A Guide to Cannabis Oil in South Africa You Should Know

    Cannabis oil
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    There are a number of different cannabis oil(s) that are available in South Africa. Though, you are able to vaporize these oils with a vaporizer that you are able to get at vape shops South Africa.

    If you are interested in cannabis oil and want to try it for yourself then you will need to know what to look for.

    Is Medical Cannabis Oil Legal in South Africa?

    At the moment, this still seems to be a grey area. In February 2017, Judge Davis ruled that you can have cannabis in your garden for private use, but the legislation has not yet been changed. So, at the moment, you will not go to jail for cannabis. However, you can still end up in court and prosecuted.

    What About Licensing?

    The industry is not regulated as of yet, which means there isn’t any real licensing authority that is able to test and certify a product.

    There are actually not that many producers who are able to provide information on their product.

    You then need to be careful when you are buying cannabis oil and only the best suppliers will be able to provide you with information about the extraction process, production method, and strain contents.

    If a supplier is not able to give you this information then you should rather look somewhere else.

    If you would prefer an organic and clean product. Then, you should avoid oils that contain MCT alcohol or fluid and rather find ones that contain organic coconut butter or a different dissolvent.

    You should also ask about the extraction process. Black oil in a syringe is one such method, but this is an old method and we now know that it not the best method as many of the beneficial properties of the cannabis plant are lost.

    The Medical Use of Cannabis Oil

    Since the legalisation of cannabis was passed in South Africa, cannabis has gained an increased interest for medical purposes. You first need to know that there are different oils that are produced by the cannabis plant.

    • THC Component – This is great for pain relief and will make you happy.
    • CBD Component – This helps to chill you out and is great for autism, ADHD, cancer, Parkinson’s, depression and fibromyalgia.
    • CBN Component – Helps you sleep, so it is great for sleep apnea, insomnia and stress.

    However, it is difficult to get each component in its purest form. So, you will find that all strings will have some traces of these.

    Is Your Cannabis Good Quality?

    In South Africa, lab tests are not widely available and there are only a few producers that are able to tell the contents of their product. However, a good rule to follow is that the lighter the oil, the better medicinal value it holds.

    Oils can come in a solid or liquid form depending on the extraction process. Those that are coconut based will get slightly solid in low temperatures. Also, those ones that are mixed with MCT will be liquid.

    Vaporizing Cannabis Oil

    If you are interested in vaporizing cannabis oil then you will need to have a vaporizer that is compatible with oil. You will find plenty of oil compatible vaporizers at vape stores, South Africa.

    Oil is sticky and viscous, so it might be an idea to have a spare bowl and screens for oil. Also, you can keep your other bowl for the ground herb. You will find that some vaporizers have foam pads that are made for oils like the AroMed. Once, you have your oil in your vaporizer of choice then you need to set it to your preferred temperature and inhale.

    Cannabis oil has an intense flavour when it is vaporized and is stronger. Therefore, you will only need to use a little to get high.

    When you are using vaporizers for oil, you need to keep on top of the cleaning. So, it doesn’t clog up.

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