5 Deceptive Things Ladies Look in Men That Stumble Them Into Fake Marriage

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    Did I really say fake marriage? Of course, I mean it. If you are very observant you will notice that are failed marriage or divorce here and there. What do you think caused the divorce or failed marriage?

    Do you think the love they had for each other at first has faded away? What could have caused the love to fade away if truly they love each other? Our ladies of the 21st century don’t understand the meaning of love. Yes, they don’t if they really why would a marriage or should I call it union would fail after a month or weeks? Love is something ladies of this century don’t value again. The world love only exists in the mouth or mere paper which is never materialized.

    Many ladies have been victims of failed or fake marriage as a result of ignorance, their fault or parent’s fault. Gone are those days when brilliant students get the most beautiful lady in the school. For the sake of this post, let me now analyze 5 flashy or deceptive things that ladies of 21st century see in men that lead them astray. Though these deceptive might not be the fault of such ladies in some cases, many ladies are at fault. Look at your environment if these deceptive things are not applicable to ladies there. No doubt, who knows maybe it has become the generally accepted rules before you can date a man.

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    You will agree with me on this point. The luxury car has been one of the major traps ladies fall into these days. No doubt, cars either big or small in as much as they have four running tyres have clouded the eyes of our ladies. Ladies don’t care if you are the owner of the car or not. What they are after is, can you give me a ride? Ladies always feel comfortable when they sit in the front of a car. They didn’t even care if you borrow the car or you are a driver. When they see the car with you often and often then they are in the trap already. Ask them out, they will not hesitate to say a big yes. Finally, men have the opportunity to have them on the bed and might lead ladies to fake marriage.


    No need to argue on this point. Money has been the bedrock of every evil root. Ladies are so fond of money that they can go on date with anybody if the cash flows. They don’t care how the money is gotten, all that they are after is let’s spend the money. Ladies with their usual mentality will say who wants to suffer? Let me enjoy my life. When a man spends at an occasion or event ladies see such man as a source of the solution to their problems.

    Though it is good to live a comfortable life but not at the expense of getting yourself into a fake marriage. The common thing these days is that many ladies meet men who spend extravagantly at a night party then they get carried away. They will be forced to move closer to such man without knowing the source of his money.

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    This point is what I call the misconception of power or leadership by some ladies. Look at your environment, the so-called thugs have beautiful ladies did I lie? No other reason for this, it is because ladies see these people as being powerful. They believe they will be protected from anybody who wants to bully them. They see themselves as untouchable and protected with the thugs or touts. It is true, a gangster can protect you will the question is will you enjoy the relationship? The answer is simply no. A thug can marry as many as he wishes because they don’t really fall in deep love what matters to them is to brag that they have had sex with a number of ladies.

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    The dressing has been one of the deceptive elements that got many ladies into a fake marriage. Though it is healthy to dress very well. Never look like a shambled or madman, ladies don’t like it. Dress and look as if you were the most handsome man in the world, ladies cherish it a lot. My point is, ladies are easily deceived by men who want to have them on the bed with dressing. Ladies can fall in love very easily to any man who looks good with his dressing every day. Even, if the clothes are not for the guy but the plan to impress is the priority. It is after you fall into the trap that you will realize that you have fallen into a fake marriage.

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    Finally with my point on the deceptive elements that are employed to deceive ladies into a fake marriage. Ladies love men at the top positions. Ladies are easily deceived by posts held by men. When ladies hear I am the managing director of this company they become wow. They don’t even care if this man is just an employee or the real owner in as much they can confirm that he works at the company it is over. Positions held by men are easily used to lure ladies to have them on the bed. Especially, if such man is a politician with a position. A politician can get any lady at his disposal with his post and money. Be careful, positions can lead you to a fake marriage.

    In conclusion, the above-mentioned points are good for ladies to look for in men for an enjoyable life but should not be the priority. Many men outside there are just after sex. After having you on the bed then you are then dumped. It will be unfortunate for you if you are impregnated. Therefore, look before you leap. Money, dressing, positions, cars, and others don’t mean love. Find that heart and man that really loves you for better for worse because the points highlighted above only defines for better for stay for worse for go.

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