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The perfect way to listen to your body is straightforward. Oh, we all know the common logical symptoms…………………like eating when you’re hungry, drinking water when you’re thirsty, resting when you’re tired or popping a pill when you have a headache! But even here we don’t necessarily stop and listen to our body. We are always too busy and in a hurry to go somewhere that we don’t take the time to listen to what our body is trying to tell us!

I remember years ago while raising my family, teaching school and trying to run the household I was at the “burn-out” stage. My sister said to me, “Muriel, you have to listen to your body! It is trying to tell you something!” I’ve never forgotten those words!

So now do I always listen to my body? Of course not! We are human creatures and sometimes slow learners! So you suffer from a hangover because you drank too much the night before. You swear you will not drink like that again! Of course, by the next weekend, you’ve forgotten about the hangover and you’re partying again!

Most of our problems stem back to some bad habits we developed along the way. And bad habits are really hard to break! You know like biting or chewing your fingernails. Or maybe it’s an addiction to coke, sweets, cigarettes, drugs or alcohol You don’t quit until your body says ‘that’s enough’! It seems we sometimes just need a little more than a little discomfort to make us listen to our body. What we need is a real ’wake up call’! Or maybe we need to hit the bottom of the barrel and get a really good scare before we will stop and listen to the body! It is more suitable for mom to carry her baby diaper in a backpack.

Well, I had a wakeup call this past week. Now from a small girl on my bad habit was picking at my sores, scratches or whatever there was to pick! I would pick at it! Of course, sometimes these sores took a long time to heal because I was always scratching away the scab so of course, they would leave lasting scars and unsightly looking arms and legs!  So I slowly broke myself of that habit. It took a lot of years and conscious effort on my part. So I thought I had that bad habit licked!

But just last week I had this big white head thingy on the top of my foot, just in the crease where you feel it when you walk. So I thought I would just squeeze it and get rid of that thing! Well, it was tougher than I thought so after much squeezing and digging I thought I had killed the thing for good! But lo and behold it didn’t look so good the next day! In fact, I now had a big sore on the top of my foot! After several days the sore was now an open wound and it looked awful! OH NO, I thought! Now I went and done it! I’ve got a severe infection in place of the things I was trying to get rid of.

So I worked several days bathing my foot, dousing it with peroxide to kill any germs, treating it with Tea tree oil and putting an antibiotic cream on it. Well, the swelling started and the redness around the sore grew larger. Brother Ray suggested treating it with polysporin and of course he said you could always go see your doctor!  Of course, that had crossed my mind and I was almost tempted to do that because now this foot doesn’t look so good! But what will he do I thought? Sure he’ll probably give me some antibiotics which will, yes, destroy the bad bacteria but it will also destroy the good bacteria along with the bad and more antibiotic cream to apply. And I need those good bacteria right now to help fight the bad!!

No, I thought, I’ll do it MY WAY! I had to think now why my body wasn’t healing this wound?   Maybe my immune system for some reason wasn’t doing its job. Because the body can heal itself. Right? So now I’m listening to my body and what I hear isn’t that good!  Maybe my liver is overloaded with the toxins we put into our bodies every day and so it just can’t do its job properly. So I thought I will just have to treat this more aggressively. I need to get rid of the infection, yes, but it also needs to heal from the inside out! The body can only do its job if we are feeding it properly! It is essential for a diaper bag for twins.

So the first thing is to change my diet. No sugar or any glucose of any sort! Not that I indulge in sugary foods much. So that should be easy.  But that means no carbohydrates either! Now that’s a little tougher! But hey, I can do this for the next week or two! I suppose that means I have to give up my glass of wine and my favourite summer beverage too! So I start the day with lemon water. A little later I take my greens drink (Greens First) (sweetened with Stevia) and it’s one of the best tasting greens drink I’ve tasted! Later I have my breakfast which will likely be eggs.

Interesting that today I should come across an interview on with Lori Johnson about the Ketogenic Diet. This Youtube video is worth the watch! I will try this diet for a few weeks as I see so much benefit in this diet for cancer prevention and for sure if you have cancer! It also has shown amazing results for children with epilepsy. The only side effect is weight loss!

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Saminu Abass Ola who is popularly called ‘Mr. Possible‘ is a young motivational and inspirational speaker and writer, who is also the brain behind this wonderful blog. He is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.

