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    The perfect way to listen to your body is straightforward. Oh, we all know the common logical symptoms…………………like eating when you’re hungry, drinking water when you’re thirsty, resting when you’re tired or popping a pill when you have a headache! But even here we don’t necessarily stop and listen to our body. We are always too busy and in a hurry to go somewhere that we don’t take the time to listen to what our body is trying to tell us!

    I remember years ago while raising my family, teaching school and trying to run the household I was at the “burn-out” stage. My sister said to me, “Muriel, you have to listen to your body! It is trying to tell you something!” I’ve never forgotten those words!

    So now do I always listen to my body? Of course not! We are human creatures and sometimes slow learners! So you suffer from a hangover because you drank too much the night before. You swear you will not drink like that again! Of course, by the next weekend, you’ve forgotten about the hangover and you’re partying again!

    Most of our problems stem back to some bad habits we developed along the way. And bad habits are really hard to break! You know like biting or chewing your fingernails. Or maybe it’s an addiction to coke, sweets, cigarettes, drugs or alcohol You don’t quit until your body says ‘that’s enough’! It seems we sometimes just need a little more than a little discomfort to make us listen to our body. What we need is a real ’wake up call’! Or maybe we need to hit the bottom of the barrel and get a really good scare before we will stop and listen to the body! It is more suitable for mom to carry her baby diaper in a backpack.

    Well, I had a wakeup call this past week. Now from a small girl on my bad habit was picking at my sores, scratches or whatever there was to pick! I would pick at it! Of course, sometimes these sores took a long time to heal because I was always scratching away the scab so of course, they would leave lasting scars and unsightly looking arms and legs!  So I slowly broke myself of that habit. It took a lot of years and conscious effort on my part. So I thought I had that bad habit licked!

    But just last week I had this big white head thingy on the top of my foot, just in the crease where you feel it when you walk. So I thought I would just squeeze it and get rid of that thing! Well, it was tougher than I thought so after much squeezing and digging I thought I had killed the thing for good! But lo and behold it didn’t look so good the next day! In fact, I now had a big sore on the top of my foot! After several days the sore was now an open wound and it looked awful! OH NO, I thought! Now I went and done it! I’ve got a severe infection in place of the things I was trying to get rid of.

    So I worked several days bathing my foot, dousing it with peroxide to kill any germs, treating it with Tea tree oil and putting an antibiotic cream on it. Well, the swelling started and the redness around the sore grew larger. Brother Ray suggested treating it with polysporin and of course he said you could always go see your doctor!  Of course, that had crossed my mind and I was almost tempted to do that because now this foot doesn’t look so good! But what will he do I thought? Sure he’ll probably give me some antibiotics which will, yes, destroy the bad bacteria but it will also destroy the good bacteria along with the bad and more antibiotic cream to apply. And I need those good bacteria right now to help fight the bad!!

    No, I thought, I’ll do it MY WAY! I had to think now why my body wasn’t healing this wound?   Maybe my immune system for some reason wasn’t doing its job. Because the body can heal itself. Right? So now I’m listening to my body and what I hear isn’t that good!  Maybe my liver is overloaded with the toxins we put into our bodies every day and so it just can’t do its job properly. So I thought I will just have to treat this more aggressively. I need to get rid of the infection, yes, but it also needs to heal from the inside out! The body can only do its job if we are feeding it properly! It is essential for a diaper bag for twins.

    So the first thing is to change my diet. No sugar or any glucose of any sort! Not that I indulge in sugary foods much. So that should be easy.  But that means no carbohydrates either! Now that’s a little tougher! But hey, I can do this for the next week or two! I suppose that means I have to give up my glass of wine and my favourite summer beverage too! So I start the day with lemon water. A little later I take my greens drink (Greens First) (sweetened with Stevia) and it’s one of the best tasting greens drink I’ve tasted! Later I have my breakfast which will likely be eggs.

    Interesting that today I should come across an interview on with Lori Johnson about the Ketogenic Diet. This Youtube video is worth the watch! I will try this diet for a few weeks as I see so much benefit in this diet for cancer prevention and for sure if you have cancer! It also has shown amazing results for children with epilepsy. The only side effect is weight loss!

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