NO MAKE-UP THERE? 10 Things That Make Ladies Beautiful

    Beautiful ladies are those with natural beauty, not the artificial one called make-up cosmetics. As a matter of fact, there are beautiful and wonderful ladies who do not use makeup while there are other beautiful ones too who apply those cosmetics may be to add more value or may be because their friends are using it too.
    Many ladies believe nowadays that without applying make-up cosmetics they cannot look beautiful. Which is a big lie. For me, I do and will always appreciate a naturally beautiful lady who does not believe in the power of cream to look gorgeous. Sometimes I know men are wise enough, they cannot be interested in any lady who uses all types of colour to design her face in the name of beautification.
    Though, it is normal to apply some creams to maintain the complexity of your skin but not to put 5 kg of ink of different colour on your face to attract men. Well, a man like me it can never work. It is pertinent to know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
     Using our mothers and other elders sisters as a case study, I have come to know that it is the amount of cream or make-up on your face that makes you a beautiful lady. From my study, I have noticed ten beautiful things that make a lady gorgeous and beautiful. I hope all men will agree with me on this. Kindly follow me by reading the ten (10) points below;

     1. EYES:

    This one is unarguable. The eyes are one of the beauty tools of a lady which is a source if not the major of attraction to many men. What if that lady has a good eyeball which speaks a lot. An eye contact with a lady can bring passion, kindness, and love.

     2. SMILE:

    My mother does say, smile enhances your appearance. One of the things that a lady beautiful is her smiling face. Who does not like a lady smile? Smiling to other brings that beauty in you which attracts people. Mind you, make-up will only attract those short term purpose with you. While
    smiling is a long term feature of a good lady which makes her beautiful and attracts men a lot. I have seen and heard about this when someone will just see a lady smiling and she will fall in love because of her smile.

    3. PRIDE:

    You will agree with me that, ladies are known with pride. However, in order not misconstrue the point this is not priding with that make-up or colour pencil ink on her face. She is the pride of the achievement she has made. She is proud of what she is present because she has endured for
    it in past.

    4. PASSION:

    Her passion for everything makes her beautiful this is not deniable. She never makes anything discourage her for something she has the passion for.


    Uniqueness makes outstanding among others. A lady who does not seem to follow the crowd or say my friends are doing this let me also do it. She tries to be unique which is one of the things that makes her beautiful. She is not gullible, she has her belief, thought or idea about things. Her uniqueness makes her uniquely beautiful.

    6. KINDNESS:

    Seriously, those ladies with make-up factories will never show that feeling of kindness. One of the things that make a lady beautiful is her kindness to all human beings. The kindness is also partnered with a warm smile which makes her more beautiful.


    Naturally, all ladies are beautiful. No matter your colour; black, fair, orange, mix colour, no matter the colour you look beautiful. Adding artificial materials to it makes you worse than a normal being. Your natural colour is your best beautiful.


    Selfishness can never make you look gorgeous. It would rather depreciate your beauty. One of the thing that makes a lady a golden beautiful one is her selflessness. Also, she does care for people around her. She does not only think about herself, with this, she will be a caring lady for any husband. She will take her family’s matters as the priority, his children matters also not just running everywhere for personal ambition.


    No matter how a situation, she feels confident that things will change to better. Her confidence has not been toyed with because of any problem or situation. She also serves as a confidence booster for any person who wants to from her.


    Ladies with the so-called child-like attitude are beautiful because she will be happy doing so. She acts that way in combination with smile, passion, and kindness which makes her more beautiful. She will be funny things, things kids do like chewing gums, blowing a balloon and another thing that sound silly to others. This attitude makes more interesting and beautiful not making up yourself with colour blocking crayon inks on your face.
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