5 Profitable Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook


    “Sam, did you say ways to grow your business with Facebook?”

    Yes, you heard and read that right!

    Facebook is more than just a platform where loved one’s conglomerate, past times and flirt with themselves. (Now, that’s what some boys and girls are known to doing on Facebook) for hours unending.

    Facebook is more than actually meets the eye. However, it has grown to a community where people share their brand stories and overarching ideas with their list whilst getting the chance to grow their business in the process.

    Well, just recently, Facebook reached 2billion user landmark. And these people consist of people whose sole aim is to connect and solidify their relationships. Be that as it may, Mark Zuckerberg’s initial intentions were to build a platform where Harvard students could connect more with one another. Check out Facebook Ads Templates

    But in recent news, Facebook is estimated to house over 30 million small businesses via her platform. Now, that’s huge, right?

    And today, in this post, I want to share with you some of the ways you can really leverage Facebook to build and grow your business, whether it is online or offline.

    Here are 5 ways to grow your business with Facebook

    1: Content

    I have always said it that the buck of the things that makes internet marketing work is “content” and if you are not in the habit of developing and sharing contents on your timeline you might not succeed in growing your business to that point where it becomes hugely successful.

    You must have heard the phrase “Content is King” over and over again and you might have been tired of hearing it but the fact is that it is the absolute truth.

    By sharing content on your timeline and on Facebook Groups, you get the amazing opportunity to get seen, known, liked and trust so much that people want to join in and participate in your offers and services.

    Facebook, unlike Twitter, which basically allows you to share just 140 words, can spread more than 1000 words at a go and that’s pretty fantastic if you ask me.

    As a small business owner, you can achieve success with your business by simply deploying content strategy as part of your business strategy.

    “What kinds of content can I share?”

    Well, that’s a really good question.

    You can share text, infographics, or video contents and they must all be valuable to your readers/audiences.

    Whatever you do, just make sure you are consistently telling invaluable stories with people on the Facebook platform.

    “For a truly effective social campaign, a brand needs to embrace the first principles of marketing, which involves brand definition and consistent storytelling.” – Simon Mainwaring

    2: Freebie

    This one is very important if you want to achieve the first K & L from the KLT Factor. Know. Like. Trust.

    My friend, Iftekhar Ahmed, started giving out freebies via his Facebook Group some years ago and he’s now become a formidable brand whose business has skyrocketed high on all sides.

    According to Exact Target, 36% of consumers like a fan page to receive a freebie or a sample.

    That’s right! I know this because I find myself liking Facebook Fan Pages and subscribing to emails as a result of one freebie or the other that promises to help me achieve a result I seek.

    In fact, I was an active member of Ahmed’s group back then as a result of the many freebies he gifted us week-in-week-out. I mean I’ve been able to build several of my clients’ websites, thanks to Ahmed’s group.

    So if I were you I would simply develop content I can easily turn to an eBook to be given to those who subscribe to receive my emails or like in the case of Ahmed, get some really cool software you can share on your group for people to download and use without any kinds of headaches. However, you get what am saying?

    3: Partner up

    Partnering up with other brands is one of the many things you can do to improve your brand visibility on Facebook. Via your Facebook Fan Page, you can do something Facebook calls “Cross Promotion” to promote your stuff on your competitor Fan Page and vice versa. Doing this will simply open you and your competitor to even more customers. You might want to try out with this method if you are any serious about growing your business with Facebook.

    4: Become a resourceful brand

    To further grow your brand on social media, you’ve got to become a resourceful brand whose mission is to share valuable stuff with her audience.

    In recent times, savvy entrepreneurs have taken to Facebook and have learned to use Thought Leadership to grow their brands.

    By Thought Leadership, I mean to say sharing your story and those of your clients; how you were able to help them achieve results in their lives and in their business.

    To achieve this you will need to tap into your creative self to share everything about you in a way that will resonate with your readers and audiences.

    There are some websites I can’t do without visiting and consuming their stuff daily. It is because they have become such a resource center to me over the years. Also, I mean they are always sharing one eye-opening information or the other, which for me, it’s really fantastic.

    5: Use promoted posts

    I purposely made this my last point because when all else fails. You can be sure to get results with this one.

    Brands like Michael Hyatt, Naij.com, and a host of others maximize Facebook ads to promote their offers and services and this method has proven to be very effective over the years.

    I have seen folks who grew their Adsense Earnings, Affiliate Commissions, and the likes by simply creating and promoting contents via their Facebook Fan Pages. It’s that simple!

    Ever heard of the word “Birds of a feather, flock together?” Well, that’s right. Via this promotional means, you can simply target people with the same interest and ones who are willing to buy what you are selling.

    I have however learned that for this method to be highly effective, you will need to have something of immense value you are giving out that fans will like. You can even run a contest and attach a very valuable gift with it. Also, this is especially good if you are looking to increase your subscribers count.


    To grow your business is not much of an easy task but the truth is that it is very likely if you are willing to commit yourself to the work.

    Remember, to grow your business with Facebook, you will need to:

    • Create valuable content
    • Give out freebies
    • Partner with other brands on Facebook
    • Become a resourceful brand
    • Promote your offers and services via Facebook ads.

    If you religiously commit yourself to these things, I am sure that in no time you will soon start to increase your customer base and make even more money with your small and medium enterprise business.

    Over to you.

    Did you learn anything from this? What was it?

    Are there any other strategies you know that I didn’t share here? How about sharing it with me in the comment box.



    About the Author:

    Sam Adeyinka is a freelance writer, podcaster, digital marketing strategist and a talented public speaker. Sam focuses on teaching and helping young adults start, launch and grow their own successful online business. You can connect with Sam on Facebook, Twitter or on his website to get coached or hire him to develop content or build your website.

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