4 Innovative Ways To Motivate Your Team


    It is not a piece of cake for a leader to motivate his team to bring out the best possible potential from them. For those leaders who are very proficient at their work, even for them sometimes satisfying the employees’ becomes a matter of too much struggle and efforts. Never mind, there holds a solution for everything in this world. Applying the most suitable and appropriate schemes is very important, according to the nature of the workforce. It helps create an environment where workers work willingly with complete devotion and involvement. One has to make sure to build up enough confidence in his team to get results beyond expectations.

    Studies have proved that workers who are delighted and contended inside are way more ambitious towards working and producing the best results they can than those who are at trouble and are working for the sole purpose of earning money. If you take it this way, that your workers spend a major portion of lives into serving your company, which is no different from doing you a favor because without its workers a company is only a building worthy of nothing. For them, their working place is their second home where they share a special bond with their colleagues and their seniors. Let us consider the following ways which can be implied to keep your team motivated so that they try hardest to make the company out-stand, wholeheartedly.


    To ensure that the team mates are contended they should be given sufficient liberty so that they can maintain the balance between their jobs and lives. It should not seem like their lives are all about their jobs. If they are burdened to an extent where they are forced to take their assignments to home to complete them, then what time will they be left with to spend with their families and with their own selves? It will make them start losing interest from their jobs which will affect their performances at work. They will become more of a robot who starts operating from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Also, the time spent in jammed traffics on the roads while driving should not be overlooked.

    How can this issue be best resolved? Modern technology has made almost everything possible. Employees can now do work sitting at their comfortable couches at home while having tea using their laptops which can be connected to companies’ network. Many companies have already started to use this in order to avail talent of its workers from everywhere possible. This allows the workers to work in flexible hours which are most convenient for them to work in. As a matter of fact, a great many employees idealize working remotely from home so that they can spend some quality time with their loved ones as well. If the overall productivity of the company is not getting adversely affected, remote working should be allowed to let the workers have a little fun too, luxuriate and have the time of their lives.


    It is not a bad idea to design and allow a separate room for fun-filled activities for the employees such as indoor games like table tennis, video games, air hockey tables, foosball tables, dartboard etc., basically creating an adult playground. Experts believe that employees getting involved in fun activities like these during their break times helps them concentrate even more at work and enhances their brains’ activities. They also bond better with their colleagues while playing and an overall a joyous and positive environment is created in the workplace. Intelligently design the playroom so that the games chosen are those that need more than one player, always.

    Through this, there will be better understanding created between them and interaction will be encouraged. In spite of the workload, activities like these will make them feel fresh and enthusiastic. As all their stress and tiredness will wear out while having a good laugh with their fellows while playing.

    Employees should not be made to consider their jobs as mere “jobs”. They should rather enjoy it equally as they enjoy spending time with their families. A workplace should be such in all aspects that its employees should be enthusiastically looking forward to come to it to work rather than reluctantly being forced to come. They should feel at home, obviously over leniency should be monitored as it is disadvantageous.


    It is included in human nature to desire for appreciation for any good they do. Employees should be praised for every effort they put in no matter how minor it is and that too on daily basis. Also, there should be just no place for favouritism in a company as this is the worst thing that employees complain about in their workplace.

    Besides verbal appreciation, there should be incentives set to be given to those who have accomplished a certain amount of pre-set goals to be reached in a month. These incentives should include bonuses in salaries, promotions, titles like “best employee of the month” with trophies or shields and official parties. This spreads waves of competition and that too healthy competition.

    Sometimes tiny gestures which are often times overlooked like just saying “thank you” can do wonders. The innovation that you can bring to this procedure of displaying your gratefulness is to appreciate their flaws as well. In the parties outside the office that you are going to hold should not only be held to celebrate victories of a few making others feel dejected and demotivated.  Why can’t we thank our people for making mistakes like Google does?

    Google actually thanks its people for making failures as it believes in the fact that it is better to work faster and produce more rather than working. So, meticulously that it hinders allows you to carry out one task a day where 10 could be performed. Failures lead to great inventions sometimes. At minimum if a person has nothing to be appreciated on in terms of his work. He can still be paid gratitude to for being a dedicated employee who never gives up and for being a great struggler. It should be a unique party where everyone goes home with a big smile on his face.



    A motivated workforce is the one who feels the environment of its workplace satisfies its desires and requirements.  Many surveys conducted from employees reveal the fact that most of them wish they had been granted the permission to take small naps while working hours just once at least for 1 hour. They believe that their will to work and overall performance will greatly enhance. After some time of having worked back to back hours, the brain’s thinking and comprehensive abilities get stagnant. If a separate tiny room is designed for each employee. Or they are given an hour or so to go to sleep all together at their desks. Then, when they will wake up fresh and energized their output will get more productive with enhanced quality accordingly.


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