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Self Improvement

6 Power Tactics for Building Resilience in Volatile World



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Building resilience in this volatile world? The world has become very unpredictable and a lot of people struggle to create continuity for the life they are accustomed to. Also, in some cultures, adult courses and classes are vastly popular because professionals and homemakers want to pursue different studies in order to develop skills that can provide continuity to their life. They enjoy learning from someone who’s already an expert and using what they have learned to move their life forward.

Moreover, that is one smart tactic especially in this volatile era wherein. You are not sure if the company you’re working for will still be around in the next year. Also, if you’ll still have a job in the next few months. Growing your accomplishments in different areas of your life will provide you other things to fall back on, so if your company goes bust or you get sacked due to downsizing, or if your environment or circumstances change, you can easily bounce back and forge ahead.

Therefore, developing resilience is definitely a must in an uncertain world. For this reason, we have here six power tactics that will help you develop it.

1. Shift your consciousness from emotion to intelligence.

When you want to bounce back from life-altering situations, you need to get hold of your emotions and let intelligence take over. Though you can’t let how you feel prevent you from thinking clearly. However, if you need to “hurt,” don’t deprive yourself this too, just make sure you don’t feel sad for a long time.

2. Constantly remind yourself that challenges are all temporary.

No matter how difficult certain situations in life may get, they all will come to pass. Some problems may take longer to get resolved than others but you can rest assured, get comfortable in the fact that one day, all the knots will come undone. Just be patient and be open to the various solutions life will direct your way.

3. Ask for help.

More people working on the same problem will provide you more ideas to work with. Reach out to people who are known problem solvers. They can guide you toward the right path. Say, your business is in a bleak period and you can’t see light on the horizon, get a business coach. This professional can help analyze what your company is going through and provide a different perspective. Most of the time, that’s all you really need to get back on track – a different perspective. When you’re too close to the problem, you miss the other elements of the big picture.

Or, perhaps you need to start afresh, a personal coach can guide you on your new path. Bottomline here is, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Observe mindfulness.

Changes can be very stressful and at times. You may feel like they’re overtaking your life. Regain control by practicing mindfulness.

Imagine your thoughts as fallen leaves floating by in a stream. Also, don’t do anything – just let them get washed away. However, this practice will reinvigorate you and clear your mind, allowing you to come up with plans to accommodate and adjust to these changes.

5. Find a hobby.

Hobbies bring joy and where there’s joy, there’s abundant creativity. Creativity is required in developing resilience. People who are creative are more focused on solutions and taking action don’t waste time just wallowing in doubt and self-pity.

The nice thing about hobbies is wherever life takes you, you can keep pursuing them, giving you are a good measure of continuity.

6.  Encourage yourself.

Don’t wait for other people to boost your confidence. Provide yourself affirmations that can uplift your spirit. Consider autosuggestion as well and harness your mind’s ability to influence your actions and your situation. Also, encourage yourself and become the master of your fate.

When life is trying to beat you down, make sure that you don’t look defeated. Laugh and smile with confidence. Also, always walk fast – don’t look like you’re dragging yourself. Speak up because it’s not what other people would say that matters, it’s what you say that’s important.

Resilience is a reliable weapon in life. Develop it so no matter how volatile the world gets, you can overcome and emerge a winner.


Salma El-Shurafa is an experienced Executive Coach and founder of The Pathway Project. She is also a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and a graduate of CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program.

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Self Improvement

How The Time Of Year Can Affect Your Mood And How To Combat It



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As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, many people can find themselves feeling a little low. It’s always difficult to say goodbye to the long summer days. However, but for some, it can be harder to readjust to the autumnal climate as light and temperature have a huge effect on the body.

If you are one of the many people in the UK that struggle with the turn of the seasons. Here are some the things you can put in place to make that transition easier on yourself.

Check in with your GP

Your first port of call if you find yourself feeling perpetually low or tired is to pop in to see your GP and discuss how you are feeling. Your GP will be able to recognize if there is anything more serious going on that could be affecting your physical or mental health. It could be a relatively simple thing to fix and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Lighting Solutions

There are specially designed light bulbs, lamps, and even alarm clocks that simulate daylight and can artificially extend your day. The quality of most home lamps is a specific orange hued light which your body does not interpret as daylight, many people report that using ‘daylight’ lamps or bulbs helps lift their mood.

Get Outside

As much as the colder weather makes many retreat to their cosy homes and stay there. Wrapping up warm and taking a walk outside works wonders for the soul. It’s also a very gentle form of exercise, which according to the NHS can lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, encourage the release of endorphins, and improve self-esteem.

