making more space in your everyday life to cultivate soundness and peace of mind, in whatever way works best for you.

So, if meditation’s not your thing, consider some other activities you can do by yourself that feel centering and emotionally restorative. Maybe you really like to color, or you’d like to start journaling about your intentions for the week. Maybe you want to just throw on a good playlist and dance all by yourself in your bedroom.

What you do each day can also change as little or as often as you see fit. If one day, you need to lay down on the ground and close your eyes while listening to music, and the next day you need to journal for 10 minutes then stretch for 10 more, that’s totally cool. Figure out what truly works for you. Find things that don’t feel like a chore, or a task, or aren’t otherwise overwhelming in any way.

All in all, the practice of daily solo time is also all about mindfulness.

Mindful activities help you cultivate an ability to be fully immersed in the present moment. You’re concentrated only on where your body is at, and what it’s doing right here and right now.

Mindfulness not only helps with reducing momentary stress, but it also helps you establish more fruitful, rewarding, moment-to-moment experiences in the rest of your daily life.

The practice of mindfulness can help train your brain toward being more productive. Also, it helps to be less distracted when carrying out everyday tasks. A 2011 study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Arizona illustrates this very point. The human resources personnel who participated in the study were given training in either mindfulness meditation or body relaxation techniques for eight weeks. In addition, were administered a complicated multitasking test both before and after their training practices.

By the end, the participants who practiced meditation were less stressed. They were more focused on completing the given test. They showed increased memory for the tasks at hand, and they even switched tasks less often than the other group.

Spending this type of mindful, quality time with yourself is the best way to take care of both your mental health and your overall well-being.

So, before the ball drops this New Year’s Eve, take a few moments to consider how you can commit to giving yourself time to very literally just do you. Whether you set aside that solo time right when you wake up in the morning. Also, you can take a midday break, or even if you decide to make it an evening ritual. Set a goal for yourself in 2018 to maintain this practice as a regular part of your routine.

Instead of that tired cliché “new year, new you,” what about “new year, do you?” Yeah, I definitely like the sound of that.

Take care of your mind in a new year with this simple lifestyle change.

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How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself You Can Be | Interpersonal Skills



interpersonal skills
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We often get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that we convince ourselves that we don’t have the time to make personal development a priority (interpersonal skills). Work pressures, family commitments and social engagements seem to fill our calendars 24/7 but if you make investing in yourself a habit you will quickly see the positive effect this will have on every aspect of your life. We all want to do better at work or feel like we are the best partners, parent or friend that we can be. What if all of this was just as simple as stopping for a second and looking at how you relate to others?


The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills

There are so many benefits to improving your interpersonal skills that are both personal and professional. How you relate to others effects absolutely everything in both your social and your work life. Communication is at the very heart of how you relate to others but we don’t often spend much time thinking about how important this skill is or how we can improve it.

Often just the very act of taking some time out to do something for ourselves that we truly enjoy is enough to improve our interpersonal skills. When you do something you enjoy it releases feel-good chemicals in your brains such as serotonin and oxytocin. When you are relaxed and happy, the knock-on effect is that you are naturally calmer and able to see everything else much more clearly.


Making Yourself A Priority Isn’t Selfish

Claiming back some of your precious time isn’t selfish, it’s quite the opposite. Your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues will reap the rewards of your personal investment in you. It’s much better to take an hour out of your schedule each week to dedicate that time purely to yourself, rather than agree to a jam-packed itinerary designed to please other people.

There’s a difference between just showing up and being present and whether or not you feel like you have to be in a certain situation or whether you want to be there will certainly shine through to the other people involved. Having a set amount of time that is purely yours and yours alone each week will give you space and freedom you need to allow yourself to be present in all other aspects of your life.


Be Strict With Your Time

It might seem counter-productive to add something else to your already over-subscribed schedule but don’t underestimate the positive effect time-out can have on the rest of your life. Dedicating a portion of your time to spend on yourself each week will make your relationships stronger, your focus clearer and your happiness levels at an all-time high.

