7 Truths About Your Self-Worth You Should Know


     Are You Still Trying to Measure Your Self-Worth By Net-Worth?

    How do you measure your self-worth? By your career? Your career achievements? Who do you know? The amount of community service you do?

    Self-worth is how we define our own value as a human. Far too often self-worth is confused by net-worth. To put a monetary or quantitative value on something so distinct promotes a dangerous habit of trying to measure your self-worth by your net-worth standards.

    Sometimes it is easier to measure our worth by what we have instead of who we are. We can clearly see our bank statements, the material goods that surround us, and the designer labels in the clothes that we wear. The size of our bank accounts does not make us worthy.

    So while net worth is easier to measure, it’s completely extraneous to self-worth.

    Net-worth allows us to live. Hey, we all need a paycheck and I’m not one of those people who starts spouting nonsense like, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Maybe not. But, let’s be real. There’s something to be said for feeling financially secure. Try telling a person on the verge of losing everything that money can’t buy happiness and see if they agree. There’s a lot of motivational bullshit that doesn’t make sense.

    So, don’t maybe money can buy some happiness but it can’t buy self-worth. Our aptitude for loving people, helping people, or making a positive impact in someone’s life cannot be put in an excel spreadsheet. You can’t measure it and you can’t contain it. The quirky thing about worth is that your net worth diminishes as you give but the opposite is true with your self-worth.  Your self-worth grows.

    I’m also not one of those people who will tell you how to define your self-worth. Why would I? That’s personal. You decide how you define your worth but whatever metric you choose to use, there are common traits that cultivate a personal growth mindset and there are limiting beliefs that you should kick to the curb.

    7 Truths About Your Self-Worth

    1. You define your self-worth. That value does not decline because someone else can’t see what you bring to the table.
    2. When it comes to self-worth, you never have to prove your worth to another person. Know your self-worth and know your value. Don’t let someone tell you what you’re worth.
    3. If you feel the need to continually prove your self-worth, then you don’t fully comprehend your worth.
    4. There is a difference between what someone is willing to offer you and what you deserve to have.
    5. When you demand respect; you’ll get respect. People learn how to treat you based on what you accept from them. But, don’t forget that respect is a two-way street. Respect begets respect doesn’t accept shitty behavior from people.
    6. You should not tolerate being around people who make you feel inferior.
    7. When you doubt your self-worth, so will everyone else.

    Take pride in who you and what you have to offer. Fundamental to personal growth is learning to appreciate yourself and there are ways you can invest in your sense of worth that will have a positive impact on every area of our lives. Figure out what that means to you. Make an investment in your self-worth because that will permeate all other areas of your life.

    Everybody should stumble out of bed in the morning and see your smudged eyeliner and wild bedhead in the mirror and still be able to smile, wink, and say “Hey, you’re pretty cool. I like you.”


    Jan Johnston Osburn  Mogul Influencer | Career & Life Coach | Helping People Turn Dreams into Realities. She is the brain behind www.janjohnstonosburn.com

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