Bring the Outside In

If you are unable to get out of the house, then bring the outside into your home. Pick up some leafy green, easy-to-care-for houseplants such as ferns, succulents or aspidistra and surround yourself with nature. They are a more temporary, but even more cheerful, option and you can sign up to have flowers delivered to your door on a monthly basis so you always have fresh flowers around.


Spending more time in the company of other people. Especially close friends and family can work magic on a low mood. Even if you are reluctant at first, time spent in the company of others will help to relieve some of the stress you may be feeling at this time of year.

Make your Surroundings Comfortable and Cosy

Now is the time to invest in some snuggly blankets, cute cushion, and fragrant candles! Feeling relaxed and warm in your surroundings will improve the quality of the time you spend indoors and in turn encourage more contented feelings.

Whilst the colder months might affect your mood for the worse. These tips are a great starting point to fight back and get yourself on a more even keel. It might only take a few minor adjustments, or you might need to implement all of them before you notice a difference. However, it is possible to ride out the low season with a more positive outlook until the sunny days come back again.

Content written by Jamie Silvester

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3 Perfect Way to Build Empathy as a Good Leader



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A leader learns from the mistakes or challenges he has overcome. It seems challenging and frustrating when you feel you are bad at doing a task. It is essential not get frustrated but focusing and for you to do things that you are bad at.

You learn from mistakes and move forward. You become a better person when you are not afraid to make mistakes. Empathy is the ability to understand another’s perspective, even if that perspective is very different from yourself.

The first reason why it is good to do something that you are really bad at is that you learn a lot from it. You learn about yourself, you learn about your limitations, you learn about how to stretch beyond your limitations. Nobody is perfect, therefore, to improve yourself you need to start focusing on your weakness.

However, the second reason for doing something you are bad at is that it forces you to get out of your comfort zone. Moreover, it is said that being in your comfort zone makes you feel relaxed. The much time you spend out of your comfort zone, the more you can achieve any objective. The more you stay in your comfort zone, the less you can achieve your goals and make a milestone. You need to know that nobody can accomplish anything new without getting out of the comfort zones.

The last reason that it is good to do things you’re terrible at. I think this is important if you are any leader or if you are running a business. Also, it is essential for you if you are a manager or you have people working for you. It teaches you what it’s like to try to do things you’re bad at. You will have employees who are struggling with tasks that seemed very, very simple and elementary to you and you might stand there thinking. What is wrong with this person? Why can’t he do this simple thing that I could do in my sleep? If you have an analogy in your head that you can compare it to, you will have some context for understanding how it can sometimes be challenging to do things that might seem simple.


So next time you come across something that you are bad at, go out there, give it your best, make a fool of yourself. Learn from the mistakes by doing what you are bad at and keep improving every day. A leader develops himself on a daily basis by working by working on the weakness and limitations.

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Self Improvement

Read To Grow: How Reading Improves Your Body And Spirit



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Read to grow as a person and as a professional

Did you know that reading can increase your intelligence, develop your thinking flexibility, improve your memory and ability to focus and make you a healthier person?

No doubt, you have to read quite a bit as a student, analyzing and processing sources that help you complete yet another piece of custom essay writing. But reading all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction alike is a great way to spend your free time. Also, a great tool for improving your mental and physical health. Read on to learn just how useful reading can be.

  1. Reading boosts your tolerance and empathy

Fiction, both prose, and verse help people be more humane. It increases your empathy for others and makes you more sensitive and perceptive to all people around you.

How does it do it? The thing is fiction creates stories that can happen with any person in real life – and that is why it gets so much response from readers. When we read a book, we unwittingly try to relate to everything that happens to protagonists and starts thinking what we would do in their place.

Fiction helps to enhance your social baggage and to better understand people whose experience is different from your own.

But aside from that, fiction affects your brain in the most positive way and develops imagination. Because good books always offer some innuendo that makes you learn to read between the lines, think and come to your own conclusions.

  1. Development of thinking flexibility

Poetry helps you to become a deeper thinker. It increases your thinking flexibility by offering readers a challenge. The poetical language contains writing techniques like metaphors and allegories. This makes readers be attentive to the smallest details and to the special meaning authors put in certain words and phrases.

People who read poetry adopt a habit of rethinking words and sayings, notice unobvious references and pay attention to details and nuances. By reading poetry, we can learn to express ourselves better and to seek for solutions for issues we face with more efficiency. This will definitely come in useful during your paper writing – as well as in your everyday life in general.

