Rocco Basile Gives 10 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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    Entrepreneurial success does not come easy. There is certainly no single strategy that can guarantee success in any entrepreneurial endeavour. As I have learned over the years, there is a great deal required of an entrepreneur or entrepreneurs if he or she wants to build a company from the ground up. There is a great deal more required if he or she wants that company to be more than just competitive in a specific target market.Entrepreneurs

    As an aspiring entrepreneur, you are quite likely to possess certain attributes that make you more predisposed to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavour. After I founded Rocco Basile Photography, I quickly realized that many of my entrepreneurial peers had similarly confounding experiences working in the corporate world. Thus, that ultimately served as the final push needed to create something better through entrepreneurship.

    Whatever your source of motivation may be, my hope is that the following 10 tips will serve you well as you pursue your entrepreneurial endeavour. After all, this advice is based on my own experience in building multiple companies from scratch that have gone on to enjoy exceptional success. So, you can be sure that each of these tips has been tested for efficacy in the real world of entrepreneurship.

    Focus on Work You Believe In

    A pragmatist might look at the entrepreneurial landscape and develop a concept based solely on the likelihood of profitability. While your entrepreneurial endeavor should indeed include a clear path to profitability, it is not the only thing you should consider. The level of satisfaction your work will ultimately bring is of equal importance, so make sure you create a concept that inspires passion from within.

    Develop a Clear Vision . . .

    The most successful entrepreneurs begin with a clear vision of what their company will ultimately become. This allows them to reverse engineer all of the steps necessary to transform their vision into reality. Having nothing more than a general concept or a vague idea for an entrepreneurial endeavor and hoping that it will eventually take on a more definite shape over time is a recipe for frustration. There are few things that pose a greater challenge than lacking a clear vision, which serves as a nice segue to our third tip.

    . . . And a Clear Plan for Raising Capital

    It is all too often that new entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of time and energy they will have to expend trying to raise capital. You have to plan to raise much more capital than you think you need. Also, you have to also develop a number of contingencies in the event it takes longer than you expected to raise the necessary capital.

    Accept Challenges and Take Risks

    As an aspiring entrepreneur, you are probably the kind of individual who is willing to take risks on the way to success. Also, has the fortitude to overcome any challenge standing in your way. That being said, you have to be prepared to confront greater challenges than ever before and you have to be willing to take high-stakes risks. If you wish to enjoy entrepreneurial success.

    Surround Yourself With High-Character Individuals

    As your company expands, focus on bringing in team members who are most likely to feel completely invested in the success of the company and will reward sound leadership with loyalty. The character of your core team members will have much more to do with your company’s success than the level of skill or experience they possess.

    Welcome Learning Experiences

    There are educational opportunities everywhere you look, and some of the best opportunities stem from failure. Before I built two exceptionally successful companies, I experienced setbacks and made mistakes but I remained committed to the idea that I could learn a great deal from those experiences. As a result, I was able to sharpen my entrepreneurial acumen and was able to avoid repeating those previous mistakes.

    Seek Customer Input and Act Based on Feedback

    Your customers are incredibly valuable and should always be a prime consideration when you make decisions. When I founded Rocco Basile Photography, the marketing firms that represented my competition seemed to be more interested in developing award-winning campaigns or impressing their industry peers. This allowed my firm to gain an immediate foothold in the industry, particularly since my firm’s efforts revolved around generating revenue for clients above all else.

    Always Over-Deliver

    It is not easy to quickly build a reputation along with a loyal base of clients, but committing to providing more than clients expect will go a long way toward expediting your efforts in this regard.

    Know Your Customers and Your Industry

    You have to take the time to understand the needs of your customers. As well as how your industry is currently providing those needs. With this understanding, you should orient your goals around providing products or services that best meet the customer’s needs or are delivered in a manner that is more effective and/or efficient.

    Recognize and Avoid Complacency

    Once you achieve a certain level of success, it is tempting to sit back and take satisfaction in what you have accomplished. While you should be proud of any success you achieve, you cannot allow yourself to become complacent. Entrepreneurs have to avoid complacency at all costs, as a lack of hunger to continually succeed will ultimately lead to the company’s decline.

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