Dental Tips: Home Remedies Whitening System To Whiten Your Teeth


    The teeth are one of the symbols that show the smiling skill of any human being. When you have whitish teeth then you can put on any type of smile. However, if the tool that supports the cheek to make a good smile called teeth has different colours like yellow or orange it might be difficult to put that smile of your choice. With a coloured teeth, you will be forced to smile anyhow.

    However, some home remedies or tips will be suggested that we know would be appropriate to wade off the unwanted colour of your teeth. You should also note that I described the remedies as appropriate not the best method. This is because of we believe to achieve a healthy smile result with your teeth the professional whitening systems must not be underrated as well as the home remedy teeth whitening system. Sometimes the lifestyle of the person affected will determine which one to go for the solution of whitening the teeth.

    Furthermore, why the home remedies whitening system is appropriate? There are two major things that make the whitening system at home appropriate. The fact that all needed items are easily found is first while low cost which saves your money is another benefit. Let me now explain better these two points I called benefits of adopting the home remedies whitening system.


    Do I have all needed materials and ingredients in my house?

    Definitely, you have all required materials in your house. They are even things you can find mostly in your kitchen. They are household items that are used on our daily basis. The following are the items you need;

    Baking Soda

    Hydrogen peroxide




    Can I make my own whitening solution without spending huge money?

    Of course, you can save some penny by making your own whitening solution. This also indirectly save you from buying costly teeth bleaching solutions. The misconception is that you need to spend a huge amount of money on teeth bleaching solution before getting your teeth a white colour you desired. All you need to do is to spend a little time on the tips that would be suggested. With the tips, you are assured to have your desired bright and white teeth.


    Steps To Produce Your Whitening Solutions (Paste)

    Let’s now start with the procedures to make your whitening solutions or should I call it whitening paste? Firstly, mix together two teaspoons of baking soda and two or three teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. After that, put the mixture in a small bowl. One thing you must be careful of is the thickness of the paste you are making. Your own paste must have thickness level with the typical level of toothpaste you buy. To make your own-made paste extraordinary, you can also add little flavourful mint or just a little of toothpaste.



    How To Use Your Produced Your Home Whitening Paste

    Usage of your produced paste is same as you use normal toothpaste. Put the own-made paste on a toothbrush. Also, make sure you let the paste stay on your teeth for at a couple of minutes. It is also very important to avoid swallowing the paste. However, if this mistakenly happens then make sure you drink a lot of water.

    Furthermore, after brushing with the home-made whitening paste you still need to brush again using usual toothpaste. This is necessary in order to wash the bitter taste of the hydrogen peroxide.

    Finally, the question now is, how often should the paste be applied? To make it effective, you need be applying the home-made paste once a week. It is advisable not to use this paste more than that.

    Do you now realize that you can have those bright and white teeth of your choice? Even without spending much just with items and materials normally in your kitchen. At last, you can smile with your teeth outside because you have the solution to whiten your teeth.


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