  1. Boosting creativity

There is a reason why reading is often connected with increasing creativity. People who read on a regular basis are generally less conservative and are not easily taken back by any double talk. They are more open-minded, free-spirited and creative.

Ambiguous nature of fiction often stimulates people to make unconventional decisions. Also, to look at different situations from a different perspective. This is where the key to creativity lies: when we consider various options, we can see new possibilities and ways to solve the issues at hand.

  1. Improvement of brain function

No matter what kinds of books you like, reading improves your intelligence a little bit each time you read.

Reading leaves its trace both on psychological and neurological levels. When you read, areas of brain cortex responsible for perception and memory development get stimulated. So basically, reading doesn’t just make you smarter; it serves as some sort of workout for your brain. You learn to digest and systematize information, enhance your outlook and your vocabulary. So there is just no better way to improve writing skills and prepare for dealing with your writing assignments.

  1. Fighting prejudices

Quality reading can help you fight all kinds of prejudices and narrow-mindedness. When you read some professional writing pieces. You learn to understand all kinds of people better. Regardless of their race, culture, religion or other factors. Reading will tell you more about other counties, places and times. Reading helps you to empathize with different people, regardless of skin color or sexual orientation.

  1. Preventing senility

As it has been noted earlier, reading stimulates brain functioning and helps it stay in shape for many years to come, until advanced age. If you read regularly for all of your life. You will significantly decrease the chance your memory and attention concentration will deteriorate with age.

According to research, elderly people who spend time reading are 32% less prone to senility. At the same time, statistics data for those elderly people who don’t have any hobbies. Don’t read and are not involved in any intellectual activity is far less optimistic. So it’s easy to conclude that the more we read the longer we remain smart and mentally healthy.

  1. Lifespan increase

Reading makes your life longer. According to recent research, the lifespan of people who love reading is a few years longer than that of those who don’t read. It seems like all you have to do to live longer is spend at least half an hour a day on reading.

You don’t have to do anything particularly hard or complex to improve your life quality and length. You only need to enjoy your reading.

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Self Improvement

3 Amazing Tips to Maximize the Potential of Your Skills



Your skills
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Today, we shall be discussing and analyzing three amazing tips to maximize the potential of your skills. This post is being extracted from a great video by Michael I. Kaplan. Michael is a professional speaker, a military veteran, bestselling author, and entrepreneur.

Let me ask you a question: if you were a warrior going into battle, which one of these capabilities would you choose to take with you? The first one, the sharp one, the big one, the cool one, or the four less obvious ones, that, when combined, gave you the most exceptional capability and the highest probability of success? We tend to view our skills, especially the soft and transferable ones, in the same way.  So, I’m going to give you three tips on how to maximize the potential of your skills.

Number 1: Identify the easily recognizable skills and capabilities.

These are the ones that come from your job description or your resume.  Write them down under the header of capability at the top of your paper.

Number 2: Identify at least three soft skills for each particular hard expertise and capability.

When we were learning how to operate a motor vehicle. We had to master numerous soft skills to be able to be satisfied with the capability of driving.  360-degree awareness, both inside and outside the vehicle.  Spatial orientation; judging the time and distance to other cars. Reaction time, reflexes, maneuver, and adaptability also had to be developed. These are types of skills we forget that we had to learn to master the capability we now take for granted.  After a month or two, we’re driving, and we have thoroughly forgotten all those skills.  These are the types of soft skills that you have to go back, remember, and the list underneath each category heading.

Number 3: Regroup those skills that you’ve identified to create new capabilities.

Remove the heading titles, the capability titles, take all those soft skills that you’ve identified, put them together in1 big pile, and start to reassess and regroup them to create entirely new capabilities.

Let me ask you a question.  What do these three, completely different food items have in common? Answer: they’re all made with the same ingredients.  Also, you need to know that indifferent proportions assembled differently. Perhaps with some various herbs, spices, and seasonings. But primarily, they’re all made with the same ingredients.

Consider your soft skills, and your transferable skills, as your “secret ingredients” in your “creative career kitchen.” Mix them up, play with them, experiment with them, reassemble them, break them down. Put them back together again, and you’ll be able to create an entirely new group of capabilities that you never even knew you had.


While everybody else is fighting for their piece of the pie, you’ll be maximizing the potential of your skills and making your pies – as many as you want.  Now that is a recipe for success.  Thanks for taking the time to read this great article.  If you liked it, please hit the big “thumbs up” and share it with your social networks.

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