If you really want to maximise your life potential making yourself a priority is a must. Your instincts may tell you that it is selfish to put yourself first but other people in your life will really benefit from a more balanced, well-rounded you.


The Benefits Of Putting Yourself First

Don’t put off putting yourself first, schedule some time for yourself and stick to it no matter what. When you claim some me a time you allow yourself to switch off from the demands of everyday life. Responsibilities can be exhausting, especially in today’s social media obsessed world which forces us to compare our lives to others.

Looking after yourself is not only one of the best way to improve mental health, it’s also the best way to improve every single relationship in your life. Taking some time out will make you calmer, more relaxed and more able to focus on the things and the people that really matter in your life.

Give Yourself Permission To Say No

Remember it’s ok to say no from time to time. It’s easy to get into the habit of being a people pleaser who says yes to every single thing but you are really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t carve out some time for yourself that is yours no matter what else comes along.

Think of it as putting your own oxygen mask on before you help those around you. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup and sometimes in order to lead a fulfilled, balanced and happy life you need to look at number one first.


What Does Investing In Yourself Look Like For You?

Everybody’s idea of investing in them will look very, very different. However, the desired outcome will remain the same. When you forget about all of life’s other demands for a second, you can really focus on what you want to do. You can read, write, paint or take up some other hobby that you’ve always wanted to try.

People often see these things as a frivolous waste of time. However, you never know where individual pursuits will lead or what opportunities they are going to open up for you. Therefore, interpersonal skills should be a priority.

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Self Improvement

4 Ways Online Counselling Is Helping Executives With Stress And Anxiety



online counselling
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At Counselling Online we are providing online counselling services in Australia through SKYPE using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  We are seeing a number of executives and busy owners presenting with symptoms of anxiety, stress and burn-out. They often question why they are working long hours, what value is there when they don’t see family and why are they feeling tired and anxious a lot. We look at 4 specific areas for our executive and high-achiever clients:

  1. Happiness is not normal

We explore with clients the myth that seems to exist these days that happiness is normal and human beings are meant to be happy and feeling good all the time. We suggest this is not the case and is more a myth that has been perpetrated by too many self-help books. Whose sole aim is to sell a belief that through positive thinking or other such unscientific methods.

Instead, we suggest that human suffering is normal and rather than happiness we should instead seek the peace of mind. We suggest that living is to be part of a society where there is death, tragedy, heartbreak. But also love, joy, kindness and happiness. And that a rich, full and meaningful life is opening ourselves up to all aspects of life – even the difficult parts.

  1. Mindfulness

Much of anxiety is caused by worrying about what may happen in the future. Will I have a job or will someone love me? Will I get a promotion, what happens when I get old – and so on and so on. It is understandable that so many of us think ahead in the fast-paced society we live in. Where there is a constant stream of messages about why is successful, what is normal, what is beautiful and so on.

Mindfulness is a way of observing our experience and learning to unhook from difficult thoughts. Mindfulness helps free ourselves from the illusion of language. Language can stop us from experiencing life as we can see life through a prism of being an anxious person or being an addict for example. This labelling becomes self-defeating and we become stuck and holding onto thoughts serves to also hold us back.

  1. Acceptance

Much of human language has now evolved around ridding ourselves of undesirable events such as colds, pests, weather conditions. We seem to crave a life that is free of disturbance or difficulty. Psychological pain has a history and it is not a matter of getting rid of it, it is more a matter of how we deal with it and move forward.

The acceptance part of the skills set which we show clients is that trying to get rid of pain only amplifies it and entangles us further. The acceptance we encourage is not a sad, weighty acceptance but a rather vital embrace of the moment. Here at Counselling Online, we notice many executives and professionals have difficulty with acceptance as they can be programmed to want to make things better or project manage areas of their life that are difficult.

  1. Commitment and value-based to living

We ask clients a number of questions to help them clarify what they are doing in life and for what purpose. It’s amazing in this hurried and fast-paced life that we work hard. Try to earn good money but seldom we stop for a moment and think about why are doing this and is the work we do serving a purpose. Is it taking us towards the person we want to be. So we ask clients

  • Are you living the life you want to live right now?
  • Is your life focused on what is most meaningful to you?
  • Is the way your life your life characterised by vitality and engagement?

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6 Power Tactics for Building Resilience in Volatile World



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Building resilience in this volatile world? The world has become very unpredictable and a lot of people struggle to create continuity for the life they are accustomed to. Also, in some cultures, adult courses and classes are vastly popular because professionals and homemakers want to pursue different studies in order to develop skills that can provide continuity to their life. They enjoy learning from someone who’s already an expert and using what they have learned to move their life forward.

Moreover, that is one smart tactic especially in this volatile era wherein. You are not sure if the company you’re working for will still be around in the next year. Also, if you’ll still have a job in the next few months. Growing your accomplishments in different areas of your life will provide you other things to fall back on, so if your company goes bust or you get sacked due to downsizing, or if your environment or circumstances change, you can easily bounce back and forge ahead.

Therefore, developing resilience is definitely a must in an uncertain world. For this reason, we have here six power tactics that will help you develop it.

1. Shift your consciousness from emotion to intelligence.

When you want to bounce back from life-altering situations, you need to get hold of your emotions and let intelligence take over. Though you can’t let how you feel prevent you from thinking clearly. However, if you need to “hurt,” don’t deprive yourself this too, just make sure you don’t feel sad for a long time.

2. Constantly remind yourself that challenges are all temporary.

No matter how difficult certain situations in life may get, they all will come to pass. Some problems may take longer to get resolved than others but you can rest assured, get comfortable in the fact that one day, all the knots will come undone. Just be patient and be open to the various solutions life will direct your way.

3. Ask for help.

More people working on the same problem will provide you more ideas to work with. Reach out to people who are known problem solvers. They can guide you toward the right path. Say, your business is in a bleak period and you can’t see light on the horizon, get a business coach. This professional can help analyze what your company is going through and provide a different perspective. Most of the time, that’s all you really need to get back on track – a different perspective. When you’re too close to the problem, you miss the other elements of the big picture.

Or, perhaps you need to start afresh, a personal coach can guide you on your new path. Bottomline here is, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Observe mindfulness.

Changes can be very stressful and at times. You may feel like they’re overtaking your life. Regain control by practicing mindfulness.

Imagine your thoughts as fallen leaves floating by in a stream. Also, don’t do anything – just let them get washed away. However, this practice will reinvigorate you and clear your mind, allowing you to come up with plans to accommodate and adjust to these changes.

5. Find a hobby.

Hobbies bring joy and where there’s joy, there’s abundant creativity. Creativity is required in developing resilience. People who are creative are more focused on solutions and taking action don’t waste time just wallowing in doubt and self-pity.

The nice thing about hobbies is wherever life takes you, you can keep pursuing them, giving you are a good measure of continuity.

6.  Encourage yourself.

Don’t wait for other people to boost your confidence. Provide yourself affirmations that can uplift your spirit. Consider autosuggestion as well and harness your mind’s ability to influence your actions and your situation. Also, encourage yourself and become the master of your fate.

When life is trying to beat you down, make sure that you don’t look defeated. Laugh and smile with confidence. Also, always walk fast – don’t look like you’re dragging yourself. Speak up because it’s not what other people would say that matters, it’s what you say that’s important.

Resilience is a reliable weapon in life. Develop it so no matter how volatile the world gets, you can overcome and emerge a winner.


Salma El-Shurafa is an experienced Executive Coach and founder of The Pathway Project. She is also a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and a graduate of CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program.

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